How To Increase Your Opt-in Rates By 50%

Hot diggity.

I just managed to increase my opt-in rates on almost every single one of my squeeze page tests using this one simple trick.

I have to give credit where credit is due.

I heard about this trick from a Frank Kern video a few weeks ago.  Man, I hate it when he is right. 😉

Love him or hate him, the dude knows his marketing.

The tip he shared was to change the opt-in button on your squeeze pages to read “Send Me Info” and more people will subscribe.

When I heard this, I was skeptical.  So I tested it using the image below, created by one my graphic designers.





I experimented with different sizes of this button (hint: width=”187″ height=”61″ worked best) and in every test, this new button beat the control page.

Some of the new pages that I used this new button on increased the opt-in rate by as much as 50% and some were less dramatic at only 5%.  But using this new button increased opt-in rates across every single one of my tests.

Takeaway point: Testing something that seems as meaningless as the squeeze page button can have a profound effect on your conversions.

Take the image above (right click and copy) and test it on your squeeze pages and let me know of your results in the comment section below.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry