Tribe Marketing: Twitter Experiment Goes Wrong

A while back I posted about Tribe marketing and how I believe that is the future when it comes to growing an online empire.

I am currently running many different experiments on different web sites to test out this strategy.  One of the sites is geared around the general topic of humour.

One of the methods I am using to grow my tribe for this web site is building a Twitter following.

I figured this would be a good place to start and just redirect people back to the web site to create traffic and build a list.

Well here are a few key items I have learned about Twitter.

1. It is completely useless to buy tweets. I purchased four Fiverr gigs to have my ad tweeted out and didn’t get a SINGLE response to any of the tweets that went out to over 100,000 Twitter followers. I guarantee the prices of Sponsored Tweets will continue to drop.

2. Twitter is saturated. Your Twitter account is like a radio station. You need to be constantly broadcasting in order to be heard. Otherwise you just get lost in a follower’s feed.

3. Don’t start following too many people in a short span. I tried following 20 people in a three minute span and Twitter auto-suspended my account. I had to log back in to my account, agree not to add too many followers at once and then they reinstated my entire account.

I have created a video below to show you some of the results I have achieved trying to grow the Twitter account for this website.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry