10 Effective Membership Retention Strategies

Since running a number of membership sites in the past and presently, I want to share with you the most effective membership retention strategies that work time and time again for retaining members.

membership-685021_1280Knowing firsthand how important attracting new members is, retaining them in your member community is the next most important valuable skill you can learn as a membership admin.

So let’s go through each one and these are in no specific order.

Here are ten of my favorites.

Each one is just as important as the next, just consider applying as many as you can.

1. Members Only Facebook Group

This is an idea we are seeing more and more. Let’s say you offer a product and want to build your own tribe. One way is to start a Facebook Group. It’s free to set up and you can create your own FB Group rules. Invite your members to join as a bonus to the membership they have just joined.

Once you have members at Facebook, you can keep in touch with them and get them involved with related topics. Members can interact with each other and you can continually send updates as well as new special offers for members only.

Another thing is most people are already members of Facebook, so it’s very popular and easy to join groups there.

2. Members Only Private Forum

A members only private forum is where you create your own site on your own server. It’s software based so you house your membership community yourself.

In this format, you have full control of your members. Here’s a fact that falls in favor of having a proprietary membership site over a Facebook Group,  and that is, there are some people who do not like participating on Facebook in a membership setting.

They prefer a more private and exclusive setting for member interaction. However, all the same benefits for the members that keep them coming back applies and even more.

There are things like drip feeding content and locked content settings that helps you can keep member’s interested. And you can do things like that much easier using dedicated forum software.

The reality is that most members find it easy to leave a membership site, but harder to leave a community.

3. Member Monthly Webinars

This is a great retention strategy and probably my favorite. Monthly webinars for members-only create one of the most exclusive benefits of keeping members on board.

And here’s why.

They get insider information from you and they expect it each month and it ties in great for having a membership site, so make sure not to leave this one out.

4. Expert Interviews

Here’s something I found that draws a lot of member attention.

I find experts to interview and offer the recordings to my members. You could actually sell these interviews but instead give them to your members as they’ll know the value they carry. And when you give them member-access, it will keep them wanting more.

5. Email Recaps

Not enough membership sites take advantage of this one, but they should.

The reason is because their members will be responsive to it. Using email recaps is a great way to round up interest from your members. Let’s say you just had a member event and you want to get some feedback from members.

An email recap will alert those that missed it and remind those that saw it but are glad to be reminded. And you’ll see a nice flurry of member visits back at the member site on that topic. I find this works effectively every time. Try it.

6. Event Discounts

Having events for your members will always perk them up. Be sure to prepare some nice perks for them from time to time. A great idea that never fails is event discounts. When you can allow members to save them money on something related to their topic that has high-value, they really will appreciate it.

You could arrange a product discount with another vendor exclusively available only at your event. This will go a long way at keeping your members happy.

7. Future Content Teasers

You know what cliff-hangers are in movie trailers, right? It’s when you are watching the highlights and then just as you are drawn-in the most, they stop it there and tell you when and where to expect to see the rest of the show coming soon.

Well, in the membership site world you can do exactly the same with your content and it will have the exact same effect. Announce what you have coming then leave a cliff-hanger at the end of your announcement. This will ensure your members want to see the rest soon as it’s available and you can use this strategy as future content teasers.

8. Quick Start Videos

If you want to keep your members motivated to learn what you are teaching them, you must remember that there are various levels of members at any one time in your membership site. Some are newbies, some are intermediate and some are advanced.

By using quick start videos you can be sure that you have covered all levels of your members. This way, no one feels left behind in getting started on a new task they want to get under their belts. These are easily digestible videos that kick-start learning and really help keep the member interest level high.

9. Mastermind Groups

Forming mastermind groups within your membership site offers a real boost to members. When you form these special groups, the members begin to communicate between themselves helping each other out and offering solutions and trade off their experiences, etc.

This creates a deeper level of loyalty to the membership site overall because they feel so much more a part of it. You as the administrator can moderate and oversell the mastermind groups as much as you see fit, but having them in your membership site will for sure make for an effective retention strategy.

10. Case Studies

If you want to boost or attract a level of extra member interest, adding occasional case studies on topic will surely be draw them in. Every day, new paid products being offered are packaged case studies. When you offer these for members-only your membership site interest will soar.

I hope you took some notes and will use some of these 10 effective membership strategies I just laid out for you. When you do, I’m sure you agree they’ll help keep your membership site going long-term and evergreen.