1. Hi

    I’m one of the 10% that do open your emails and I use mobile for my ‘local’ business but since I changed direction, nothing you offer is any good to my business other that a bit of PPC on the rare occasion.

    I’ll join your mobile thingy however just to learn if I’m doing it right


  2. Evan

    Hi Gauher,

    It sounds interesting! I just subscribed to your Mobile Text List immediately. You are one of my most respected Internet Marketers, I decide to take a try in your Mobile list.


  3. Evan H

    Hi Gauher,
    Good idea! I just subscribed to your Mobile Text List immediately. You are one of my most respected Internet Marketers, I decide to take a try in your Mobile list.


  4. Neill

    I think you have to click “show images” in gmail in order for the system to register it as having been opened. I’m not sure how this works for other email providers. I almost never click “show images” unless I think there are pictures to look at.

    Also, I wonder how long text messaging will be as powerful as it is now. If people start getting as many spammy text messages as they do emails, they will stop looking at them too. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

    I think your emails are the only IM related emails that I open every single time. 😉

  5. Mike

    Sounds like a good idea. However whats to stop the additional marketers from adding additional marketers on top of your list and consequently overwhelming the list with an unending number of texts?

  6. Hey Gauher,
    I’ve been doing my part – I open 100% of your emails.
    Sorry I’ll miss you on mobile – I don’t own a cell phone – don’t need the radiation.

  7. Bob Cavanaugh


    What text messaging platform are you using?

  8. Hi Gauher. I’ve never been one for mailing lists. I saw the writing on the wall 10 years ago and decided to avoid the whole list building trend. While I’m sure I could have made some money from mailing lists, I put the energy into writing webcopy adsense pages instead. Newsletters that continue to generate a few cents daily, years later! (Couldn’t live off it though!)

    My English tutoring company was built around emails though and in the past few years I’ve seen a dramatic drop in not only people applying for lessons via web forms online but even bothering to reply to the email booking requests.

    I’ve also been trying to advertise via mobile advertising platforms in Australia without much success. 100,000 impressions, 200 clicks, no conversions – a common theme across all mobile advertising platforms when the mobile web page shows an email form. Email is dead as far as I can see so any kind of mobile phone number list building service like Trumpia is the way to go, at least for the next few years until the phone companies make the first few lines of a text viewable in the icon.

    I’d be interested to read about your progress with your txt list and how good Trumpia is for your business. It’ll work if people can buy something via a link in your text and use cc or Paypal via their mobile.



  9. Bill A

    Gauher, like you said, I look at the sender and topic and when you are the sender I know it is something worthwhile. And I don’t like to use the phone for text so I will stay with your always good emails.

  10. Paul

    Isn’t the open rate going to decline when text message marketing gets as popular as e-mail marketing? It’s good right now, but what’s going to stop the spammers and garbage offers from moving into mobile?

  11. Ian

    Hi Gauher

    You are one of the only marketers that I read,
    in fact thinking about it your one of the only that I am subscribed to. 🙂
    and the second longest, ever since you advised me to not buy one of your product and to use your free stuff first.:) the longest being in case you are wondering is Martin Avis (who I must point out I do read every email he sends).

    as the rest seems to get themselves unsubscribed to very quickly

    and yes i look at the subject line also before I open it.

    But my mobile only gets given to my very close friends and family and others if I need and want an answer.

    maybe I’m different but I do not read all the sms that come to it, only from family and friends the rest just get deleted without reading, but as I am very selective about who I give my mobile to I get very few marketing sms

    And as much as I respect and admire you, you don’t YET count as a close friend 🙂

    seeya Ian

  12. I agree the open rates are a terrific 95%, but what is the action rate.
    I would’nt want to watch a webinar on my phone, how many have smart phones?
    I guess you still want people to go elsewhere or to check out a website or blog or offer from a PC or laptop?
    Great stuf as always Gauher.
    ps What software does the collecting and messaging from the landing page?
    kind regards

  13. Alan


    I just realized that I have Thunderbird set to block remote images and that your emails are in HTML. I assume that effects open rate.

    I’ve now set Tbird to automatically load remote content from you in the future, and I’m going to join your mobile list too. I always look forward to what you have to say.


