Google Adwords Drops The Axe Again

It appears that Google Adwords has done another round of banning of accounts with very little information other then a simple email that says that your account has been banned.

I know this because I received dozens of emails from my customers telling me that they had received the dreaded “You’ve Been Banned By Google” emails over the last week.

The problem with these emails is that they don’t tell anyone why they have been banned.  Calling or emailing Google Adwords to find out why is a bigger waste of time then watching a Lindsay Lohan movie.

They are not responding or answering any questions and I have yet to hear of anyone who has been banned ever getting their account reinstated.

This ban has not been limited to people running rebill offers but rather a mix of accounts promoting anything from Clickbank products, CPA offers, poor landing pages, own products etc.

In fact, I heard that a company that had been spending one million dollars a year with Google Adwords selling their own coffee product was banned without explanation.

I have yet to receive one of these emails, but I fully expect to if they are targeting advertisers running poor quality CPA offers (i.e email submits).

I am offender “numero uno” when it comes to promoting email submit CPA offers on Google Adwords.

Here is who they are nailing:

1. Offer Does Not Offer A “Good User Experience”

If you are running any sort of offer that Google deems not to provide their users with a “good user experience” according to Google’s judgement, they can ban you.

2. Rebill Offers

If you try to run a rebill offer (i.e. Acai, Biz Op), you risk the chance of having your account banned.  I have even heard that if you had run a campaign like this in the past that may be paused or deleted, they can still ban you.

3. Guilt By Association

If you have ever or had anyone log into a shady or banned Google Adwords account from your IP address,  you run the risk of having your account banned because Google targets all Google Adwords accounts that have ever been accessed by that same IP address.

Now, it isn’t that hard to open a new Adwords account, but it does require a bit of work.

1. Get a new computer

2. Get a new IP address

3. Open a new Adwords account under a new name and new credit card with a different name and address (i.e. mother-in-law?)

With the above being said, it appears that affiliate marketing on Google Adwords is dying a slow death and pay per click marketers need to start evolving their businesses outside of Google Adwords.  Also exploring other traffic courses such as media buys, ppv, natural seo, viode marketing, etc. doesn’t hurt either.

Google represents just a small fraction of the traffic available online.

At one-time, my monthly advertising budget with Google Adwords represented about 70% of my online budget.  Scary eh?  I have now brought this down to about 15% and will now never allow one traffic source to be more than 20% of my monthly budget.

I myself will not be content until my monthly ad spend with Google is just about 10% of my total monthly ad spend.

I have been working heavily expanding out with other pay per click search engines and pay per view traffic sources for the last two weeks.

I can understand Google Adword’s wanting to give their users a “good user experience”, but the manner in which they are offending their advertisers who have helped build their company is astonishing.

It appears that they don’t give a crap.

I have started moving my advertising dollars elsewhere.  I don’t have to deal with this unbelievable arrogance with other companies that sell paid traffic.

If Google simply worked with their customers to clean up poor advertisements (i.e. removing flogs, etc.), they would still have a lot of loyalty from their advertisers.

All good things come to an end.

When Google runs into hard times, they won’t regret the policies they put into place, but rather the manner in which they treated their advertisers when implementing them.

Any comments?


  1. Preston

    True Gauher….there are a lot of traffic sources out there.

  2. I know a fair bit of people that have been “Google free” for a while. For them to just start banning people for no explanation is just not a good business partner.

  3. I also got that annoying email telling me that I am an adwords criminal.

    I agree, this is time to rethink strategies, and build new ones that leave Google out of our business.

    This dog should stop spitting in its own bowl.

  4. It is a business risk to have all of your leads or customers coming from one source, spreading the net wider (as long as the leads are priced right) is the clearly the best way forward.

    And Gauher I missed your launch last time but will be first in the queue this time round!


  5. Will

    Hey Gauher,

    This happened to me and I still don’t get it. First they said I have been warned.. then I got a response when I argued (miracle!) where they back-tracked and said they didn’t need to send a warning citing “egregious” or offensive content as their reason.

    I dunno but I don’t think an Auto Zip code submit was particularly egregious or offensive?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    I too am now enjoying other less arrogant and moody traffic sources who want my money.

    I think this ban is a blessing because I was probably relying way too much on Google and am now i’m well on my way to spreading my risk.

    So thank you Google.. and I hope you suffer a painful demise.

    Great article Gauher


  6. Hi Gauher,

    Thanks for the heads up…I’m interested in learning more about your PPV course.

  7. That’s a great summary of what’s been going on with Google banning advertisers recently.
    I find it amazing that they are more interested in getting rid of loyal advertisers who provide them with millions of dollars in revenue, than they are in working with these advertisers to create a win-win situation.

  8. Flor

    Hey Gauher,

    Also my adwords account was suspended also… and i received a reason “Your Google AdWords account has been suspended due to submissions of ads that promote Google Money Tree or ads that promote a misrepresented affiliation with Google”

    I don’t promote any google offer in my life..

    They will face also the crisis very soon by doing this…

  9. Erik

    I got the boot. Nice

  10. i was banned from Google for supposedly having promoted Google Money Tree, but the closest that comes to the truth was that i once promoted Google Cash Detective which also has the work Google in it. my promotion was long since dormant, but that did not matter. terminated. i mentioned this to Chris Carpenter some time back and suggested that unless he wanted to see all his affiliates banned from Adwords for life he had better give up the name Google Cash. a couple of days ago he declared that he is doing just that, so this behavior of Google’s is affecting affiliates far and wide.

  11. JIm

    I need help as I have had my accounts banned.

    I created a new account under a new IP (Spring card) with new address and different CC but it was on the same computer and it appears my account is not running.

    So will cleaning up a registry, etc help out? How is everyone else getting around it? Cleaning cookies?

    I am going to have my sister across the country signup for me but the problem is I will have to dial into her machine everytime I need to change thing – major pain in the butt.

    I have another cc and address I can use but I don’t want to try it on my current PC’s (I have 4 of them) as I am sure they will catch it.

  12. Garth

    Hey Gaury, i read with sheer disgust your article about Googles ad bans. Considering that in the past you have generated alot of income from Google ads and like countless others have seen the huge mass of persons that make money from them, what other specific sources can you suggest that an upstart person take on and how can we implement them?

  13. Hi Gauher,

    thank you for the insight, I have been looking at using adwords as a marketing source. It sounds like it pays to spread your advertising dollars in many different ways in case you have this happen to you.

    Kind regards & good health,

    Darren C.

  14. Gauher,
    I had my account banned by Google about 2 or 3 months ago. I hadn’t had an active campaign in about 3-4 months (because I was spending my time elsewhere in my business). When it finally came time to launch a new campaign, nothing happened (no impressions) because my account was suspended. All attempts to reason with them were all for naught. They wouldn’t even tell me why I my account was suspended.
    Unfortunately for most of us, they are the “Gorilla” in the game. But you’re right, there will come a time when this will come back and bite them in the arse.
    I had to get a new IP address, get a credit card for my wife under her maiden name, with a billing address for my business instead of my home. I have another active AdWords account, but I’m not using it right now.
    Thanks for the information about how to get a new account opened. Although, like you, I’m trying to spread my dollars around so that I’m not totally dependant on the egomaniacs at Google.
    Alex Mitchell

  15. That’s quite shocking. I’m fortunate enough that i’ve built up a large monthly income through primarily bum marketing methods but I truly feel for ppc advertisers on Google adwords who have spent the time not only learning how it works and how to make money out of it BUT also how to continually adapt their campaigns when google decides that they no longer accept a certain way of advertising.

    I keep hearing a lot about ppv and have bought quite a few products about it. I was getting ready to give ppc a try however with this recent slap I think I’ll give it a miss.

    I empathize with Adwords advertisers who try and stay aboveboard and comply with the latest and greatest regulations and rely on the income it gives them to have it now stopped or dropped in some way.


  16. Overall I still like Google, but I have to agree that the way they treat advertisers leaves a lot to be desired.

  17. I haven’t been banned yet but big G keeps shutting down every campaign I try to launch these days, after about 12 hours requiring $1 per click just to show it even for terms that have no competition. It is time to move past G. They don’t want our money.

