Google Adwords Drops The Axe Again

It appears that Google Adwords has done another round of banning of accounts with very little information other then a simple email that says that your account has been banned.

I know this because I received dozens of emails from my customers telling me that they had received the dreaded “You’ve Been Banned By Google” emails over the last week.

The problem with these emails is that they don’t tell anyone why they have been banned.  Calling or emailing Google Adwords to find out why is a bigger waste of time then watching a Lindsay Lohan movie.

They are not responding or answering any questions and I have yet to hear of anyone who has been banned ever getting their account reinstated.

This ban has not been limited to people running rebill offers but rather a mix of accounts promoting anything from Clickbank products, CPA offers, poor landing pages, own products etc.

In fact, I heard that a company that had been spending one million dollars a year with Google Adwords selling their own coffee product was banned without explanation.

I have yet to receive one of these emails, but I fully expect to if they are targeting advertisers running poor quality CPA offers (i.e email submits).

I am offender “numero uno” when it comes to promoting email submit CPA offers on Google Adwords.

Here is who they are nailing:

1. Offer Does Not Offer A “Good User Experience”

If you are running any sort of offer that Google deems not to provide their users with a “good user experience” according to Google’s judgement, they can ban you.

2. Rebill Offers

If you try to run a rebill offer (i.e. Acai, Biz Op), you risk the chance of having your account banned.  I have even heard that if you had run a campaign like this in the past that may be paused or deleted, they can still ban you.

3. Guilt By Association

If you have ever or had anyone log into a shady or banned Google Adwords account from your IP address,  you run the risk of having your account banned because Google targets all Google Adwords accounts that have ever been accessed by that same IP address.

Now, it isn’t that hard to open a new Adwords account, but it does require a bit of work.

1. Get a new computer

2. Get a new IP address

3. Open a new Adwords account under a new name and new credit card with a different name and address (i.e. mother-in-law?)

With the above being said, it appears that affiliate marketing on Google Adwords is dying a slow death and pay per click marketers need to start evolving their businesses outside of Google Adwords.  Also exploring other traffic courses such as media buys, ppv, natural seo, viode marketing, etc. doesn’t hurt either.

Google represents just a small fraction of the traffic available online.

At one-time, my monthly advertising budget with Google Adwords represented about 70% of my online budget.  Scary eh?  I have now brought this down to about 15% and will now never allow one traffic source to be more than 20% of my monthly budget.

I myself will not be content until my monthly ad spend with Google is just about 10% of my total monthly ad spend.

I have been working heavily expanding out with other pay per click search engines and pay per view traffic sources for the last two weeks.

I can understand Google Adword’s wanting to give their users a “good user experience”, but the manner in which they are offending their advertisers who have helped build their company is astonishing.

It appears that they don’t give a crap.

I have started moving my advertising dollars elsewhere.  I don’t have to deal with this unbelievable arrogance with other companies that sell paid traffic.

If Google simply worked with their customers to clean up poor advertisements (i.e. removing flogs, etc.), they would still have a lot of loyalty from their advertisers.

All good things come to an end.

When Google runs into hard times, they won’t regret the policies they put into place, but rather the manner in which they treated their advertisers when implementing them.

Any comments?


  1. Hello guys,

    I am an ex-Google employee. Now I am a PPC marketer. I got my account banned too.
    The situation is very complicated. Google has got simply too much power and money in the industry, consequently they are not afraid of banning a 1-million-dollar account either. Since day one at Google, I was told the main focus of the Company is on Users and users’ experience. I remember advertisers were at number 3.. but it seems like they slipped at the bottom of this rank! so I totally agree with:

    “I can understand Google Adword’s wanting to give their users a “good user experience “but the manner in which they are offending their advertisers who have helped build their company is astonishing.”

    I strongly advice to follow the publisher’s advice of shifting your budgets to more stable advertising channels, especially if your campaings are related to “poor quality” products or web pages.

    People complain about Microsoft and its predominant position in the marketplace. I partially agree but it’s time people srtart to change their perception about Google who doesn’t give a damn of advertisers spending million dollars every day on its search engine. Advertisers are still people and people deserve RESPECT and, at least, an explanation if their account gets shut down for life. Google pretends to “make no evil”. Being an advertiser today, I say: Google “makes evil”. Guys, please, let’s start spreading the word. Google is not different from other companies. It’s just more arrogant, pretending and ambitious. People must know, people must be informed. Let’s stop believing in silly fairy tales.

  2. D Rosen

    There once was a time when AOL was all High and Mighty. Nobody thought they could ever do without them. Google beware… History repeats.