  14. Daniel

    Hi Gauher
    Really enjoyed your article and the new text marketing method you talking about.
    Im originally from Israel just moved to the US a few mounts ago … doing CPA with blogs and tons of it i learned for you my friend so allow me to use this stage and say a big Thank You! 🙂
    I believe your not the only one experiencing serious drop with email marketing as i see to same results with my lists to,the “Make money” niche was always problematic for me when it comes to CTR and email Opening rates (tons of competition knowing the mind set of a prospect signing to 1000s of different lists) while other niches still seems to deliver a bit better results.
    In general im completely agreeing with every word you say!
    I think you bring something very fresh and new to the table and im truly excited to see how it will work out for you …
    I think that text marketing will be a breath of fresh air while prospects signing into a list to get true content
    from people already know and trust (or not ?!) hehe cuz after all, a text on your cell is much more personal and intimate then another email…in the back of peoples head they know that email account can always be changed and renewed while a phone is much more permanent and personal. I’ll be more then happy to get your content to my cell! already signed in!
    also love the ability to send “STOP” and stop getting them.
    I’ll be waiting for your content and in the mean while keep rockN’rolling 🙂
    Have a good one buddy 🙂

  15. Well I bet you got an excellent open and click through on this email.

    Because you subject line NAME, I’m Giving Up… is excellent!
    I usually just do a quick sweep of all emails and delete the lot.

    Unless, I am in the need of information at that specific time (day or week).
    So the timing of your list’s needs may also play a big part.
    If we don’t feel we need info at that time, we won’t read, even if we like, trust and usually want your content.

    My two cents.

  16. Steve

    Sorry, but I don’t see a 95% open rate on mobile phones lasting. When there is such an oversaturation of internet marketers pitching at you from every direction, Why would anyone pay text charges for the privilege of being marketed to ? When those monthly phone bills come in , those open rates will surely drop, but good luck with that, Gauher.

  17. Hi Gauher,

    I almost always open your email messages and I’m afraid this latest one made me feel a little depressed. Just started a new blog and trying to build an email list but not a very auspicious time, I can see. I won’t be joining a text list because I hate mobile phones and always have problems with mine but your emails always welcome, even though my inbox is now overwhelming! Good luck with your new direction.

  18. Ben Maltz

    Hi Gauher,

    I, for one, read at least 95% of the messages YOU send me. I certainly do not read that high a percentage of most of the IM emails I receive. In fact, it’s probably just you and Jonathan who’s emails I read religiously. I will not be adding my name to your mobile list because I just don’t want my cell phone to start looking like my email inbox. It would get WAY too expensive and clutter my cell phone. So, I am very glad you will continue to use email will continue to read your emails, instead of getting text messages.


  19. Michael G

    Sorry, Gauher. . . . bad idea.

    Cell phones are private and intimate. The 95% rate will come down to 20% or 10% in just 6 months as everybody shoves messages down our throats.

  20. I think your open rates may have declined a bit as it seems like you’ve not got the focus we’re used to from you, so it’s almost like “oh no, another pitch” when we see a mailing.

    Afraid I have to agree with @Michael G, no way am I sharing a mobile number!

  21. Scott

    Sorry Gauher, I will not be subscribing to your mobile list at this time. While I agree that there are many distractions keeping me from reading every email I receive, yours are usually saved and looked at during my leisure. The idea of adding another distraction to my day doesn’t work well for me….All that being said, I see the value of mobile communication and plan to utilize it to my advantage. If I do feel the need to get your email right away, I’ll set up an alert to text me when something with your address comes in! You said it yourself, people are more likely to open a marketing email from someone they know/trust/respect. A marketing text is likely to annoy me more than anything else and cause me to unsubscribe. Besides, I often save your emails and reference them much later in time- something I wouldn’t do with a text message.



  22. I will sign up to your mobile marketing list… if only to keep up with the new marketing techniques you’ll be using and coming up with.

    Brave move Gauher.

  23. Hey Gauher:

    You know that I read ALL of your e-mails. I used to get hundreds of e-mails daily in my four e-mail accounts but speaking to a “guru” at your TLC conference and taking his advise to heart, I have been almost ruthless at unsubscribing from lists that view me as an ATM. Relax, buddy, your safe. LOL

    I look forward to you sharing your results with mobile.


  24. Awesome idea, Gauher. I always open all your e-mails, as I really trust & respect you & always enjoy your content which is always innovative & valuable.

    My main problem is I am in England. Am I going to get extortionate charges at International rates for opening these messages?