  18. I was notified about my ban last week and I have not been advertising on Google for several months. WTF

  19. Jan

    It sounds pretty serious. I would say, as you do, simply move elsewhere. Either before or after getting banned. “Good user experience” might be a hard thing to determine yourself, since Google employees have differing opinions in even their approval or disapproval of ad copy. In one campaign, I have 4 exact same banners running in four different ad groups going to the exact same destination URL; 2 sets approved, 2 sets disapproved. Does that make any sense? Nope. But it offers a clue how anything else might unfold.

  20. Arne

    Could this be a reaction to the new FTC rules?
    Maybe Google is worried about having the wrong
    (hyped up) kind of ads on their network?

    Whatever the reason…thanks for the tips.

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  22. William

    Google has forgotten their own “don’t be evil” credo and become a bloated and arrogant empire with their capricious and arbitrary methods. They will become victims of their own heavy handed behavior. They have forgotten what made them great and I’m sure believe that no one can’t topple them. They will become victims of their own self important arrogance…

    “every adversity brings the seed of a greater or equivalent benefit…” Napoleon Hill

  23. I have not yet experienced issues with Google, though I do not deal with CPA and I always try to offer a great user experience.

    I’m the only one who uses my computer and I don’t do anything “shady” at all, so so far I haven’t had issues.

    I heard someone say that when they asked about some issues with landing pages the Google rep just said “I wouldn’t send my grandmother to that page” and ever since then I’ve been trying to make sure that everything I do with Google Adwords is something I would be willing to send my grandmother to.

    With other traffic sources, that is not the case. And though Google is making me a good amount of money right now, I’ve started expanding into CPV & I’m also doing “free” traffic methods as well, and I am working on expanding into other forms of paid advertising because like you said, I don’t want any traffic source to take up more than 20% of my monthly budget.

    I do my best to keep everything good with Google, but I am ready for if my account gets banned for some reason.

    I think Google could do a lot better than they do, but what do I know. I’m just the one trying to pay them.


  24. Like the old saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket. Google’s arrogance is always funny.

  25. Google has definitely gotten extremely arrogant and it will continue as long as they make their investors happy. All that goes out the window once the inevitable happens and they start missing earnings expectations and their stock price drops.

    What Google wants is to be the only affiliate on it’s network. These new CPA offers they are giving to large advertisers is running parallel to banning these accounts. There is a $3.2 billion dollar investment that they have to make good on with the purchase of Double Click. This is but one way they are using all the affiliate and media buying data they gained from that purchase.

    A lot of this will be dressed in “FTC concerns” or “good user experience”, more power to them. Their venture into mortgages and many other varied field with the data they have makes them a dangerous company despite the motto.

  26. Chris

    Do you think Google’s reaction has anything to do with the recent FTC changes? Maybe they are trying to show the government they are on board with the new complaince by removing ads to affiliate landing pages etc.

  27. True Gauher …

    Google canceled by Adsense account a few weeks ago stating they sent an email explaining why. Never recieved that email& didn’t bother to ask why. Heard it was a waste of time. They didn’t close my Adwords accounts though. Oh well, there are plenty of others who will be more than happy to take Google’s business and I will be seeking them out.

  28. Jeff Noel

    I wrote a post a couple months back on the Warrior Forum titled “Slap Google Back”

    Some mocked me and others supported me. In the end I listened to my own advice and reduced my spend on Google by 70%.

    Today I am still making the same money, but I can comfortably say that if I get the letter so what.

    Google has lost touch with the people that make them so powerful the advertisers.

  29. Hey Gauher

    My account is also banned… but I have some more accounts which are not ‘yet’ banned. However, I don’t want to go on Google road again. I am your student of PPVF2.0 and will make my fortune out of that pathway!

    Auckland, NZ

  30. Great article young man

    Does this only apply to adwords and not to CPA ads of the type you described that are on a website?


  31. Hey Gauher,

    I had my account banned. Funny thing is I have been running 99% PPV and didn’t even have a single campaign running for about 3 weeks…

    WTF? I received no warning either as some have claimed… Amazing…

    Corey Bornmann

  32. YEah it was a bloodbath baby!

    I had to write this piece

    “Getting Your Money Back From Google Adwords After They’ve Closed Your Account”

    On my blog to help people at least deal with the situation. If you check around you’ll see that people are going CRAZY trying to get into PPV now. They’re not even bothering to call it CPV anymore (Nice updating of the dictionary Gauher)

    I’m too lazy to look for the code to insert a link, but the head of Adwords (think his name is Nick Fox) actually started disabling affiliate accounts way back in October, and at that time you could appeal the process. Not anymore.

  33. If we were to put things in perspective, the advertisers they are banning probably dont consitute more than 1% of the annual $12 billion in revenue. Google can do just as they please. It’s nothing personal just business?

  34. Mike

    Great article! Thanks for standing up and not being afraid like most people are. They banned my site from their natural search 2 years ago. Of course they gave no explanation and just ignored us and totally removed our listings. We were a totally legit retail business. At the time they were more than 60% of our traffic. This caused a ten year old business with over ten million a year in sales to just spiral out of control and we lost everything. How is it that a company can get away with doing things like this? I totally support what you are doing and hopefully the groundswell of their nastiness will be felt and finally we will hear stories of them losing ground. One thing for sure is they are helping out their competition. In the long run this will be good for all.

  35. Joe

    Never put all your eggs in one traffic basket… definitely wise words! – I urge everyone to take heed and take action!

  36. Zbynek

    Great, I was just about to start using ppc 🙂

  37. Oren

    Hey Guys,

    I am wondering if big G is trying to cover their rear in order to be safe with the FTC as well.

    Listen to this rap with the FTC admin.

    My take is affiliate marketing is vanishing slowly.


  38. moe

    I love google

  39. Tom

    I guess that’s what happens when you have a monopoly situation. I am sure that with the big G taking over every nook of life they will become the same as Microsoft in the last 20yrs (who’d have thought, a role reversal between ms and G?!)

  40. So much for fair trading standards! At least I got a warning that led me only to leave campaigns with quality scores of 7-10.Only to get THE email 30 days later. Well, we can only get stronger out of this and be less worried about someone from outside just dictating and destroying our businesses. Goodbye Google!

  41. Kel

    Google’s too risky, too unreliable & too expensive to have as a business partner anyway – ban or no ban.

    I totally agree with Gauher, biting the hand that feeds you is unlikely to be sound behavior – word spreads – fast! Nature has a way of balancing in the long run.

    Pity they are so arrogant because they do have some good tools = GREATEST opportunity ever for Yahoo & MSN to grab their customers, cashflows and profits. I’d be delighted to see them pull it off!

  42. Joe

    I got banned back in July so I know exactly what a lot of you are feeling right now. My first response was complete shock! However, I realized that I’d promoted an offer that wasn’t in a “good neighborhood” and I knew better, so it’s my own fault. Still, it really SUCKS when you’ve got a large part of your income relying on Adwords and it’s gone overnight.

    It sucks really bad at first, but, just like anything else, gradually you get over it and move on.

  43. chris j

    Gauher -good stuff also if a affiliate opens a new account they should do two criticle things

    1. if your spend is $250 US dollars a week or more get a Google account rep assigned to your account. This way you can bouce off your new landing pages and ads and let him or her get pinned under the bus if google decides to send your page to the LPQ team.

    2. LLC you business – Typically the best place to LLC your business in Delaware – it’s dirt cheap and the laws are relaxed.

    In closing one of the reasons Google has been cracking down is becuase of the FTC and consumer rights groups that have been cracking down as of December 1st

    Chris J- MinuteMan, Boston MA

  44. mrsrp

    Dear Mr. G.,

    Good-bye and good-riddance.

    Can you imagine running a normal brick-and-mortar business and having the local advertising company act like them?

    For example, imagine them telling you how to arrange your store, or what products you can sell. Imagine them insulting you by saying you’re not adding any value.

    Imagine them complaining because you’re simply putting products on your shelf, and they’re the same products other stores are selling.

    Imagine them taking away your right to word your advertisements the way you want to.

    Imagine spending lots of time and effort trying to meet the demands of this advertising company only to treat you like a criminal.