  3. Anonymous

    Guys, i am advertising in adwords since 7 years and spent millions of dollars in adwords during these years…I can guarantee you that i never had a problem with Yahoo and Msn pay per click engines, not even once!
    I still conserve my old yahoo and msn advertising account..while in Google i was suspended and reborn a dozen of time these years with so much stress that i do not wish to anybody here…
    They treat you literally like the last piece of shit in the world..and you can spent millions per year or one dollar it’s the same stuff for them!
    They never give u any gratification or nothing for all the money you spent…but still this marketing monster is monopolizing the market and we have to resist while in the meantime looking for other sources of traffic..but it’s hard i know!
    thanks to everybody!

  4. I am planning to launch a report with the Better Business Bureau, and if you stongly feel your account was unjustly banned, I recommend you do so too.

    We cannot just lay down and let Google trample over us. The ethical thing to do is provide clear reasons and at least a warning before taking a huge action like permanent ban.

    And if they can’t do that, then they are unethical, and should be reported to the BBB. Or any other authority.

  5. Udi

    You couldn’t have said it better! Well done.

  6. The Better Business Bureau really has no weight, legal weight. It only serves to give people a reference point, and an indication of what kind of relationship and reputation a business has.
    There would have to be thousands upon thousands of reports to be significant at all, and even then it would probably be like sticking your finger in the ocean.
    I do not like to be pessimistic, but I think that the best option is to switch to other sources of advertising.
    The only other option is some kind of class action suit. I am sure that if one was started a lot of suspended marketers would sign on.

  7. Agico

    maybe a program like hotspot that provides a new ip each time you connect may be useful

    G is doing bad because now trust is vanishing

    my account with G is still active but after reading all the above i sure have little trust in G left in me.

    All the above about diversifying is sure right except the only problem G is so advance and better than most of the other sources of paid income .
    those who are haveing success from other sources please do mention the source
    Thank you all
    and wish you all good luck in getting over any problem

  8. kdug

    I picked this up from you on Twitter today. Can you expand on this perhaps with a seperate blog post? Does this mean that courses combining CPA and PPC are obsolete? Thanks. “Promoting CPA offers on Adwords is pretty much dead now… inside sources tell me Adwords is getting rid of CPA network offers…”

  9. KDug: PPC to CPA is not dead. There is a world of PPC traffic outside of Google Adwords such as Yahoo and MSn Adcenter.

  10. Nick

    I just got done studying the Arbitrage Conspiracy and have around 15 $25 Adwords Vouchers to use. Are you saying that I should not even bother promoting a CPA offer on Adwords? Maybe the storm has quieted down some? I do see people promoting CPA offers on there right now.

    Another thing. If I did promote an offer using an iframe would that attract more attention? How is Google fishing out the CPA offers exactly?

  11. This is ridiculous. Google really does think that they own the world. Little do they know, they will probably go as quick as they came. In ten years, they will not be near the monopoly that they are today. Another case of AIM.

  12. Aaron

    1. Google will stay strong. They don’t need affiliates that bring no added value.

    The only thing that would cause Google to die are affiliates that promote all CPA offers that get the users pissed off and move to yahoo or bing.

    2. The best way to stay strong on Google is to have your own product(s).

    This is actually a great opportunity as everyone is so scarce minded trying to build silly landing pages. And competition is now lower. It really isn’t that hard to create/source your own quality product.

    3. Why do I need a new computer if I got adwords ban ? can they register hardware data through browser and know my computer ?

  13. Jeff

    Believe me, as much as you are all pissed of at Google, they are actually doing everyone a favor.

    They will now force you to create/source your own quality products, and this will actually benefit Google, the users, and you (as you will be making money by providing real value)

    I’ve also been banned and was forced to came to this conclusion and created my own software product.

    Yes it took time and effort, but now it pays off as I have just 1 competitor. All the rest were fly by night affiliates that were banned.

  14. Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. –

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  18. Amy

    This is ridiculous. Google really does think that they own the world. Little do they know, they will probably go as quick as they came. In ten years, they will not be near the monopoly that they are today. Another case of AIM.

  19. I have been through the ringer with Google.Never have I been treated with such disregard as I get with Google.They have never even bothered to explain,so I can fix it.I want to succeed with Google but they make your efforts seem fruitless.Im with you when you say as the Google train starts rolling off the tracks dont come to me Google and apoligize for the H— you put me through

  20. Yep, it happened to me recently. They suspended my 5 yr old adwords account

  21. Why you ares pending your time in the google advertising plz i beg that leave it and almost focus on the other search engines or the other ads programs for an instance i am givivg you an example like e.g the other second largest engine which is known as the bing searc engine is also growing faster and also main focusing on the yahoo ads and the hotmail ads i have 90 % satisfaction that there is not so many complaints about banning the accounts of the user and regardless of the search engines we should also focus on the other small advertising programs such as the and the

  22. Suff

    Google must have developed an FTC-phobia after forfeiture of 500 millions to JD for letting illegal drugs being promoted on AdWords. In my personal opinion, they are dying a slow death… The only thing that is delaying it is 137B worth of it.

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