  25. Dave

    Hi Gauher,

    Wow! Great response from the crowd. Nothing like a little controversy to get the comment juices flowing again. I guess I’m in the same camp as the majority of your other readers. I get soo many email pitches, that I’ve had to quit reading them all – even from the guys I used to follow around like a new puppy.

    Can you say Frank Kern. unsubscribed.
    Can you say Rick Schefren. unsubscribed

    I still open your email – hence the comment.

    I have learned to dig a little deeper and get past the fluff pitchmen, lolly pop sales and find true specialists in the field. Places where analytic and benchmark studies are discussed and shared – not sold.

    You are still the man when it comes to paid for clicks. I just don’t have time to watch another hour long webinar pitch fest. Please stop the webinars, emails sales letters and new courses.

    Sorry Gauher – I don’t need an MSM sales pitch either.

    How about creating local groups, through Meetup, or something like it called: Gauher Groups. In it local geo-groups could meet and create a mastermind group and compete with real results, and real case studies within a nitche. You could discuss the happenings and MC the year long event. Maybe even give a weekend at Gauher’s place. Like the investment clubs of the 80’s and the real estate clubs of the 90’s. Smart people got together and shared a collective effort. They beat the big players or at least competed because they worked together. Then each would apply their learned lessons and shared tools in their own business.

    I don’t know…perhaps I’m a dreamer. I still think there is enough money in the world for those willing to take action and think outside the box.

    Thanks for everything – I bought many a products through your affiliate links and probably will again. Keep it real!


  26. Mark

    Gauher – I was pretty much with you until you said “other” marketers. Thats when you lost any interest I might have. I have been steadily unsubscribing from people for about 3 weeks now. I’m trying to implement some simple rules that make sense to me. Permit me to list them here, maybe others will validate them. First, I don’t want to hear from anyone who isn’t pitching their own product unless they are using the product as a “first line” option and it is demonstrably working well. Second, I don’t want to hear from anyone that I can’t respond to their inbound sales related e-mail and get a real response back from them or someone in their office if I have a question. Last and perhaps more importantly, I don’t want to receive e-mails from anyone selling a product who thinks it is reasonable for a support request to be answered in 48 – 72 hours. That makes support and the product totally worthless in my estimation.

    I do preview a lot of e-mail which probably doesn’t register as a “read.” We just have not had good timing on your offers but I definitely consider your work to be valuable. I don’t do much in the way of affiliate marketing these days and am focused mostly on local small business. I too use text based marketing with my clients but the texts are being read by the consumer, their customers. I use them very judiciously. I agree with Michael G in that a shift toward text based marketing will ruin that too. Maybe you will want to restrict the use of that to your valued premium clients? Thanks for asking!

  27. Stew

    Hi Gauher,

    Sorry, I don’t agree with you about email marketing. I think your plan to go mostly mobile will actually backfire. People are going to get pissed off from all the marketers hammering their cell phones…and I’m sure politicians will institute a “no call” policy in the future.

    I know I will never give my cell phone number out to be marketed to and I vigorously block anyone using computer generated calling; and block and report them for abuse on Skype:)

    I think a big part of your problem is you probably have been focusing on running your business for yourself but not on the product innovation we have come to expect from you.

    In fact many others are coming out with CPA and Paid Media courses that we frankly expected to be coming from you. After all you were the “go to guy” for paid media at one point.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, you had a lot to deal with this year. But just to both encourage you and ask you not to place the blame on email marketing. I think email marketing still rocks and is highly effective IF you have something valuable to promote. Hawking somebody else’s lame products equals low open rates.

  28. Philip

    This is a revolting development…

    I’m one of the 10% but probably one of those that do not click through a lot.

    I’ve stopped buying anything until I get some of the things I have purchased into action so I tend to click over most of the offers these days.

    Plus I prefer to read what you have to say in the email and not have to go to the blog to read something that is more easily read on my desktop and it is faster to boot.

    As for the wonderful open rates on mobile? Open they might but will they act? Not so much I suspect. And down the road when more adopt your thinking I suspect the subscribe and open rates will drop like a rock.

    We are virtually buried in emails and offers now, the immediacy offered by texting will likely suffer then same end but much faster if the growth of texting and smartphones follows the projections.

    I get hundreds of emails a week that I can read at my leisure, but having my phone flooded with texts would cause me to unsubscribe at a very rapid rate.

