The Greatest Money Making Secret In History

I was cleaning up my hard drive earlier this week after finally switching to a MAC computer from a PC.  Over the last decade, I have collected a large number of marketing ebooks and reports that have been just sitting on my hard drive.

There are many that I have never read and others that I just skimmed in the past.  But there was one book that I remember reading years ago written by Joe Vitale that I stumbled upon.  The ebook is called “The Greatest Money Making Secret In History” and I remember devouring it the same day that I downloaded it from the Internet.

The secret of making money, as revealed in this ebook, is not as obvious as it seems, but in my experience – it works.  I have practiced it for years and have seen huge returns in my own businesses and fortunes.

Some key points about this secret:

1. It’s the one thing some of the wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing.

2. It’s the one thing written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today.

3. It’s the one thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most people will fear doing it.

The ebook is free to download and I highly recommend that you take some time out to read it.

Download The Greatest Money Making Secret In History

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Jos J

    I’ve found more joy in giving money away as opposed to making money. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. My wife and I tithe 10% of our income and on top of that we give a good chunk away. I’m not super ritch at all but I once gave a $100 bill to a dude on the side of the road asking for gas money, you should have seen the look on his face (and he was truly stranded, he wasn’t going to use it all as booze-money).

    Also Gauher, good job switching your PC to MAC 🙂 And in case this is your first Mac (though I hope you’ve been using a MacBook Air or something already when traveling), then welcome!!

    Once you go MAC you never go back 🙂

  2. Hey Jos, so far I am loving the switch. I doubt I will ever go back to PC< especially since I can run Windows 7 using Parallels right on my MAC. 🙂

  3. Big G!
    Believe it or not, the very first time I came online.

    I read a case study about How Joe Vitae used I think email and webinar to sell stuff and I think made a couple of thousands within a very short time(I think it was by marketing Sherpa )

    I ordered for the case study.

    But didn’t make any sense to me then.

    Got me curious though.

    Since then I had been cautiously following the guy.
    (Years later, webinar became the go to tool for every marketer)

    I think he is miles ahead in this game.

    Always enjoy whatever you recommend bro. Will read the ebooks now.
    Thanks !

  4. Hey Gauher, Thanks for sharing! I really have received too many goodies from you. Won’t be expecting the next crash, though :P.

  5. Great stuff, I’m reading it now. Thanks!

    I agree with this entirely.

    I was surprised to find these stats that are apparently true:

    According to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, those making less than $50,000 a year donate about 4% of their income to charity, while those earning more than $100,000 gave just 2%.

    What do you think?

  6. Steve

    I gave some money to people on Kiva. It feels good. I made sure I selected someone who I believed in what they needed the money for, and then paid off their loan balance so their loan was 100% funded. A couple days after that I landed a high paying seo client.

  7. why i can’t download the ebook? do you move it away?

  8. Rohan

    Welcome to the MAC world Gauher, I made the switch in January of this year and i’m loving it.
    Thanks for the download

  9. Thank you Gauher for the ebook, and Ihave noticed a lot big time earners from Internet marketing are changing to Apple MACintosh? and I was wandering WHY?

  10. Orestes

    Hey Gauher,

    Just wanna say that I have no words to thank you for this ebook.It´s really a great blessing
    sharing this with us.I got your sms while I wa s working and then went home to check it
    out and went through some part as is 3.35am but for sure will make my sleep very sweet.
    Yes the great Teacher always say it´s more bless to give than to recieve…I believe that
    and that´s why I´m a cheerful given as the law of given in love will always stand and be
    greatly reward it.

    My blessing to you!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway Gauher! I love what I’ve read so far, but let us at least give credit where it’s due. You may not wish to include this comment within your blog due to its religious nature, but there is definitely a spiritual theme within this ebook and thus I couldn’t remain silent.

    God created the universe and all that dwell therein – so when they say it’s the universe that gives back, let’s acknowledge the true source… “…for He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” God deals supernaturally just with man especially considering that the majority of us are at enmity with Him. How often do we stop to thank him for our food, water, warmth, friends, family, wealth or the very air that we breath?

    No matter who we are and what situation we have to endure, there will always be something to be thankful for and those who are not thankful are those who do not want to know God. He has made himself accessible to all through his only begotten Son – Jesus Christ.

    God’s word tells us that it is better to give than receive and that there is blessing in doing so, but expecting to receive something in return is a fruitless gift of love. Knowing that our sins are forgiven is the ultimate motivation for charity, because that way you’re not actually trying to buy any favor of the “universe” or God for that matter. It comes from a pure heart of thankfulness instead.

    Thank you again Gauher and I trust you’ll enjoy your new Mac 😉

  12. Hey thanks for the download.

    Just read through it and it gave me chills. Very cool and I am going to start to apply these methods and start to give back alot more!

  13. jesse

    The Greatest Money Making Secret In History

    i read the first chapter of this book and i figured it out that this book is some kinda repetitive version of law of attraction.Sorry to say i didn’t like the book not because it says to give money to get more, i know author wants to say what goes around comes around.

    but now let me say something.
    there’s nothing called free launch.
    banks don’t give away free credit card they charge rate of interest on them.
    america doesn’t give free humanitarian help for free , it pretends as if it to be and exploits the economies around the world.

    only one thing that i would agree to this book is to help someone in need and don’t expect anything in return.

    However thanks for the upload.

  14. That is the whole message of the book Jesse.

    If you had actually read more than one chapter it says that the ONLY way to give is to expect nothing in return. What the USA government does around the world is anothing topic.

  15. Sol

    Thanks for the share. I had quick read through and yes the miracle of giving it away! The more you give and care the more you will get for sure.

  16. Jay Finks

    Thanks Gauher! I’m sure it will be a great read.

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