    In 25 years of business, I’ve worked with some difficult companies and clients, but Mr. G. is the worst.

    So, I simply won’t spend another minute trying to work with this arrogant company.

    Mr. G…. Good bye and good riddance.

  45. I have 7 Adwords accounts and they all got shut down between November 15 and December 1. I’ve never promoted Google Money Tree or rebills. Just Clickbank stuff. Moving on to paid media.

  46. Craig

    Amen. Spent 3.5 MM w Google over last 5 years, dropped w no explanation. LOL @ Lindsay Lohan reference

  47. Jeff

    Hi Gauher,
    I too have been sent these offensive messages and I am confused as to why. What I really do not understand is how un-business like this treatment is, which makes me wonder whether it is just a Google employee out there who does not understand simple business principles and how to properly apply Google conditions.

  48. It is just growing pains for the industry.. that is all…

    It is a good thing…

    It might actually open up some competitive keywords again.. 🙂

    besides, google cannot look bad in the eyes of the FTC…

  49. Hey Gauher,

    Google is an indiscriminate heartless affiliate business wrecking ball that forgot how it got so big. On the backs of small affiliates is how they did it and now they are biting the millions of hands that feed it up to the elbow with their wicked ways.

    The market will correct their hypocrisy eventually, but for now we either play their “My way or the highway” game or simply go elsewhere. I think that going elsewhere with our credit cards would be the best thing.

    It is just plain silly.

    Can you imagine placing an ad in the telephone book, magazine, newspaper, TV, Radio or you name it and they were to tell you that they think your business sucks and they don’t want your money…..hahaha. Google has it so wrong, they should taken out behind the woodshed and beaten with a reality stick.

    Needless to say I have been slapped with my own sites more times than I would like to remember, so I have to keep making adjustments each time then erase the line in the sand and draw a new one.

    Right or wrong, simply stay away from Google when it comes to advertising because they can take away your hard work and years of business with a simple keystroke! The worse part is there is no recourse and they could care less as there is virtually no appeal process.

    Thanks for listening,


    PS – Google does it in other ways with SEO Slaps too. My website used to be a PR6 until they decided because it was a static HTML site that it sucked, so they kept demoting it until now it is a PRO. They are no friend of the small company anymore unless you drink their Kool-aid and the only way to drink it is to know the recipe they won’t give you.

  50. Jim

    I manage a bunch of clients accounts and I am afraid to login to their account as they will get banned as well. Anyone else know how to get around this? I can move on but my clients don’t want to.

  51. Money makes the world go round it seems. I loved Google when it just started out bcz I thought they were just amazing… I know it’s good for the business but I started to dislike them when I saw them buying out everything! YouTube, Adsense, Doubleclick and the list goes on. They bought those and now they are their biggest sub entities. So it’s like they took that as their opportunity to “rule” the web and they are doing a good job at it as they think. Only a few people like myself don’t think that they are actually doing a good job bcz lots of times I’m poised to think that they are not upholding good morals that they always advocate.

  52. Gauher,
    This is a common thing in history: “Pride commeth before the Fall” (Proverbs 16:18) as the scripture goes. Remember Quark Express? They came up with a good product to compete with PageMaker. Then they got arrogant; they raised their fees; they became impossible to contact support without paying a fortune; etc. etc. They no longer exist as far as I know. InDesign wiped them out. (They actually do still exist and are claiming that they are “revolutionizing publishing, again”-lol! Trying to reinvent themselves just to keep up.)

    Google thinks they own the world and for the time being, they might. But it won’t be long until they may actually follow the same path as Quark. This has all happened before. To individuals, families, communities, companies, nations, etc.

    Even search engines!

    I might have to take a look at Bing now.

  53. Welcome to the ever evolving “Corporate America” scene. Big bucks, big corporations have everyone by the “you know what’s” Get over it, move on. Google, despite many wishes expressed here, will never go “under” for this “evil deed.” Contrary, they’ll get bigger. Know why? Because they’ve weeded competition to big corporations running Ad words. “User Experience” means they don’t link one-hit-wonder affiliate direct linking because the site has no real content other that a CPA offer or Affiliate Product. Like everything else, you have a “few bad apples” responsible for destroying small affiliates advertising vehicles. Google is the biggest repository of search phrases and IP addresses on the planet. They own every search term you have ever typed into a browser. And, if you now doubt “big brother” is NOT watching you, think again. Don’t think for a minute Google would not allow the government to mine that database in search of “homeland security” issues.

  54. Justin

    I hope google fall over and collapse, its possible, with treating their advertisers like this is intolerable, I got banned and havent even used the acocunt in 6 months, and only used a few cpa offers on there. Gauher put it right when he said how arrogant they are. Why dont they just blanket ban certain products or billing models, banning a person that has brought them massive money in the past is such a stupid business decision.
    I hope they fall over and go bankrupt.

  55. Justin

    And as for people asking whether this has anything to do with the FTC stuff, one word for u guys



  56. kevin Taylor

    Have not advertised with google in 6 months still got banned forever. I personally do not give a rats ass. I can make plenty of money elsewhere. PPV LIVES!!

    Kevin(The Florida Dude)

  57. darknight

    I think its sad that no one is forming a lobby and doing something about this. If this was Verizon doing this with cellphone service or At&T back in the 70’s we would do something. Oh, wait we DID about AT&T. Hmmm, MAYBE

  58. jose

    Great Post,
    what you just described happened to me. i am newbie and got banned. in the second time i was using direct linking and i-frame offers. could this be the cause?
    you are right. they do not care nor want to give any explanation. i believe they feel the have too much power, but perhaps someday (hopefully in the near future) this will end.

    thanks for your tips as to how to get another adwords account


  59. Couple of my own personal notes:

    1.) As for those Adwords bans: Don’t you people get it? Google wants ONLY couple of BIG advertisers, not us ‘little fish’. (and yes they consider an “annoyance” even the people who spend hundred of thousands $$/month with them!)We are just PITA for them, so they want to get rid of you = less work, less CS.

    2.) For you masochists out there:
    Another way of getting many Google Adwords accounts is to open a new Corporation/s. Each corporation can have their own account. (Of course, don’t use the Same computer/ISP etc…)
    I know an IM (from Asia) who actually has 8 of them.
    I heard that in some states in US, Inc. costs only couple of hundred $ to set up – Delaware I believe should be 1 of them…

    3.) It is not only Adwords they are going after. It is Adsense as well. But here they are doing it much wicked way. (for now) Ever since around beginning of November I noticed they are showing PSA ads almost all the time on my sites, although I see there are plenty of advertisers out there…!
    Generally I don’t care for most of my sites, I am replacing it with CPA/affiliate offers – however from 1 of my site all the proceeds from the contextual advertising went to my favorite Local Charity so This Does p…s me off. And I cannot switch it to Squidoo as Squidoo does not have Toronto Humane Society as listed charity.

    4.) Don’t worry guys, the time Will Come BigBrother G Will eat their own s..t!
    I used to live in a communist system – nobody believed it would ever come down – yet, it Did!
    Every dictatorship Will come to it’s end – it doesn’t matter if it is Real or Virtual

  60. Josh

    “They have forgotten what made them great and I’m sure believe that no one can’t topple them.”

    Funny you should say that, I as just reading a Time magazine technology round table article and one of the ‘smart tech guys’ (they’re not your average joes) mentioned something along the lines of “look what Google did to Microsoft’s business? Who says a Facebook or other can’t do the same to Google?”

    Although I do think that Google is harder to topple than Microsoft was, back then nobody would have though microsoft could be “toppled”. But it’s the way of the world, history is cyclical and everything will repeat itself.

    Google is just making bad things happen for them a bit quicker this way.

    I’m all for banning Acai and White Teeth, Google Kits scamming. I know there’s a lot of stuff to wade through, but don’t go banning large groups without doing your research, and that’s exactly what they’re not doing.

    Until then, frequent MSN and Yahoo a bit more often for your every-day searches and get their market shares up.

  61. I haven’t been banned but I haven’t used my account for months and don’t plan to anyway. Free Traffic, SEO, niche Blogging is my thing now and have had great success.

  62. Hmm

    BECAUSE a lot of ME-TOO affiliates wreck it for us. Me-too affiliates – about 85% of the total, promote flogs, and scam offers like GOOGLE MONEY TREE. So they deserve it. Now the problem is going to go to PPV, since the mass will follow and the same will happen. Please stop promoting PPV.

    When will you learn. Keep the secrets and training for yourself, as when many others do it, it wrecks the efficiency.

  63. Brent

    It’s real simple. Move over to Bing, or Yahoo. Just stop searching using Google. Just start spending all your cash at Bing or Yahoo.

    A better world would be if traffic is split up among 3 or 4 different search engines.

    Just start preaching the value of other search engines to end users you know. family, friends, co-workers etc. It will only take maybe a year if everyone just starts using the other search engines out there for traffic to start spreading more evenly.

    most of you guys reading these blogs has at least a mild technology influence over friends, family, and co-workers enough to just say hey try using Bing or Yahoo, convince them to make the switch. Pretty soon us marketing guys will start seeing more and more of our traffic coming from other major search engines. Then we will all know, that the Google giant has been brought down to size.

  64. Hi. I totally agree. I got that email this past weekend. I was floored. Although new to affiliate marketing, I paid close attention to the guidelines. Still, my first reaction was “f&*%$# you Google, I spend too much money making your company rich, and there are other avenues of income other than you.”

    I’m so glad I have maintained that attitude. I never even bothered to try and call them. I figured, it’s their loss – big time. It’s not what they’re doing, it’s the manner in which they’re doing it. Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn if they never reinstate my account.

    I’ve wasted far too much money on them anyway. As you said, there are other paid search engines as well as other ways to make money online.

    I guess they forgot who made them the giants they are today – the little people.

  65. Hey-

    Thank you for all of your help Gauher.

    The ban is so subjective. I finally got a email from Google today and they pointed out the offending website. It is a very well known Clickbank product.

    I have always felt comfortable promoting Clickbank products because I know the customer can get a refund without any problems. I have requested refunds myself. I have had my refunds from my Clickbank account..that system works!

    I wonder if the really big advertisers in other less obvious industries are getting their accounts is very subjective.

    My biggest disappointment really has been Google’s customer service. I know their job is hard..but..I just want to be treated they would want to be treated. Tell me specifically what the problem is before you ban me. Tell me how I can appeal the decision. Let me talk to someone. Just talk to me Google..I thought we were partners.

    Thanks again Gauher for your help.

  66. rob

    Yep, Let’s all get the word out to boycott Google and go to Yahoo and Bing.
    Hey, any lawyers out there who want to take on a class action?

    F**K google.
    I think some snotty nosed little PR**K in his office at Google HQ is just sitting therew with his finger on the button.
    Smart they are, but unethical and immoral they are as well.

  67. It’s truly disgusting what Google is doing. I have personally never used Google Adwords or any PPC. The threat of losing big money scares me.

    Do you know which are cheaper, Bing or Yahoo

  68. Wow…thanks Gauher this blog gave me the next push. I had began to think I was the only one thats got banned for no reason. I’m one for using all of google’s tools and products but I never thought they would exercises this type of control without some sort of probation period or any form of mercy. Its even worst if google was your only source to creating income for your family.

  69. Mike


    Yours is the first reference to the mass banning of adwords accounts that I’ve seen. I was banned a few days ago, and thought maybe it was just me! I did email them to see what the offending promotion was, but as usual, crickets are chirping in the background.

    It won’t kill my business, but it really pisses me off that they have no regard for advertising “partners” that got them to where they are.

    I intend to have a “good user experience” with them by taking the adsense revenue, and using the free research tools, but I will never spend a nickel in advertising with them again.

    Mike H.

  70. I was banned back in late October with a notice saying that I had “poor quality Landing pages” which came after I had just begun to get excellent quality scores in my campaigns. When I did a Google search, I began to see other rumblings around the internet, with many people experiencing the same treatment. I was told not to send any more emails appealing the process and that this was a lifetime ban! Unbelievable! Someone has very little business foresight to cut out the middle man, especially when most Newbies LOSE several hundred or thousand dollars in learning the Google process. No more……

  71. Oren

    Sure right, let us get the word out.

    “Yahoo-me instead of Google-me”

  72. MixMaster

    Have they heard of the Robinson-Patman Act? It talks pricing But it is about fair competition. If U can’t buy but your competitors can……U can’t be competitive. They can’t choose who to sell to if U are all selling the same kind of thing.

  73. Chris

    I’d say banning an account without explanation is not a “Good User Experience”.

    It would be great to have a week where all the current Adwords advertisers pause all their campaigns. Wonder how Google would like that drop in revenue.

  74. Wahyu

    I have not been advertising with Google. But, from what I read above, it is beginning to sound like a sci-fi movie or is this the face of the New World Order? One Giant Corporation with its tentacles running the world and controlling our lives [hope it will never happens]. So as you all mentioned DIVERSIFY I think is the magic word and the anti monopoly laws must be strengthened and never let any corporation becomes too powerful before it is too late.

  75. I too was banned i ask them what I did wrong and the tell me to read the support forum. They will not tell me anything. I thought Google doesn’t care if your rich or poor, black or white. What is going on because I feel like a criminal.

  76. Zulkef

    I’ve been banned as well. I’m not advertising flogs at all. I did some zip & email submits via iframe in teh past but all have been paused/deleted.

    Ok I do have some rebill Colon offer but that has been paused as well. That was like 3 months ago.

    My current ( no more after the banned) content network advertising is opt in page for my own mailing list and was having a good conversion of ~15% and now no more traffic.

    I should have learn and use more YSM and MSN Adcenter. I still have more than $100 in YSM unused.

    My PPV ventures mostly breakeven and funny thing is I’ve always get good conversion at the beginning and no conversion at all after that on CPA offers. Is that affiliate commision hijacking or cookie stuffing or scrubbing going on or what? And people said Zango is the Google of PPV. Shut your campaign after it’s been around for 30 days( signs of u making money) and then use it for themselves.Will be a challenge also.

    Some comments above said the affiliate marketing is slowly dying. Is this true Gauher? Please comment.

  77. Billy

    I too was banned recently. It sucks to be advertising with Google for such a long time and they throw you out the door just like that. I’m very hurt and angry right now. No more Google search on my computer or cell phone. I will never run a Google operating system or buy a Google phone with their operating system.

  78. Gunnar

    Chris’s idea about an Adwords strike sounds pretty good. Gauher people like you have huge pull and I am pretty sure every one of us has his/her connections to other marketers. Why not just organize a google advertiser strike? If the top guys suggest it I am sure a huge amount of marketers would follow. If organized well this can go way beyond just affiliate marketing. This could get big enough to really get the message across to google.

  79. joe

    Hey dude, what`s with the nofollow on these comments.. Ha Ha just kiddin ya. Good post. I don`t use google anymore so I guess I beat them to the punch.

  80. Ah… can you say “Advertising Nazis”… achtung baby… maybe Obama and friends have decided to take over Google… who would have thunk it… they could knock on your door a 4 in the morning… Oh my god!… it’s the Advertising Gestapo… vera are your papers…

  81. EJD

    The biggest problem with google is they are google. They have become so massive that they just do not care. The sad part is that this more then likely will not have an effect on them. As many people that may say they will boycot or never go back again, most will do whatevre makes them money and if thats google then they will eventually return. Same thing happens on eBay, they raise their fees or put some stupid new rule in to effect and hordes of people claim they will leave for another auction site. Problem is you will not make any money on most other auction sites so it’s a catch 22. The good thing about google is they are NOT the only profitable game in town but to think they are going to feel this in the end, I doubt it(although I hope they do).

  82. G-Money,
    Google sent me a gift card (in my name, addressed to me) of $100 bucks to use adwords with them. I went into my account, made a couple of new ads, and entered the code that they sent me. I was quickly made aware that my account was too old for that coupon. The coupon was only meant for beginners. Then why did they send it to me? I quickly opened another account in my wife’s name, made the ads, and entered the coupon code. Everything was cool…..until I noticed for the past few days that I am not getting one impression for any of my “relevant” keywords. I believe they are sandboxing my wife’s ads because we have the same IP address. Talk about a bad user experience. That really makes me want to continue running ads with Google. My advice, everyone learn SEO and go strictly organic.