    A 160 character digest would not likely make me click through and I’m never going to read blogs on a cellphone and tablets are not a practical option unless you fancy carrying around a purse or bag. So my only option would be to put down my phone and open my browser, navigate to your blog and read your post or sales page, hardly a seamless or timely solution.

    What are your results using Twitter. If Twitter delivers what you seek perhaps texting will also. So far I’ve not seen a lot of great reports from Twitter in general. Some claim to be making money but do people click through and act on what they get?

    Oh, yes, I’m a holdout. I have a smartphone but no texting or data plan so you will lose me as I am way too busy to chase around and go to blogs to see if there is anything new to read. RSS has all the same problems as email and texting, there is a flood of stuff that I can not possibly read.

    So I’d recommend rethinking your no email policy because I don’t think I’m alone in my thinking.

    The 95% or 98% open rate sounds good, impossibly good as far as I can tell. Today open rates are high because of the novelty. It is useful for a small number of subscribers but I’m thinking that the novelty will wear off quite quickly and then you will be looking for subscribers again. I keep asking myself how many texts a day will be the break point when subscribers revolt and either unsubscribe or just ignore the texts.

    Do you know how many of your subscribers have the ability and service plans to receive texts? And if so what do you think they will do after receiving your 160 character message and how they will do it? I’d be real interested to know the answers.

    Good Luck,


  29. Bob

    A few things are converging on the space.
    1. The recession is real. A lot of people are hunkered down and not spending anything, not risking anything.
    2. Google has been making it more expensive to experiment in PPC for the newbies among us.
    3. Considering the competition in SEO and PPC for the big clickbank niches, where a lot of people start, and the local business trend, the herd is heading that way. It seems “easier” as all new ideas sound.
    4. After learning from you and a few other established marketers, a lot of people wound up on dozens of lists as you established marketers presented products from each other. We have hit Opportunity burn out. Can’t keep up with the emails. I have been unsubscribing from most just like several other people have mentioned.
    5. considering #1 above, and the fact that the family will only tolerate a finite amount of time hidden away in front of the pc not making big money yet, a lot of people can’t afford more time and preserve the life they’ve been trying to improve.

    I am intrigued by mobile/text marketing. But, texts are between me and friends and family. It’s like my home phone number. I’m older, and don’t understand how “kids” can survive on an Android or iPhone without a PC, but am acutely aware many do just that.

    Text marketing may be effective for the 21-29 demographic, but those of us who subscribed to your email list probably aren’t only using mobile devices.

    I’d love to buy a solid coaching course from you. Until I can unload the rental property in Vermont and cut that monthly spend, my hands are tied. (The recession has hit the ski industry and all related industries too.)

    I have learned tons from you and will be forever grateful for what you have shared with your list. I hope and pray all your family’s health issues are all in the distant past.


  30. Gus S


    I think everyday here agrees you are one of the most respected internet marketers today. Your content and email are written with quality and integrity which seems to be missing in a lot of the emails I receive today. I am also one of those 10% that open and actually save your email. For me, what has happened is that my inbox over the last 6-9 months has become flooded with emails form various lists. It has become overwhelming to say the least when on a daily basis you see 100-150 emails in your inbox. I have now become reluctant when I go to a squeeze page and it asks me for my email. I think people like me are being bombarded with the latest 1-click technology this or SEO software that from the latest so called gurus. I am afraid the same thing will begin to happen with mobile text if it is not kept in check. Anyway, I encourage you to continue with email marketing because it is all about the reputation of the sender and your rep is without a doubt one of integrity and a lot of people know this and will continue to read your messages.

  31. kasi

    I always open up emails from people I respect that give true valuable information. Yours being one of them among a small select few. The shift seems to move toward mobile text on a broader scale, but I personally don’t think that email marketing is going anywhere anytime soon.

  32. Hey Gauher,

    I think that ‘interruption’ marketing on cell phones is a very bad idea. So forget about mobile and text ads. It will not last nor make you any money.

    Email marketing is still the best, even if only 10% of your emails are read. Of course it depends on the size of your list.

    Indeed famous marketers such as Frank Kern and his cronies have send such a load of silly emails, that people started to unsubscribe. Now that economic times are hard, people get annoyed by – $1997 only – pitchmails for courses that in most cases give you the same info that you can get for free or for $9 on the Warrior Forum. Actually I believe some of the info is even better.

