Tribe Marketing: Twitter Experiment Goes Wrong

A while back I posted about Tribe marketing and how I believe that is the future when it comes to growing an online empire.

I am currently running many different experiments on different web sites to test out this strategy.  One of the sites is geared around the general topic of humour.

One of the methods I am using to grow my tribe for this web site is building a Twitter following.

I figured this would be a good place to start and just redirect people back to the web site to create traffic and build a list.

Well here are a few key items I have learned about Twitter.

1. It is completely useless to buy tweets. I purchased four Fiverr gigs to have my ad tweeted out and didn’t get a SINGLE response to any of the tweets that went out to over 100,000 Twitter followers. I guarantee the prices of Sponsored Tweets will continue to drop.

2. Twitter is saturated. Your Twitter account is like a radio station. You need to be constantly broadcasting in order to be heard. Otherwise you just get lost in a follower’s feed.

3. Don’t start following too many people in a short span. I tried following 20 people in a three minute span and Twitter auto-suspended my account. I had to log back in to my account, agree not to add too many followers at once and then they reinstated my entire account.

I have created a video below to show you some of the results I have achieved trying to grow the Twitter account for this website.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hi Gauher,

    good idea to build a tribe

    I try to build 😉

    .. tools for affiliates

    as people find stuff usefull they will follow you
    but only as long as it is usefull for them

    thats human nature
    so this tribe thingy sounds to me
    a lot of work

    all the best

  2. Hello Gauher
    Thanks for the experiment i learned a few tricks from you.
    I don’t really use twitter but this is always good to know.



  3. Martin

    Hi Gauher

    Interesting and useful Twitter Revelations. Thanks.

    After email, do you feel that is Twitter the next most ‘cost effective” and productive route to reach folk on their Mobile Phone, or is getting their Mobile Number and Texing them a more economic / effective method?

    I fancy doing some Text Message Marketing, but (knowing little about the costs associated with it) am guessing that I’d be faced with a set cost per text, is that correct.



  4. Hey Gauher, thanks for the insights

    I think the general aspect of humour is a good one. My advice would be to try it out with Facebook advertising. There are a ton of Facebook pages that post humorous photos that get shared thousands of times. I would try advertising a “Facebook photo post” of something funny in Facebook (yeah, keeping people on Facebook), and adding an incentive to share/like the photo, (and in the process creating a tribe of your Facebook page). Then offer some kind of reward or something in the description, with a link to your site.

    This is basic presumption, but I think people in Facebook tend to look for entertainment more than in Twitter. I presume people in Twitter are trying to stay up to date with celebrities and news?? I guess testing is what comes to it in the end anyway – that’s how you find hidden gems. (and that’s why your case studies are so cool).

    I am about to run a similar test with an angle towards retail products. I might post my results and let you know how it went.


  5. If you do manage to carve your way to being a top twitter “radio station” it’s pretty amazing. One account of mine that I created for a hobby I LOVE is growing at 100+ followers a day. Thanks for your post Gauher.

  6. Hi Gauher,

    I really enjoy every blog post and case study you release. I’m a happy member of IMStealth 🙂

    Regarding twitter I found out pretty much the same. If you still want lots of followers I have a fiverr gig where I offer that, no fake accounts and it will not get your account banned – contact me and I can set up a free trial just for you.

    No need to spend hundreds of dollars!

    Hope this helps!

  7. Gauher,

    On the following, if you did this with a brand new account, that might be the reason. Generally, I think you can new follow about 10% of the existing number of followers you have, provided that number is already in the several hundreds, e.g. if you have 700 followers, I believe it is okay to follow 70 new people in a single day.

    In other words, start slow and accelerate somewhat, later on.

  8. Frank: You are right! Creating useful software will definitely help build a tribe of followers.

    Martin: In my studies, text messaging has the highest engagement rate then any other medium because it has close to a 100% open rate.

    Pablo: I am trying to build the tribe without having to buy any traffic or rely on SEO.


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