Chris Carpenter Is Back With Info Cash

Almost a decade ago, a system was released that changed the affiliate marketing game.

It was called Google Cash and was written by a good friend of mine by the name of Chris Carpenter.

In fact, his system was an inspiration for me to start driving a lot of traffic from Google Adwords to CPA offers.

The premise behind Google Cash was buying traffic from Google Adwords and directly linking to affiliate programs to make money.  You didn’t need to have a web site or product.  All you had to do was join an affiliate program and promote your affiliate link on Google Adwords.

This was extremely lucrative for many affiliates because all they had to do was bid on keyword terms, which were related to the product or service they were promoting, and only pay when a qualified prospect clicked on their pay per click ad.

Many people instantly created a six-figure income and Chris Carpenter became an Internet marketing legend for introducing this concept in Google Cash.

But things have changed a lot now with Google Adwords.  They only allow really high quality affiliate offers on their Adwords platform and are extremely picky about what you can and can’t do as an affiliate.

In fact, they are not big fans of affiliate marketers and are trying to steer their advertiser base from affiliate promotions.  This has basically killed affiliate marketing using Google Adwords traffic.

Now, years later, direct affiliate linking is back and Chris has released a new video that shows you how to take advantage of the new Bing Ads and Facebook partnership.

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The video is a lead in to Chris’ new product called “Info Cash” that teaches you how to exploit the Bing and Facebook partnership and quickly make money the same way many affiliates did on Google Adwords years ago.

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The Art Of Story Telling

The next few days will mark the three year anniversary passing of a good friend and smart marketer by the name of Raj Shahani.  Tragically his life ended short, but he left a lasting impression on all the people around him with his enthusiasm and insights.

The first time I ever communicated with Raj was when he emailed me to ask about my Pay Per Click Formula course.  All he wrote in his email was “Is this real?”  I replied, “It is as real as you want it to be…”  After that we become good friends and he went on to become on of my most successful students.  One of the skills that made Raj successful was the importance of story-telling in the marketing process.

I have included a video below where Raj talks about story-telling and we also cover the social proofing aspect of fake blogs and fake articles.  Although very unethical, you can still learn a lot from these fake blogs and fake articles.  They are basically story telling and you can take the marketing concepts from these blogs to create ethical advertising campaigns.

One of Raj’s favourite projects was trying to get clean water to people in the world who did not have access to it.  He worked closely with Charity Water to raise enough money to build fresh water wells.  His memorial page is still active at Charity Water and you can donate at any time – Raj’s Charity Water Memorial Page

Raj, thanks for being an inspiration to all,

Gauher Chaudhry

Making 2013 Your Best Year Ever Online!

Below is the replay of the recent webinar I conducted for my readers on making 2013 your most profitable year ever. Over 1,000 readers registered for this webinar and there were a lot of great questions. Click on the video below to start watching.

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Being Creative To Grab Attention

Recently I entered the debt market and started promoting pay per call offers, where as an affiliate, I get paid for driving prospects to call a toll-free number. I have a partner in this business and we did a lot of brainstorming on different ways that we could attract prospects and get them to call the toll-free number.

We have come up with dozens of ideas and have already tested various marketing mediums. Some of these ideas were downright hilarious and creative. One of the ideas was to create viral videos that would promote the toll-free number and put these videos up on video sharing sites. We had multiple videos created and the one below didn’t make the final cut. I thought it would be cool to include it on my blog so that you could see that there are many ways to get attention online.

Sometimes you just got to use a bit of creativity! 😉

Click on the video to watch:

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Building Authority Sites

A few months back I did a webinar with Troy Broussard on building authority web sites. Troy and his partner Mike Pereira were able to generate over $317,000+ online in their first year without a list. For them, it all comes down to one missing ingredient.

Watch a replay of the webinar below:

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