    So if you are wondering why during the last year email response has dropped, maybe there is a connection with these high priced products that have been (re) launched and pitched!?

    Also there are marketers that, although they are good, simply talk too much. Motormouth Lee McIntyre is an example. He abuses the email hammer and therefore I unsubscribed.

    But others that send me an email occasionally and have something interesting to share, I always open and read. When they have a good offer for a reasonable price I may even buy.

    I am convinced that email is still the best way to keep in touch. Better than facebook, twitter or rss. Mobile phones are good for subscription marketing. If you sell stockmarket tips, then people will love to get your text message with the latest hot tip. Also for review / local marketing I see possibilities, but not enough to make a killing.

    Thank you for your mails Gauher. They are inspiring me.


  33. Hi Gauher,

    I am also one of the loyal 10%. But I have to say that I don’t care too much for your content lately. It has been just too much of affiliate offers and too little of your own material as of late. I think this may have something to do with your dropping rates and not the media itself. I really liked your content back in the day with your pod- and video casts.

    I think for most Europeans the phone companies took sms (text messaging) too far. I am absolutely allergic to any text messages that aren’t for friends or family.

    Hope to see more of your own stuff in the future.


  34. I think mobile marketing is the way to go. Smart decision Gauher. Anyway I dont thinks so you have to worry so much about your mails not been open, cause you are one of the small group of marketers who provide tremendous value for us. And I want to thank you for that! When I see your name in my inbox I know I open it 100%. The only handicap of the sms marketing I see at the moment is that is little bit new for the people and they may get scared little bit of charges or some other small things, but I think with the time everything will fall in place. God bless you and your family.

  35. Jack

    Hi Gaugher,

    I have been an avid follower of yours for a number of years as I consider you to be an honest marketer as you provide useful information of great value, and you have gained my trust a long time ago.

    Because of your continued assistance in the IM arena, I’d like to help in any way I can, so hopefully my advice will be of some use to you.

    On the subject of e-mail saturation, I couldn’t agree with you more on the topic. I only read the e-mails of the people I trust, or know as a friend. Those are my main reasons. I have positive associations with the name Gauher Chaudhry, even though I have trouble remembering how to spell it. The same applies to emails from my friends. I have a positive association with them too obviously because they are my friends, therefore I will open whatever they send me.

    What we speak of here is sacred bonds that took some amount of time to build up. The 10% of the people who open your e-mails may seem like a small open rate, however I’m sure that 10% of your list already numbers in the thousands. Getting thousands of loyal readers is no easy feat by any means, and you’ve already achieved that. For that alone you should pat yourself on the back.

    Lets not forget that because everyone gets dozens upon dozens of emails a day, even your loyal subscribers can overlook one of your emails sometimes as it would get lost in the big heap of stuff that they got, hence its handy that Gmail have introduced priority inbox for that purpose which helps to sort the good from the bad, for those of us that use gmail. Perhaps most e-mail recipients don’t even manage what they receive, as it is an added hassle.

    Could it be a question of quantity vs quality? Maybe you have focused too much on the size of the list, and establishing that fundamental trust that makes people open emails again and again to begin with is not high enough a priority?

    With loyal readers like me this is no issue. How did I become one? It was so far back that I don’t even remember. But if I could pin point it to anything, I would probably say it was a webinar you did once with Mark Ling, and in that webinar I was convinced that you are a marketer that is looking to give his audience good value because you took the time to ask a lot of complicated, interesting questions relating to IM. Questions that I myself had which I found difficult to find an answer to by sorting through the countless heap of emails I already had accumilated in my Inbox. As for finding a reliable website for that kind of information, well that was even harder.

    Therefore I am convinced that it is still about providing that value and telling people about what they need to know for their business, and its not so much about the mode of delivery. Whether its through email, facebook, etc.- it doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you. Modes of delivery will change. The message and the audience remain the same. As long as your message is heard. But if its getting harder for even big players with big budgets like yourself to be heard, it makes me wonder what chances small fish like me have in getting anyone’s attention.

    I am against text message marketing as I expect my text messages to be completely personal. I am not accustomed to getting junk in my text inbox as much as I am with emails, therefore just about any form of marketing sent to my phone as a text plain pisses me off. When I receive a message on my mobile phone- I not only expect it to be personal, I just about demand it be so. This is the kind of mindset that 10 years of using my mobile phone for personal texting has formed in my mind, and I don’t believe it is about to change any time soon.

    The positive side of that is it does greatly depend on who I receive it from. If I received a marketing text from yourself, because I know there would be value, as hard as it may be to do in a short text, and if it wasn’t any more frequent than once a week, truthfully perhaps I would even be open to the idea. But only if I already trusted you as a marketer and cared for what you’re marketing.

    On the other hand if somebody tried to sell me a shady $37 e-book via text I would personally go to the trouble of finding out their contact details to let them know not to do that again, even if I did opt into their marketing list myself.

    Facebook, for example, have done a great job of separating junk messages from personal ones by splitting the Messages Inbox into two sections- messages that are from your friends and ‘Other’, which applies to marketing material, which for me is usually club events that come in on a weekly basis that I am sick of hearing about. Guess in which section I read all of my received messages and in which I read none?

    I believe you’ve done the hardest work there is to do because you already have a list. The job now is how to get the other 90% of people’s attention and convince them that you’re a genuine guy, furthermore a friend, who’s message is actually worth reading. The only way is how you’ve always done it in the past- by giving good value to your readers. When you provide great value, it is refreshing to receive amongst the 99 other emails that try to peddle low-end $37 Clickbank products.

    Hope that helps

  36. I do not like this trend at all. I avoid giving out my cell phone number at all costs. I have had my phone number for many years and will end up changing it soon to stop the barrage of automated phone calls and texts that are now coming my way. At least with email, I have some measure of control. Now, a marketer is really going to have to prove that they are worthy of getting my phone number before I give it out.

  37. Hey bud, you know I love you but there’s no way I’m going to opt in to an SMS list for ANYONE. Reading content on my cell phone is nearly impossible… until the developers (I’m on Android right now) realize that not all of us have 20/20 vision these days, and give us a way to increase the text size universally for everything on the device, I will continue to use my phone only as a last resort for communication.

    Oh also open rates as reported by your email provider don’t mean crap, because as someone else already pointed out, people have to enable images in the email in order for the tracking pixel to load. All email clients that I’m aware of today, default to not showing images. Plus many people’s firewalls may block requests for images made from an email client.

    I typically see around 10% as well, but I know for a fact that it’s higher than that, and probably MUCH higher.

    Don’t give up on email, I think that would be a huge mistake. SMS is nifty and the new thing and all, but I really think it only makes sense for marketers that have things to send like local coupons and such. The last thing I would do is read an SMS from an internet marketer and then go to my computer in order to manually type in the link I see on my tiny screen, because I can’t click it from that device and I’m not putting up with the itsy bitsy browser on my phone.

    I say for direct communication, email is still king and will be for quite some time. Besides if everyone took this route, then SMS would be just as noisy as email is now and we’d be back to square one, but on tiny near-useless screens.

    Not that I’m opinionated or anything… 😉


  38. Hi Gauher,

    I have to agree with most of those who have commented to your post on using text messages. I won’t be giving out my cell number either since it’s the only form of communication I have right now that isn’t constantly being used by online and off line marketers. The only people who get my cell number are close friends and family.

    I was glad to see some of the comments however since I’ve been wondering why my open and click through rates seem very strange. Since I don’t have images enabled on any of the email clients I use I guess I don’t get counted when I read your emails.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new text messaging list but please continue to send via email since I and a lot of others do want to continue getting your information.


  39. Bri


    Back to the email relationship basics buddy. Or click my name if you need an advanced email model that really works. 🙂

    No way any marketer gets my cellphone #. Very few of my friends even have it. Start a meetup in Toronto and I might check in tho…


  40. Peter: No it does not cost anything to be part of mobile marketing list although your cell phone carrier may apply standard text messaging charges if you do not have a text plan.

    Neill/Paul: Text messaging costs money. I think that will keep spammers away for quite some time.

    Bob/David: Trumpia.com

    James: I will let you know how this mobile thing works out.

    Evangeline: Don’t dispair. Email marketing is still viable if you foster and build relationships.

    Andrew H: You carriers “Standard Text Message” rates my apply if you don’t have a texting planI am afraid.

    Dave: Great idea about the local groups. Something to think about.

