Making 2013 Your Best Year Ever Online!

Below is the replay of the recent webinar I conducted for my readers on making 2013 your most profitable year ever. Over 1,000 readers registered for this webinar and there were a lot of great questions. Click on the video below to start watching.

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  1. TY

    great webinar, a lot of inspiring content to improve everyone lives.

  2. Gauher, that was an excellent webinar. I agree that to be successful you nee to have a framework planned out so you can execute. Thanks for the fresh concise layout of the information. Glad I was able to watch.

  3. joe sookdeo

    would you kindly send me an email address that you monitor ,I wish to send you an important personal message.


    joe sookdeo

  4. Glad you liked the webinar guys. Joe, I can be reached at gauher(at)

  5. Lorenzo

    Great Webinar, as always!

    Anyway, does Bing Ads let direct linking? ( this I understand from the webinar )…
    I just tried, but the display URL and the Destination URL must be in the same domain…

  6. Lorenzo: Yes, you can direct link. You have to display the final domain URL (where your destination goes) in the display URL.


  7. TJ

    Hello – hopefuly you notice this this post as I just ran across your site. How do I get information about how to “hide traffic sourses from the networks” as you mentioned in the video? Also how do I make custom ads that will appear the proper size to display as diferent ppv display diferently to make sure it centered instead of sending to a webpage that might not display properly?

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