Life Is Like A Cup Coffee

Here is something that I wanted to share with you.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you have until you stop comparing yourself to others. Life is not about what you have but rather the life that you create with what you have been given.

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  1. Great advice to live by!

  2. Jim

    How very easy that is to say when you are already rich and successful like Gauher. Maybe I’ll have time to consider it when I’m not oppressed by figuring out how to pay any of my bills.

  3. Cy


    It is always refreshing to get a perspective on where we are, where we have been, and where we want to go.

    Remembering what is most important and treasuring it will help to make 2011 the start of a better year and decade for each and everyone of us.


  4. Stew

    And I thought life was like a box of chocolates…you never know what you will get. On a more serious note, it does pay to live more simply.

    Ironically people confuse a simple life with a life poor in meaning and experience. However this need not be the case, nor if you understand the deep implications, will it.

    To live simply is to put aside the “who ever has the most toys wins” attitude and strive to make a difference in the world. Don’t just leave foot prints in the sand. Here momentarily, but gone with the incoming tide. Invest your life and leave a legacy others will cherish.

  5. Susan Richards

    Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing Gauher.

  6. Jim: Happiness is not defined by how successful or rich you are. Most people would agree that their most happiest times were in their childhood. I know that is true for me and we didn’t have much money growing up but worked with what we had. Some of my best times in adulthood was when my first daughter was young and I barely had enough money to cover the rent and student loans. The point of the video is not to be bitter about what others have, but to be content at what you have. Thanks for your feedback!

  7. Michael G

    Mmmmm…. one of the most hoakey messages I have seen, and I have seen a lot of hoakey messages on email and the Internet!

    Oh, well, nice sunsets, at least!

    It does not really jive with your email message:

    “. . . big dreams. . . . being ambitious and wanting success in life. . . . Never giving up . . . .”

  8. Hi Gauher

    Thanks for the gentle reminder. It’s so so true and many times you only realize when you have been through those extravagant times to realize what a total waste of time most of your purchases were for.
    You sit down one day and it dawns on you what those most important aspects of your life are.
    Unfortunately many many people never ever come to that point in their life !

    Thanks for your inspirations and I hear your son is now doing well and on the road to a full recovery.
    All the best to your lovely wife and Family

    Take care


  9. Excellent, the video was very inspiring for me. Thanks for sharing Gauher 🙂

  10. Thanks for the thought provoking vid Gauher. It seems to be such a natural disposition of man to want to compare himself with others. In fact, it is a God given desire to want to be glorified by both God and man. It doesn’t say in Romans 3:23… “For all have sinned and fall short of the [righteousness] of God”, which it should right? None of us measure up to God’s righteousness, but it doesn’t say that… it says that we …”fall short of the glory of God”. He wants the best for us, He wants to glory in our accomplishments, He wants us to take whatever it is that He has given us, no matter how ordinary it might appear and turn it into something extraordinary that takes ones breath away. For me… I glory in the cross of Christ, because man… that takes my breath away. He gave His life for His creatures sin. Now that Gauher, is real love and a life lived to the fullest extent.

    P.S. I understand if you don’t wish to publish this comment.

  11. Gauher:

    Great video — and thank you for sharing it.

    I consider myself very lucky because I had a father who taught me about “gratitude” at a very young age. Whenever I would complain about anything, my father would usually reply with something like the following: “When I was your age I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes, and then one day when I saw a little boy who had no feet.” ( I must of heard that one a couple hundred times.)

    My father taught my four older brothers and I all kinds of life lessons. But the center piece was always gratitude — “be thankful for what you have.”

    As I have grown older I have learned another valuable life lesson: “Gratitude is the seed of happiness.”

    Can you to name one ungrateful person who is also a happy person? I don’t believe that individual exists.

    To be happy one must first be grateful.

  12. Marty

    Thanks for this, Gauher. I really needed this reminder today …

  13. Orestes

    Hi! Gauher,

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video with us, it´s something to meditate about it as many times in life we only look to the cups but forget the coffee something I call covetousness that bring unhappiness.The Lord say thou shalt not covet a great advice from the only wise God.

    Thanks again!

  14. roger

    Awesome. Truly amazing and inspiring.
    Thanks Gauher.

  15. Charly

    Jim, your cup of coffy is full, you must empty it and then try to think clearly you sad motherfoker!

    Source: 2012

  16. DK

    “Money isn’t everything – unless you don’t have it.”

  17. Lee

    Very nice piece. Thank you for passing it along. You are a good man and one IMer I would trust. Keep up the good work. Hope your son is doing much better by now.

  18. Scott

    I look back at my own life and the decisions I have made that have put me where I am today. Too many people look at others, to blame and to worship. Too many of those will never get up and make anything of themselves but will continue to live in the rut they are in and continue to blame others for their problems and to worship those that have things they would like to have; but are too lazy to do anything about getting out of the rut.

    Our society breeds these types of people, it is people like Gauher that inspire me and open my mind to keep dreaming and to keep me focused on what is important. It is NOT what I have, it IS what I can give to help others. Think of success however you want, be critical of whomever you want, but take CREDIT or BLAME for where you are in life; don’t blame Gauher for giving you 3 minutes of thought provoking words so you can be reminded of why we are where we are in life.

    Take it, use it, grow with it. In the end, it IS up to us to make the decision, not Gauher; he has made his already and I appreciate his kindness for sharing. Pass it on…. remember the Widows Mite for those who were taught the Bible, give what you can, you will be blessed for it.

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