    Stew: Never made plans to go mostly mobile. Just adding mobile as another means of communication and relationship building. You are right, sometime I feel liek I am drowning in runnign my business. Need to focus more on innovation.

    Phil: I will still continue with email, but it will not be my *only* source of direct communcation from now on.

    JanPaul: It is not interruption marketing. People are giving me *permission* to send them text messages via their cell phone. People have to verify to get onto my mobile list. Let’s see how this experiment pans out.

    Peter: Thanks for the reminder to go back to my own products and less pitches.

    Jack: That does help tremendously. I think teh key is offering value and that should get people back to reading my emails.

  41. josiffrank

    hey Gauher
    it is like you said, my inbox is full of emails from people offering me million $ schemes. Usually you name goes to Work box to be read later,but than I have to find the time

  42. Barbara

    I always open your emails, and you are one of the few internet marketers I will always open. You don’t bombard me with constant offers, and the emails you do send are well worth reading. I won’t be subscribing to your text service, at least for now, but rest assured I will continue to open your emails.

  43. rob

    Hi Gauher,
    I believe that the wisdom here lies with the majority of respondents
    and as far as I am concerned Your email open rate should read 100%
    I certainly wouldn’t be interested at this point of time in giving up my
    mobile number until the dust settles and real data is established and available.

    Like so many others I also have unsubscribed from the “greed merchants” lists
    as clearly these individuals have completely lost all focus of why we have subscribed
    to their lists in the first instance, obviously these individuals view their lists as atm’s.

    Email marketing is still king and will remain so for the foreseeable future, Mobile is
    a bit like the wild west to me, let’s hope your expectations are attainable, Good Luck.

  44. Alexandr

    Your decision it’s a good. It’s very quick message. Modern communication surprisingly rapid. After I sent you my mobile phone, push the button of mouse, I received your message with the code through one second. But I do not know what price communications abroad. I, too, receiving much of the information which I do not need in the moment.
    And they divert me from studies. With email, I must have some measure of control. But when it will have been many messages this is too bad. This can be done selectively, which are for you the importance of.

  45. Possibly a BAD idea Gauher! Here’s why…

    I think I speak for many when I say I dislike reading marketing messages from ANYONE, on my mobile. Dam little letters and fiddly navigation taking up my time for a message which is not urgent. Besides, I like my email system where I have set up my MailWasher to block the rubbish and only let Gauher through. 😉

    Consider yourself a very lucky man that you get 10% email openings – let me explain…

    I have done 4 years of internet research and EVERYTHING seems to rotate around that magic 10% in the online world.
    Eg: Most of my many online campaigns averaged a 90% bounce rate = 10 % people who bother to spend more than a few seconds on a web page. God only knows why those click monkeys even bother clicking on an ad if they are not interested in what’s on offer! I suspect that they are paid for clicking or that they may even be robots – possibly making 90% of the income for the search engines! What a thought!

    Out of those 10% “real people” as I call them, only around 10% opt in to a list and out of those only around 10% or less, buy. That seems reasonable don’t you think?
    I have found however, that I can only squeeze some kind of profit when I use 1c PPC within certain countries. I get excited when I see small profits coming from specific keywords but… before I know it, the PPC provider kills off my ROI keywords – even if they are relevant! I don’t even try to work with the big G engine as they seem to always make me bleed. So where from here?

    By the way, that 10% thingy seems to also apply offline. I read that to get the right employee, statistically, it takes 10 interviews. You then have to repeat that process 10 times to get one who will stick with you long term. An average sales rep on the shop floor only gets around 10% sales as well. There are many other examples even down to the 10% wealthy and the 90% poor. A good music concert will only sell to 10% merchandise of the visitors etc.

    I think that 10% is showing up your core loyal subscribers and they probably were the ones who ever spent any real money with you in the past, anyway. The rest was fleeting noise.

    Having said that, your decreasing levels of email openings are probably also influenced by the fact that humanity is increasingly suffering from information overload, dwindling cash reserves, increasing illness and depression. I am amazed how many people are depressed about 2012 – the end of the world. Check out the google trends using the term ‘2012’. Now there’s a trend to make something of!

    After reading all of the above, I also agree that you are one of the few who I highly respect and I do open your emails quite a bit. I think that choosing to stay on your list has weight because, 4 years ago I re-mortgaged the house and stopped work so that I could go 100% into IM. I ploughed $50k cash into courses from all over the world and got a feel for many mentors and their styles. You stand out as sincere, clear & valuable. What amazes me the most is that you answer personal emails and even though they are very short, they pack a punch. Where do you find the time?

