Why I Deleted Thousands of Email Subscribers

I just deleted a little over 8,000 subscribers to just one of my email lists.


Because according to my Aweber stats, they hadn’t opened up an email from me in the last two years.

deleteTo me, it became pointless to have these subscribers on my list if they were not opening my emails anymore.

I have a aggressive goal of trying to get a 20% open rate on the emails I send out and if I can’t hit that number, I start looking to clean up that list by removing dead emails.

In fact, I am getting ready to delete another 5,000 subscribers who have not opened up an email from for a long time.

I don’t need to rub my ego by having a massive email list because it is pointless if people are not reading my emails.

There are generally three (3) key metrics that impact your email marketing campaigns.

1. The “From” field
2. The “Subject Line”
3. The “Body” copy

The name in the “from” field will dictate whether a reader will see your email of value or importance.

The “subject line” will dictate your open rate.

The “body” copy will dictate whether the reader clicks through any links in your email.

If certain readers are not opening my emails over a two year period, there can only be two reasons.

1. My emails are going to their junk/spam folder and they are never seeing it.

2. As soon as they see my name in the from field, this disengage because I have lost that relationship.

The reality is, if you build email lists for marketing purposes, a subscriber (lead) has a certain life span.

It is “dog eat dog world” and with people suffering from information overload every single day, it is tough to stay on everyone’s radar.

I made a last ditch effort by emailing these subscribers and asking them to resubscribe.

The results from those 8,000+ emails sent:

64 opens
12 clicks
3 resubscribes

Enough said.

This validated my conclusion that this part of this list was indeed “dead.”

Not only will this increase the open rate on this list (which I am certain that sophisticated email providers like Gmail monitor), it will save me money at Aweber.

In fact, I will now make it a priority to clean up each of my lists at the beginning of each new year.

How often do you clean up your email lists?

Comment below.

Launching A Profit-Generating Affiliate Program

Sometime back I had the pleasure of recording an interview with marketing legend Marlon Sanders who runs a very successful affiliate program.

Marlon is one of the early Internet marketing trainers and I have been following him since the mid 1990’s.

I brought Marlon onto the interview to share his experience with running a successful affiliate program for any product or service.

Take some time to listen to Marlon’s words of wisdom as they can make the different between you building an army of dedicated affiliates that can bring you millions of dollars in sales or building an affiliate program that goes nowhere. Don’t discount the power of an affiliate program as I know of a certain company that generated $29 million in sales in the last 15 months just from affiliate driven sales. Click the play button below to start listening.

This is just some of the type of interviews I do in my IMStealth membership program.

You can learn more about Marlon by clicking here.

I look forward to your comments.


Insights From My 2014 Live Traffic Workshop

This past weekend I held a live traffic workshop here in Toronto to go over the basics of creating profitable pay-per-click and pay-per-view campaigns.

crowdIt was a great event and also it was nice to put names and faces together with all of the attendees who were past or new customers.

I presented for the entire two days and laid it all out on building a profitable marketing funnel and driving mass traffic.  This was crucial because there is no such thing as a “shortage” of traffic online.  Once you get a marketing funnel optimized and profitable, it is just a matter of scaling your campaign by going out and buying as much targeted traffic as possible.

I also covered buying traffic on YouTube, which is an untapped goldmine along with encouraging all the attendees to think mobile first.

YouTube is the second largest search engine online and currently 80% of their ad inventory remains unsold. This represents a huge opportunity for advertisers to get extremely cheap video traffic from YouTube.  The best part is that if you run “in-stream” ads on YouTube, you don’t even have to pay if the user doesn’t watch your entire ad or past 30 seconds (whichever comes first). This is basically free advertising and branding for anyone’s business.

Mobile is where majority of the traffic will come from in the near future and already the majority Facebook users access their accounts on mobile devices rather than their desktop.  I encouraged attendees to build their marketing funnels so that they are both desktop and mobile optimized. In fact, I took it a step further and suggested that they should create two separate marketing funnels for desktop and mobile.  This is because what works on desktop might not necessarily work on mobile. It all comes down to testing.


There were also some big names in the audience such Vince Del Monte (fitness guru) and Ben Pakulski (Mr. Olympia finalist) who came to learn about driving mass traffic to their core marketing funnels.

I briefly covered native advertising and showed everyone how they can easily run ads to their competitors’ followers.  That really got the wheels turning in a lot of attendees heads with the possibilities.  Native advertising is little bit more complicated than traditional pay per click traffic, but with some creativity, it can bring in good results.

The vast majority of my time was showing the attendees how to set up their pay per click and pay per view campaigns correctly.  If an advertiser gets this wrong from the start, they end up wasting time and money.

gregSome big names in paid traffic also made the trek up to Canada for the event including my good buddy Greg Davis (Mr. $50K A Day), who came to learn just a few nuggets to add more profits to his sprawling online empire.

One of the most valuable parts of the workshop was when I showed attendees how to reverse engineer some of the most profitable million dollar funnels online and apply the same system and process to any product in any niche.  I actually took them through a live example of a multi-million dollar funnels that starts with giving away something that only costs about $0.35 to produce.

The biggest takeaway in my opinion and the real secret to success online is to offer something of immense value.  When you find a product or service like that, the marketing takes care of itself.

If you had been at the workshop, what are some of the questions you would have asked?


Gauher Chaudhry