  83. huns

    how we can co-operate to give google hard time!
    i guess 1000 people will be able to give google some hard time…they dont care ,but their arrogance will bring them to death…f..k google

  84. To those commenters that would like to find a good state to incorporate in, Have you heard of Wyoming?? When I get ready, I will inc. or LLC in wyoming. Several reasons:
    1. No state income tax and none planned
    2. Owner(s) of the corp. are not on public record
    3. You can incorporate for as little as $139 + state fees No more than #239
    4. Being a US citizen is NOT required
    5. You must have a “resident agent” but the corp. can be “domiciled” (actual address) anywhere in the world, with very few possible exceptions
    Don’t even think of trying to get away from paying your federal income or corp. taxes. The IRS can break in and get your data, but noone else can due to certain Wyoming state laws.
    Go to Google or Yahoo or your favorite search engine and type in “Wyoming Corporations”. You will get a bunch of fine leads. Good Luck everyone and have a Fine Day!

  85. Is appears to me this “slap” is experienced by advertisers on Google Search? What about advertisers making use of Google content e.g Google placement targeting?

  86. Jan

    I happened to be on vacation and had my laptop with me. I got a few good leads in the afternoon and when I got back from having dinner there was the dreaded e-mail…..banned for life. I was in shock. I honestly can’t think of anything that I did to warrant this.

    I am thinking that it might have something to do with a previous company that I was involved with. I know a lot of their people were getting major slaps and bans. The problem seemed to be replicated websites.

    I think that history has followed me to my new company.

    I am not even going to bother to try to get back up on Google. I am now studying other forms of paid media and will diversify as best I can.

    I am thinking that perhaps Google has actually done me a great favor by making me look outside the box and grow in my marketing endeavors.

    I did sign up with Yahoo a day or so ago but I am getting next to no traffic from them.

    I am going to give banner ads a try next.

  87. CJ

    Of course Google is being silent as to why they are banning accounts. Whatever they say, or put in writing, can be used against them…..think about it. Remaining silent may just be part of their damage control.

  88. John

    To put it simply…I HATE GOOGLE!

  89. just stop using G I have never used them and never will. Too many other good sources of traffic

  90. Not only did we get “slapped,” but Google kicked us in the balls and spit in our face. We were spending thousands/day on PPC search and content traffic. When trying to find out why we were banned – they said we knew why and they didn’t have to explain. All I can say is thank God there are other traffic sources like targeted PPV traffic – we are getting just as many clicks now and our CPC has improved 10-fold.

  91. JP

    I like your guts Gauher..

    It’s probably wise to reconsider analytics and mail as well.

  92. Hey Gauher,
    I had the big g tell me the other day that for some reason my account has been banned! I was shocked for I haven’t even done paid ads in a good long while!

    So I replied to their email with my request to be reinstated! I haven’t heard back, but I still have my account and they took a payment to continue advertising.

    Strange stuff to say the least, but I am going to let the sleeping dog continue to sleep for now, he he he!
    All The Best,

  93. Thanks for the informative updated article.
    Interesting to say the least and very timely your article, as I was thinking of adjusting my ads, since I have a small balance left in my account. After listening to Jeff Johnson talk with you, I’ve been putting to practise the ideas you both gave and was going to very soon, redo my G=ads, so Guess I’ll give it some more thought. Karen


  95. Hi Gauher,

    Google does the same to affiliates all over the world. I haven’t received my ‘surprise’ yet but many people in Germany got banned as well.

    As you said, one day they might regret kicking out the ones that made them grow big.

    I am happy to be full blast on PPV!



  96. Google’s audacity has long ago gone beyond comprehension…

    I mean, If you cannot even let a paying customer know he needs to shape up…

    Google is pocketing huge amounts of money…

    Yet it seems that they refrain from spending a dime more on manpower than they have to…

    And this part about not being able to contact them….

    As humans, we are able to contact a Higher Power – and even get answers sometimes, albeit indirectly. Google seems to deem themselves beyond that…

    Rules and regulations I can understand. But you cannot have a road without any signs, and then punish traffic violations…

    As anyone with SEO problems would know…

    And now this attitude extends t PAYING customers…

    Have they lost all business sense ? Your customer is your most valuable asset – in ANY business…

    I think…

    Just my 0.02c


  97. Resistance is futile!

    Could well be a reaction to the new FTC guidelines but not being a lawyer I can’t see how Google would be held liable for a 3’rd parties breach of the regs.

    We all know that Google is continuously monitoring shady affiliate practices and perhaps the proliferation of clubs like PPC Bully, PPC classroom and so on which are possibly using gray / black hat techniques that Google considers unethical.

    No doubt supporters of these programs will argue that they are whiter than Gandalph but it isn’t what WE think that matters.

    It has happened time and again when people are out to con Google and the plug gets pulled overnight.

  98. Seems lot of people hate google, but still open account to support them again.

  99. Rory

    Screw Google! I got the boot and I don’t even know for what! .. I haven’t used Adwords for over 3 months and there’s still some money left in the account. I guess they plan to steal that!

  100. I am in the process of engineering a new solution to AdSense/Adwords, hope I get support from you guys! I started this some time ago out of a massive GOOGLE FRUSTRATION and I am going to look for at least 500 people to launch the product. I am coming back str8 to this blog first! 😉

  101. Itoro

    I think Andre is right, I think “this” slap was only targeted at “Search Network” advertisers.

  102. It’s a good advice NOT to install Google Analytics on your sites, esp. affiliate. Don’t give Google a chance to kick you out of hard earned high rankings.

    I’ve seen several stories (not counting my own site) of good affiliate sites suddenly disappearing from G index, with nothing but a normal SEO schemes.

    So take care guyes, those bastards ban even SEO affiliate sites.

  103. Mikko

    You should consider an alternative for your Adsense account too. I’m not yet banned, but I’m looking for alternatives.

    This whole thing might have something to do with net neutrality debates: big companies want to transform internet as a cable tv, only for big players, only for certain urls. Make your fortune now, while it’s still possible for small guy.

  104. Thanks Gauher!

    I ‘invested’ my money on Google Cash Detective just to see my Google PPC QS drop from 7 to 1 when refreshing the page! while using LPGen direct linking! Then the creator of LPGen said I MUST have a quality website in the root of my site – not just two articles on a blog (LPGen operates in a subdir of this root). So I abandoned GCD & LPGen, which together cost a bit…
    Just as well I did not try to make it work after what I read today!

    I was wondering how long for Yahoo to become like G?

    I would like to see comments on: “Now the problem is going to go to PPV, since the mass will follow and the same will happen. Please stop promoting PPV.” And “Some comments above said the affiliate marketing is slowly dying. Is this true Gauher? Please comment.”

    And I am also for “banning Acai and White Teeth, Google Kits scamming” etc. This is maybe the biggest cause of all our problems.

  105. yes that is just the truth of the matter i think Google is getting unfair with how they are treating their clients…..too bad i will say……but that is a great awareness for advertisers that are putting too many of their advertising percentage on Google to quickly look for other good and reliable means of advertising….i think other means of advertisement are all over the internet….thanks for the awareness….

  106. please Gauher Chaudhry….can you guarantee me that the auto pilot software you talk about in your mail that i receive is reliable and can generate me a quick affiliate commission…for free after getting the software? please reply me i really need your help…my email

  107. I was planning on just using Google Content with my choice of placements.

    Does anyone know if this too is subject to the whims of Google?

    Thanks for the heads up Gauher. My sympathies to those who got shut down suddenly. As relative newbie I am not sure I even want to bother opening a Google account, but I am told they are the only place to really do content placement advertising.

    I run blogs so they might love me?

  108. It’s unfortunate that Google is going about this with some sort of vendetta against affiliate marketers.

    I realize that natural search traffic using SEO/backlinks is time consuming but it works. Unfortunately, the D-Bags at Google are making it even harder to do that. But to me, its well worth the effort. On-Page SEO/Backlinks/Social Bookmarks/Web 2.0 Properties all do the trick for sustainable traffic.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m still going to be in PPC and soon PPV. Good Luck to All!

  109. I haven’t been personally hit myself but I know they do this from time to time.



  110. Another victim of the ban! Funny thing is it’s the first time I have used the account in months.

    On a lighter side, Google “Google customer service awards” no results found! Brought a smile to my face.

    Also the second most searched term in Google for the whole of last year was ‘bing’ maybe they will get what they deserve soon.

    If you want to really annoy them buy a single share and turn up to their AGM, please be aware this is not stock advise because if you manage to make enough noise the price of your share will fall.

  111. Yep, I got banned as well. Trouble I have is that I was promoting my offline business through Adwords. A completely legitimate business and now I’ve been banned due to a teeth whitening ad which never received a single click.
    F**k Google as far as I’m concerned.

  112. Darren

    Hey Gauher,

    Thanks for the post.

    I got my Adwords account disabled last week even though I had no campaigns running. Everything else had been paused or deleted, and I’d only been doing typical Clickbank affiliate offers…nothing shady.

    The other comments here have made me think…if we want to get back at Google, maybe we can start to look at how many of their other services we are using and cut back on much we use them and/or how much information we give away.

    For instance, how many folks use Google Analytics? I’m starting to be more than a little concerned about how the data from analytics is being used…who knows, it might be used against my sites or me in the future without warning? Sounds crazy, but so did getting banned from Adwords for no reason.

    Don’t forget that Google gets its power from information and data…without it it is nothing

    Anyone using any good Analytics packages that they can recommend that are not a part of the Big G’s tentacles?

  113. Nick

    I’ve read in a couple of forums that more than 150,000 AdWords accounts were disabled.


    Thanks for the hundreds of millions of dollars guys. Now f*ck off.



  114. I don’t think people should take this kind of behavior from google. Yes, find other avenues to promote your website. But arbitrarily banning advertisers is abuse-the word Google is synonymous with searching on the internet! They almost have a monopoly although bing shows some potential and Yahoo is still around. However Google DOES control the lions share of the market and if you can’t advertise on Google you’ve got serious problems. Don’t take this lying down if they do it to you-especially if they’re preventing you from selling your own product. Don’t let them get away with their canned emails to deal with customers. Demand to speak to a supervisor, not some 20 year old hack on the “Google Adwords Team”. Complain to the FTC about this abusive behavior. File a law suit. Do something otherwise they will put a huge dent in internet marketing for the little guy just as the economy is recovering.

  115. Ari

    Does this mean PPC campaign for affiliate marketers will die soon, since I also experience funny things with Adwords, nasty things, so we move to yahoo, msn…or we are dong something else..great topc though another challengge for PPC marketers…

  116. there are always ways around Google.
    Why worry so much about PPC with Google!
    I have also been banned by Google.
    Now I get organic traffic from the same demon!
    Choose a domain name that goes with the business, metakeywords and do on page SEO.
    Start working on off page SEO!
    Get the monster to be your friend! haha!

    Now, with Yahoo and MSN (Bing), they will soon start feeling the heat and it is not long before they (google) realize their folly!

    It is like the 70s and 80s when some companies said “we are XXX, we are always right, you just do what we tell you to do and buy what we tell you to buy”. They are now struggling for survival, some don’t even exist.


  117. Google.. YECCCCH !! I have an Adwords account with them, im using Placement with my own hand crafted banners.. LOADS of work.. but I get the satisfaction ya know.. anyway.. I find from my site Tracking that the impressions or clicks im getting from impressions DO NOT come from my graphics ( creatives ).. ohhhh no.. these clicks are coming from related OTHER PEOPLES banners and graphic ads.. and in some cases totally UNRELATED ads.. a jeans button manufacturer, an Indian fight poverty ad, and several other weird places.. Im promoting Forex…
    Do you think Google even UNDERSTAND the nature of my complaint.. NOPE.. they keep telling me to get the answers on their Forum..

    as soon as my paid ahead credit (long story) gets used up.. im out of Google 4eva..

    Looking at PPV… ohh and Screenswarm..
    Check it out

  118. Lawrence

    I’m just starting out on the IM road and it already looks as if I need a 4×4 as it is so rocky!

    A lot of people are raving about PPV but isn’t that simply Adware? A merchant site I am signed up with specifically bans affiliates from using Adware. LG.

  119. First Google tells us to stop direct linking and create landing pages, then they ban us for using landing pages.
    MSN has always been a better source of converting traffic and a lot cheaper for me anyway.
    As far as I can tell, it’s the source (ie the company who ultimately supply the product) who are causing customers to complain.
    Some customers are having their credit cards rebilled when they shouldn’t be but this is not our fault. The slap should apply to the source if found guilty, not the affiliates. Google will pay the price ultimately in the end.

  120. Apparantly, Google has decided that they can generate enough revenue without the banned accounts. Personally, I am not banned–yet.
    However, I do feel that Google is being over protective with the new FTC rulings that went into effect on Dec 1, 2009.
    There are alternatives to advertising using Google: Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Media, PPV and even Alta Vista.

  121. My Google account was banned last week. They did respond to my e-mails. On their second e-mail they stated I was doing advertising “arbitrage”. They also said “we are unable to disclose all of our policies for an account to be banned, but among the reasons are…” (I translated all this, BTW), and then they would make a list that practically KILLS AFFILIATE MARKETING.

    My desicion has been:

    To improve the quality of my sites (I have been working on it this year)
    To increase “free traffic” strategies.
    To use more traffic networks and offline traffic.

    Gauher has made a series of “free traffic” strategies webminars that have been very useful to me. I look forward to join PPVFormula.


  122. Dee

    I haven’t been slapped – yet by Adwords.
    But I did have an adsense account banned a couple years back. It may be because I stupidly or mistakenly put a site with adsense on it in a traffic exchange. (don’t do it).

    Haven’t spent on adwords for 4-5 months. MSN is much cheaper – partly because there is so much less traffic to it. I’m exploring a new strategy and so far it works well. It’ll take lots of sites to make any money just because there isn’t much volumne, but I’m paying MSN and collecting from Google!

    I pay 5c a click for a site to MSN with adsense on it, which almost always leads to about 60c worth of adsense clicks avg.

    Yahoo is priced in the middle of G. & MSN.
    I find them harder to control still, but they certainly have more volumne than Bing. Bing is rising a bit in usage. Be ready.
    Marketers may be leaving big G., but unfortunately, SEARCHERS are not. They haven’t been pissed off yet.
    I’ll still try to use G., but only after finding winning campaigns on cheaper places like MSN.

  123. Joe

    I heard from a friend of ours who used to be an investment banker and worked on their IPO that the founders are two of the meanest, rudest jerkoff assholes he’s ever met. That he 100% can’t stand either one of them. — he said that IPO auction they did was one of the stupidest things he’s ever seen. true story

  124. Frederick Bland

    There is A LOT more traffic in direct banner and media buys anyway and a lot less headaches .

  125. tomartomartini

    i agree with ggl !

    culling crap from there market place is right!

    ggl is a “product and a brand name”,ggl have

    to protect their brand name,well done to them!

    in europe if ggl where seen to abuse users thet could be fined 100s million dollars; they have a huge skilled work force, they spend millions on data centers,pension funds invest in there stock,they pay millions in tax,they spend vast amounts on research,copying content eg outdated books..there wonderful!

    -“[they don’t tell anyone why they have been banned_-]

    do you honestly think they ggl are going to waste time on a few” measly PPC advertisers”
    when ggl have a bigger social respnsibility.

    they right ….get over it .

  126. The reason Google has so much power and sends so much traffic is that so many people automatically use their search engine. If you want to level the playing field for affiliates, advertisers and small businesses USE ANOTHER SEARCH ENGINE!

    I use and recommend DuckDuckGo and Zuula. Both are easy to find and use and can be added to the drop-down choices in the FireFox search toolbar.

    While your traffic may only be 15% Google the average ecommerce store gets 60-70% of their traffic and sales from Google ppc and organic search.

    Read the post I’ve linked to this comment that clearly illustrate how Google can dramatically drop anyone’s traffic. It includes links to three ProBlogger posts about how his traffic dropped – all during the holiday shopping season.