    After all this learning however, I have not been able to build a sustainable income. Things go for a while and then things change. I have used up my resources and tried just about everything. Now to make things worse, I have recently suffered a massive blow to my recently re-kindled computer business due to the floods here in Australia. Now in SURVIVAL mode, I find that as time passes, it becomes harder to follow through on ideas. I have become a shambles of unfinished projects. The more I learn the more confused I become. I seek that “Short Sharp Shock” system more than ever now and I dream of an email which says, “put $5 here and $10 will come out the other end – repeat and multiply and you will be able to quickly get a few hundred a week coming in”. I think I speak for many with this dream. Not because we are stupid, but because we are in overload mode with fuzzed out brains.

    Actually, what I would love beyond the $5 in and $10 out and this trying to sell ebooks on how to get pregnant or how to get rid of crutch rashes, is to follow my passion (making music from radio telescope sounds) and find a way to monetise it via the net! I thought to sign up with a record company was the go but they have spread my music over the planet and I have received almost nothing for my efforts. So I want to go direct. I have also developed an Incorruptible Computer which I could write an ebook about or get a software made for so that everyone could have one. I just don’t have the spare money right now. I need that GURU friend who would take enough interest in the pearls I have to offer, to give me the time to show me how to monetise it.

    I say all of this so that you can see what some of us are battling with and so that you can relax about SMS ideas and maybe redirect your mastermind towards helping the talented out there. I am sure there is much money to be made in the promotion of talent. After all, talent is niche and that’s what everyone is looking for.

    Food for thought…
    Best wishes

  46. Hi Gauher,
    Please do not stop sending me your emails as I do read them and appreciated each one.

    My mobil is for emergency only as I do not wish to put my info on a product that is easier to hack.

    I do not use FaceBook or Utube as they are in the same catagory as the mobile phone as far as I am concerned.

    In wish I could buy more of your products but being a pensioner restricts my purchases until I start making some money on line.

    Thanks again

  47. Hi Serge,
    I agree with your post above and offer a bit of info that may help.

    If your Incorruptible Computer works then you have a major item to sell even if it comes in an eBook.

    There are those here in Australia that will fund these sort of things and even the Governement will give Grants for people who have things to build a business.

    I would say that if the above works then I would be inclined to keep the product out of the eBook lists and go for the direct building of the PC’s this will bring in more capitol and give you the chance to get your business going.

    Money is hard to come by here I know but build one sell it and re-invest to build 2 and so on if you cannot get a Gov Grant. It should not take long to get known. A small add in the right place on the net and local news paper should get you going.

    I am sure you will get there as I am.

    Take care

    Please let this note go to Serge as I think it will help him.

  48. Tai

    Very interesting. I also read all of your emails. Integrity and value are the two most important factors to me. If an IMer sends me more than two worthless affiliate offers (particularly the obnoxious “one-button solution” offers that take a gazzilion clicks to close), then I unsubscribe.

    Interestingly enough, I just came across this other study concluding that email has the best conversion rate, though I see that they didn’t study mobile conversions, which for better or for worse, can only accelerate:


    I think “smart phones” are great as marketing data-mining devices. I don’t use one for personal use.

  49. Gauher
    It is interesting to hear “what the numbers say” and that email is becoming even more of a problem to serious ethical Marketing people.
    I am not sure whether I am interested or can see the value in sms marketing AND I have said that about other “early concepts” and rue the day I didn’t take them up in the past.
    I am sitting in my office much the same as some of the people who have commented in your list, with a dilemma of which way to start to build my list. I am one of the overloaded 10% and then I am one of the 1% with selected people and only want to build a focused list of people interested in our niche.
    I am so conflicted with the best way to go in the future on IM and I can understand exactly how soooo many people turn away from the medium.
    I believe there is a balance and I believe sms/mobile phones will plays a role in that balance (unfortunately).
    So I am going to see how it works and see how it fits without prejudging the idea.
    Data is: 85% of people sleep with their smart phones next to them, tells me that somewhere down the track this will be an acceptable standard and mobile marketing will be the future!
    I am only new on your list Gauher… and like what I hear and see.
    And I do not see it working OUS. (outside the US)…am maybe I am wrong/

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