Traffic Diary #1: Email Solo Ads

I recently ventured into buying solo ads on other email lists in order to gain more subscribers.  Over the years , I have built up my lists from paid traffic and product launches and wanted to see how effective buying a solo ad would be.

I ended up purchasing my first email solo ad through Ashley Gough at and went for the package of 500 clicks for $180.

This works out to $0.36 per visitor.

Ashley was easy to work with and had my solo ad sent out within just a few days of me sending the $180 ad cost.  This was just a test experiment and I have to admit that I didn’t write very compelling copy for the solo ad.  Here is actually what I sent to Ashley to email out:

–> Start

“Finally! A Simple And Proven Method Of Making Money Online…”

Discover how you can earn massive affiliate commissions online by
promoting CPA offers. Free 95-page exclusive report reveals startegies
and tactics on how to make a six figure monthly income simply promoting
CPA offers.

Grab your FREE copy today.

–> End

Now that I look back at this copy, it was pretty lame.  But since Ashley guaranteed 500 clicks, I figured only the real interested individuals would click on my tracking link.

Here were the results.

Clicks: 584

Opt-Ins: 101

One-Time-Offer Sales: $54.00

So I basically paid ($180-$54 = $126 / 101 = $1.25 per opt-in)

Considering on average that the life-time value of a person on my CPA marketing list is about $10.00, I thought that these were great results.  I do plan on buying more solo ads with Ashley and other lists that sell solo ads.

If you are struggling to build a decent opt-in list, I recommend buy ads in other targeted ezines to capture more prospects.  You can always subsidize your ad buys by placing a one-time-offer on the “Thank-You” page of your opt-in process.  I don’t recommend buying solo ads and sending them to a sales page, you will be much better of in the long-run by using solo ads to build a list.

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  1. Ive had a decent number of signups from Ashley, she sends decent traffic.

    For the MMO niches solos are great. I know a guy who built up a 200k list in a year with them.

    ps: anyway I can contact you Gauher? Email me if you like.

  2. Good Info Gauher.
    Reed Floren also has similar case studies in his blog like this for several solo ad services.
    This is something i am planning to get into more too.
    Happy to post my own results here too if you like.

  3. sean

    Hey Gauher, how do you go about finding new list owners to buy ad space from?

  4. Roy

    How does the $1.25 per optin compare to your the best results you are getting today through your other methods, ppc or whatever?

  5. Great Mentoring Gauher. . .always a source of trustworthy info in a sea of bullsh gurus. One question though is how targeted are Ashley’s email lists? I mean does she have a separate one for make money online seekers vs weight loss seekers?

  6. You would have recouped more of your upfront cost promoting a less expensive product on your thank you page.

    You can find alot of good products to promote on JV Zoo. most are $7.00 to $17.00 and many pay 100% commision directly to your paypal account.

    WSOs from WSO Pro work well too.

  7. Rob

    If the projected lifetime ROI is accurate, the list is worth 1000-125-180=695+100=$6.95 per subscriber.To accurately assess future profit, lets assume a 50% attrition rate. That brings the ROI to 6.95×50=342.50. A list of 10000 would profit $ 342,500.
    I need about 10 of these lists.

  8. Rob

    @ Dean- What conversions are you avg returns at JV Zoo?
    Is there a membership fee?

  9. Ana


    Just wondering … what do you think your optin rate would be if you had included a video image link in the email to a optin page video of you AND mentioned “x second video” in the subject line?

  10. RJ

    Hi Gauher,

    There is a typographical error in this text: “Discover how you can earn massive affiliate commissions online by promoting CPA offers. Free 95-page exclusive report reveals startegies and tactics on how to make a six figure monthly income simply promoting
    CPA offers.”

    the word “startegies”


  11. Hi, Gauher!

    Thanks for sharing your results! One question immediately came to mind though – is it worth spending $1.25 per optin when you can buy optins from Get Response for 32¢ – 36¢ each? Assuming the quality of leads is essentially the same, GR would give you 4x the leads for the same investment…

    Your opinion?

    Thanks again & all the best,

    Doug Champigny.

  12. Yvonne Bain

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new at this and it all sounds double dutch. Is there a really good site to go to to find clear, concise instructions on how to set up email marketing 9and how do you differentiate it from spam.) Does Ashley Gough (for eg.) have instructions as well.

  13. Hi Gauher,

    In your lifetime experience of buying Ads, especially for starters, which one has been most responsive while being cost effective?

    Please mention something other than Google PPC (they banned my account that was lying dormant for over two years – citing past violations, which were apparently not there when they drained nearly $400 from my credit card LOL). And true to their ill reputation, they NEVER care to reply properly or even reply as to what and where things went awry.

    If PPC has been good for you, which are the second-line ones that brought you good results? What is your opinion about FaceBook/My Space Ads?


  14. Hi Vasant,

    Next best is MSN Adcenter. In fact, I find they convert better than Google.


  15. From my experience its difficult to compare solo ads and PPC results. The reason I have found with my campaign is the targeting of PPC vs solo ads. PPC can be targeted very precisely vs solo ads can be difficult to target (even through reputable providers.)

    The most important thing is to set up tracking. Some of my products respond better to solo ads and some respond better to ppc traffic campaigns.

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