    Then seriously consider changing what you do to reduce the power Google has.

  127. Dave

    Its simply,Give the user a good UX and everything will be ok. No smoke without fire.
    Y bitch about it? just get on with it. Do you really need Google?… NO

  128. I have an appraisal website that I have promoted using Adwords for several years and there is nothing except a very vanilla site. They sent me that letter too.

    Can’t figure out what to do about this.

    Marten Davis

  129. Well I’ve not yet tried Google Adwords yet because of all these kind of stories I hear all the time. Though I plan to use them really soon, by then I’ll be well prepared for their affiliate hater moves.

  130. JJ

    I personally feel google needs a good old fashioned wake up call. It’s one thing to police their search engine and get rid of the spammers and another to tell people how they should market their businesses. It’s really quite ridiculous what they’ve been doing, and I think us marketers and business owners shouldn’t have to put up with it anymore. Their lack of customer service skills will be the death of them. It’s insane that people and companies that spend thousands to millions of dollars marketing through them still can’t get through to them to find out what is going on, or why they have been penalized or banned. Business owners shouldn’t have to deal with it, and should go on a google strike! The only way to get the problem solved is to make sure that our voices are heard.

  131. Daren

    I had four of my Google acocunts banned last week, two of which had been dormant for months.

    I saw the phrase “class action” in an earlier post and I think it is only a matter of time. Google is on the brink of becoming an essential service and banning someone without warning is a threat to that person’s livelihood.

    Yes, they do want to provide a good user experience- which is why they’re winning the search engine wars at present, but that good user exp should extend to those of use who spend buckets of money for their services.

    Yeah, life’s hard when you’re the cop/god of the web, but injustice is not going to work over the long haul.

    Smarten up, Google!

  132. Well put, Gauher. My introduction to CPA has been loaded with nothing but AdWords horror stories and outrageous bid costs.

    I can definitely understand Google wanting to provide a good user experience, but this “we don’t need you” attitude they shove in advertiser’s faces is completely unacceptable.

    My only concern is that other sponsored search engines will adjust their business models to mimic Google’s.

    Investing in other traffic methods seems to be good preparation for the things to come.

    Thanks for the quality post.

  133. This is incredibly annoying, but an important reminder to all PPC marketers that we need to diversify our efforts. If you put all your eggs in one basket (google or facebook are two prime examples) your livlihood can be gone in a flash.

    Thanks, as always, for the great information!

  134. [I have not read ALL the comments, but]

    Maybe Google just made a mistake? Is it possible they tightened their filters just a touch too much and will ease up in a couple of days?

    As much as I agree that diversifying is good, so are patience and a long term vision. Google is really good and really useful and eventually, they come around and do better, even if they go about it somewhat one-sidedly.

    May I suggest a deep breath?

    And Lindsay Lohan had a couple of good points 😉

  135. Google is an independent company and they may be acting in their shareholder’s interest. Since they have the bulk of the search traffic, they can do what they want. Now if there was a concerted effort by advertisers to move away, of course things would change.

  136. Mr. C


    As always you go the extra step to provide us with insight and new developments within the industry. Having the latest news gives your members the ability to learn, adjust, save, and in some cases not loss, money!


    Mr. C

    – Finding other traffic methods is necessary to the development of future business CPA models. Agree or disagree?

  137. Thanks for the great information and post! I can’t agree more to the fact that we have to diversify our traffic sources. Never let one source take over 20% of your business share if you are a newbie, and even lower (may be 10%) – if you are a seasoned player!

  138. I just Banned Google Adwords!

    I desided that i´m not gonna use them any more.
    As gauher said there is alot of other traffic sources out threre.

    They suck at support. In other words they dont have any good support at all.

    I´m not sure about you guys but i am leaving the Google Adwords Train!

    /Google Adwords – Go To HELL!!
    P.S But the search engine can stay 😛

  139. Hey,

    my guess is that they are trying to protect themselves from reputational damage and believe that what the public thinks is more important for their longevity long term (just look at the banks for how the mighty can fall). The are probably right on some of it, but should have implemented a softer policing a year or two ago.

    … yet everyone seems to be is reactionary to new forces, and it seems the spot of the big G (made up of people like us) is no exception. People like this might get a little egotistical if they made a few billion each year right?

    They must be right as their share price is nearly $600 again.


  140. Tim

    I’m a newbie to IM & AM and started out on Kern’s Screw Google program so I work more with Yahoo. I do a small amount of Adwords advetising for my bricks and mortar businesses. So, I’m not heavily involved with the big G.

    Here are my naive observations.

    First, Google is a publicly traded company and has by law must act in the best intest of their shareholders (read money, money, money).This is true of any corporation.

    Second, affiliate marketers make up a small percentage of their revenues. In 2006, advertising made up 99% of googles revenues. However,PPC AM make up a smaller percentage of this (does anyone know how much?).Apparently, Google is willing to risk alienating a portion of its advertising clents in order to dictate how marketing will be done on their network.In other words, we’re small potatoes to them.

    Third, many affiliate marketers are basically a pain in their royal rear because they believe that AM ads/products do not improve the company’s user experience,and in fact make the user’s experience worse.If we were to simply go away go away, so much hte better.

    Fourth, factored into the equation is that for Google to stay on top, they are saddled with the responsibility of delivering the most relevant results (organic and paid) to it’s users. If they can’t do this, they will eventually lose some of their user base to more able search engines. They have Yahoo and MSN breathing down their metaphorical neck. Google is still trying to figure out how to filter out much of the AM noise (no pun intended).Because the goal of an AM is to get their site ranked on the first page of Google and their keywords at a decent cost, they have become very good at it. Search for any commercially viable term and the AM ads and site are usually on top. This I believe is much to the Goog’s chagrine. So we have an interesting cat and mouse game in play.

    Now, consider nature and the evolution of two dependent populations (read Google and the affiliate marketer). One of three things happen: 1) they evolve until they are no longer dependent upon none another – for instance if deer learn how to escape wolves consistently, the wolves will find other things to eat (or AM’s will find other avenues for productivity). 2) They evolve into a symbiotic relationship – here the wolve eats the sick and weak deer thus improving the robustness of the deer population (or AM’s give Google the advertising resources it need while making it evolve to accomodate AM practices). 3) One species becomes a parasite, feeding off or killing the host whenever the chance occurs (this is probably how Google views AM’s).

    So my advice is to evolve.But,how?

    1. “Screw Google” and do business elsewhere.
    2. Bow to Google’s wishes, jump through their hoops, but get the job done.You both win.
    3. Be a parasite. There are always loophole and opportunities. Google’s not that perfect.

    Do not go gentle into that good night. -Dylan Thomas

  141. jeremy

    I`ve decided to ban the google cookie that follows most people everywhere we go.

    I used to think that this would not allow me to use google search engine but, it turns out that`s not the case.

    So hey, spread the word and ban this cookie from your browser… And if you have a strong need to use gmail, simply re-allow it for the session and then dis-allow it after.

    In re: to the comment providing this link

    I think that “it is a given” that anyone who has the power to compile so much data on an individual, will in fact use this data for whatever sinister purposes they can.


  142. Tim

    Gauher, I’ve been watching the Google slap turn into SLAMS for numerous marketers since about February/March 2009. Their policies appear to becoming as inconsistent and capricious as the behavior of an old testament or Greek god. Fortunately, I paused everything on Google long ago, but I won’t run any PPC ads with them until they come up with a consistent definition for “good user experience”. I agree with you that PPV and good organic marketing is probably the way to go. However, I also think this maybe a move to cut out the CPA networks and start eliminating the marketing affiliates; hence, Google secures the last portion of the pie via AdSense. I am almost afraid to comment anymore here because I don’t know how far reaching they will or have yet to extend their media powers.

  143. Big Mike

    Unfortunately the “Big G” is in a position to do what it wants because it controls such a big portion of the marketplace. The good news is they don’t control the entire marketplace. I saw the writing on the wall when Google launched it’s first slap way back in ’05, their ability to dramatically alter campaigns is staggering. I have shaved my my ad spend down to the point where I’m virtually running nothing with Google. This is about them becoming “THE” ultimate affiliate, their concern are the corporate advertisers that spend millions, and not the small fish(affiliates), that account for a miniscule percentage of their ad revenue. Paid search has now totally been changed, and we all have to play in another sandbox, I started a long time ago. Google’s arrogance is nauseating.

  144. Yup. What a bad way of doing business. Anyway, I’m an seo guy, and I have 0% of my traffic with Google… I used them in 2006 and stopped before I got slapped… I slapped them. LOL.

    I just started media buying. In fact, Google is only a small player in Internet traffic.

    the Body Guard marketer.

  145. @Marten Davis,
    I checked your site and it has a secondary link out to “Make Money With Google” which is considered a “bad neighborhood” site by Google, even if it is not one. The site is the Survey site. When you try to close the browser window it tries to redirect you to the “Make Money With Google” site.

    I have not used my AdWords account for over 9 months so I did not receive an email. But one of my blog sites lost 497 hits a week in organic traffic from Google. I checked the site and found 3 links, in comments, out to Fake Blog sites, the fake newspaper kind, and from them to Google Home Income, which is a Pacific WebWorks site that Google is suing now. So, I was hit by having bad links in comments.
    I have since disabled the links and within 24 hours I was getting a few hits from Google again.
    This all happened on about the 2nd of December, as far as I can tell.
    Be careful who you link to. The site may be okay, but they may have links out to sites that have what Google considers “bad neighborhood’ sites.
    Has anyone tried Wow’d? The newest search engine.

  146. blake

    from now on I am using bing…

    and im switching my email over to

  147. blake

    One thing everyone should think about to really teach google a lesson:

    get everyone you know to use bing instead of google!

    promote bing as much as possible

  148. Really hard to understand what they are doing, but probably they just don’t want affiliate marketers anymore.

  149. Hello guys,

    I am an ex-Google employee. Now I am a PPC marketer. I got my account banned too.
    The situation is very complicated. Google has got simply too much power and money in the industry, consequently they are not afraid of banning a 1-million-dollar account either. Since day one at Google, I was told the main focus of the Company is on Users and users’ experience. I remember advertisers were at number 3.. but it seems like they slipped at the bottom of this rank! so I totally agree with:

    “I can understand Google Adword’s wanting to give their users a “good user experience “but the manner in which they are offending their advertisers who have helped build their company is astonishing.”

    I strongly advice to follow the publisher’s advice of shifting your budgets to more stable advertising channels, especially if your campaings are related to “poor quality” products or web pages.

    People complain about Microsoft and its predominant position in the marketplace. I partially agree but it’s time people srtart to change their perception about Google who doesn’t give a damn of advertisers spending million dollars every day on its search engine. Advertisers are still people and people deserve RESPECT and, at least, an explanation if their account gets shut down for life. Google pretends to “make no evil”. Being an advertiser today, I say: Google “makes evil”. Guys, please, let’s start spreading the word. Google is not different from other companies. It’s just more arrogant, pretending and ambitious. People must know, people must be informed. Let’s stop believing in silly fairy tales.

  150. D Rosen

    There once was a time when AOL was all High and Mighty. Nobody thought they could ever do without them. Google beware… History repeats.

  151. Anonymous

    Guys, i am advertising in adwords since 7 years and spent millions of dollars in adwords during these years…I can guarantee you that i never had a problem with Yahoo and Msn pay per click engines, not even once!
    I still conserve my old yahoo and msn advertising account..while in Google i was suspended and reborn a dozen of time these years with so much stress that i do not wish to anybody here…
    They treat you literally like the last piece of shit in the world..and you can spent millions per year or one dollar it’s the same stuff for them!
    They never give u any gratification or nothing for all the money you spent…but still this marketing monster is monopolizing the market and we have to resist while in the meantime looking for other sources of traffic..but it’s hard i know!
    thanks to everybody!

  152. I am planning to launch a report with the Better Business Bureau, and if you stongly feel your account was unjustly banned, I recommend you do so too.

    We cannot just lay down and let Google trample over us. The ethical thing to do is provide clear reasons and at least a warning before taking a huge action like permanent ban.

    And if they can’t do that, then they are unethical, and should be reported to the BBB. Or any other authority.

  153. Udi

    You couldn’t have said it better! Well done.

  154. The Better Business Bureau really has no weight, legal weight. It only serves to give people a reference point, and an indication of what kind of relationship and reputation a business has.
    There would have to be thousands upon thousands of reports to be significant at all, and even then it would probably be like sticking your finger in the ocean.
    I do not like to be pessimistic, but I think that the best option is to switch to other sources of advertising.
    The only other option is some kind of class action suit. I am sure that if one was started a lot of suspended marketers would sign on.

  155. Agico

    maybe a program like hotspot that provides a new ip each time you connect may be useful

    G is doing bad because now trust is vanishing

    my account with G is still active but after reading all the above i sure have little trust in G left in me.

    All the above about diversifying is sure right except the only problem G is so advance and better than most of the other sources of paid income .
    those who are haveing success from other sources please do mention the source
    Thank you all
    and wish you all good luck in getting over any problem

  156. kdug

    I picked this up from you on Twitter today. Can you expand on this perhaps with a seperate blog post? Does this mean that courses combining CPA and PPC are obsolete? Thanks. “Promoting CPA offers on Adwords is pretty much dead now… inside sources tell me Adwords is getting rid of CPA network offers…”

  157. KDug: PPC to CPA is not dead. There is a world of PPC traffic outside of Google Adwords such as Yahoo and MSn Adcenter.

  158. Nick

    I just got done studying the Arbitrage Conspiracy and have around 15 $25 Adwords Vouchers to use. Are you saying that I should not even bother promoting a CPA offer on Adwords? Maybe the storm has quieted down some? I do see people promoting CPA offers on there right now.

    Another thing. If I did promote an offer using an iframe would that attract more attention? How is Google fishing out the CPA offers exactly?

  159. This is ridiculous. Google really does think that they own the world. Little do they know, they will probably go as quick as they came. In ten years, they will not be near the monopoly that they are today. Another case of AIM.

  160. Aaron

    1. Google will stay strong. They don’t need affiliates that bring no added value.

    The only thing that would cause Google to die are affiliates that promote all CPA offers that get the users pissed off and move to yahoo or bing.

    2. The best way to stay strong on Google is to have your own product(s).

    This is actually a great opportunity as everyone is so scarce minded trying to build silly landing pages. And competition is now lower. It really isn’t that hard to create/source your own quality product.

    3. Why do I need a new computer if I got adwords ban ? can they register hardware data through browser and know my computer ?

  161. Jeff

    Believe me, as much as you are all pissed of at Google, they are actually doing everyone a favor.

    They will now force you to create/source your own quality products, and this will actually benefit Google, the users, and you (as you will be making money by providing real value)

    I’ve also been banned and was forced to came to this conclusion and created my own software product.

    Yes it took time and effort, but now it pays off as I have just 1 competitor. All the rest were fly by night affiliates that were banned.

  162. Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. –

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  166. Amy

    This is ridiculous. Google really does think that they own the world. Little do they know, they will probably go as quick as they came. In ten years, they will not be near the monopoly that they are today. Another case of AIM.

  167. I have been through the ringer with Google.Never have I been treated with such disregard as I get with Google.They have never even bothered to explain,so I can fix it.I want to succeed with Google but they make your efforts seem fruitless.Im with you when you say as the Google train starts rolling off the tracks dont come to me Google and apoligize for the H— you put me through

  168. Yep, it happened to me recently. They suspended my 5 yr old adwords account

  169. Why you ares pending your time in the google advertising plz i beg that leave it and almost focus on the other search engines or the other ads programs for an instance i am givivg you an example like e.g the other second largest engine which is known as the bing searc engine is also growing faster and also main focusing on the yahoo ads and the hotmail ads i have 90 % satisfaction that there is not so many complaints about banning the accounts of the user and regardless of the search engines we should also focus on the other small advertising programs such as the and the

  170. Suff

    Google must have developed an FTC-phobia after forfeiture of 500 millions to JD for letting illegal drugs being promoted on AdWords. In my personal opinion, they are dying a slow death… The only thing that is delaying it is 137B worth of it.

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