50 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Let me first start off by saying that I believe Twitter as a marketing medium is over-rated.  In fact, I believe that this whole social media thing as a marketing machine is also over-rated.

Sure there are individuals who have made good fortunes using social media, but I believe that there are only just a few who have.

I prefer to stick with paid traffic.  It is a proven model with predictable results.

You can still get decent results with Twitter, but not worth spending more than a few minutes a day on increasing your Twitter following.

With that said, here is my gigantic list of 50 ways to get more Twitter followers:

1. Place your Twitter name on all your web sites

Make sure you place your Twitter name on all your web sites above the fold. Placing it above the fold makes sure that your Twitter name is seen. A simple “follow me on Twitter” button should do the job.

2. Place your Twitter name in your forum signature

If you participate in forums that are related to the topic of your Twitter account, you can gain a lot of new followers. The key is to offer good value in your forum posts and people will recognize you as an authority on the subject.

3. Twitter name in all your ebooks

If you create ebooks or special reports, place your twitter name just below your name on the cover or inside of the ebook or report.

4. Twitter name in all your video presentations

Before your video presentations start, make sure to include a quick screenshot of your Twitter name. Ask people to follow you.

5. Twitter name in your YouTube account

You have control over the background in your YouTube account, so use it wisely by including your Twitter name on the left side panel.

6. Twitter name in your email signatures

Every email you send out including any in an autoresponder sequence should have your Twitter name. Try to encourage people to follow you by including something like “Follow me on Twitter…”

7. Retweet good content

If you retweet good content, people will see that and want to follow you.

8. Promise to donate

Do a fundraiser and people like to contribute to a good cause. You could simple say that for ever new follower you get that week, you will donate $1 per new follower to a worthy cause.

9. Ask followers to retweet

Ask your followers to retweet any of your really good tweets.  This will get you *viral* exposure and more people will hear about you.

10. Twitter name on your business card

Twitter promotion doesn’t have to be limited to the online world.  Include your Twitter name right on your business card.

11. Rent a billboard

If you are really ambitious, rent a billboard with your Twitter name and give people a reason to follow you. (i.e. Want Hot Stock Tips? Follow Me At @stocktips)

12. Promise A Prize

Promise people who follow you a chance to win a prize. I did
this once and quickly gained hundreds if new followers. Make
sure you deliver on your promise of a prize.

13. Fill out your bio so people know who you are

This can be crucial to gaining more followers because people like to see your bio and who you are. You should include your web site so people can visit and see what you offer them

14. Place a hash tag in your Twitter posts

Hash tags (#) with a topic name after the hash tag can help people find your tweets through trending topics, groups and Twitter’s search function.

15. Tweet cool pictures

People like to see cool and interesting pictures. Tweet some interesting pictures and it will get retweeted.

16. Tweet at peak times

Tweet when most people are online checking their Twitter account. This will help ensure that your tweets are seen and not lost in the hundreds of tweets that some of your followers might get in just a few hours.

17. Follow people in your industry

Follow people in your industry because users sometimes go through the list of followers of that particular person and will come across your profile

18. Ask people to follow you

This is obvious. Just ask people to follow you. You will be surprised how many people you can get to follow you by just blatantly asking. If you have an existing email list, let people know that you have a Twitter account now.

19. Break news faster than anyone else

If you can break news faster than most people, you will get a lot of followers because they want to get the news first.

20. Participate in trending topics

Trending topics get a lot of exposure so participating in a trending topic can get you a lot of exposure.

21. Buy an existing twitter account

Do what Google does when it wants a bigger share of the market. Buy up competitors. Find a related Twitter account and see the person is willing to sell it.

22. Run a poll

People love to fill out surveys and polls. Start a poll on a relevant topic and engage your followers.

23. Buy PPV traffic

You could buy PPV traffic and bid on your competitor’s Twitter accounts. I know, kinda sneaky eh?

24. Engage Other Twitters With Huge Followings

If you can engage other Twitter users who have a huge following and start a conversation, this can get you a large amount of exposure if they respond to you in their Twitter account.

25. Tattoo your Twitter name on your forehead

You could use a temporary tattoo and attend a major convention related to your topic. I have seen weirder things.

26. Do Media Buys

Buy banner space with your Twitter name in the banner and a compelling reason to have people follow you (i.e. Want to learn how to talk to hot women? Follow me @flirtygirl)

27. Use a tweet button on your blog posts

There are dozens of WordPress plugins that will allow you to place a tweet button on all your articles. Make it easy for your readers to tweet your blog posts.

28. Create an attractive Twitter background

People are attracted to Twitter followers who have attractive backgrounds. Create one, it really is not that hard.

29. Pick a Twitter name this is easy to remember

Pick a name that people can easily remember. Especially if you are doing any offline marketing. Make a memorable name makes it easier for people to find and follow you on Twitter.

30. Ask questions

Ask questions in your tweets. This will help engage your followers and get other people to follow up who also want to reply.

31. Bribe people

Give away an incentive to have people follow you. There are Twitter autoresponder services that can deliver an email to your new follower with the incentive that you promised.

32. Tweet Often

Your Twitter account is like a radio station.  You need to be on the “air” on a regular basis. The more you tweet, the better chance you have of your tweets being seen my non-followers.

33. Word of mouth

Tell your friends and relatives to follow you on Twitter.

34. Use Twitter in your blog comments

When replying to posts on other people’s blogs, leave your Twitter name in your reply.

35. Talk to your followers

Answer back to people who tweet at you. People will see that you are receptive to questions and dialogue and will be more likely to follow you.

36. Don’t tweet about stupid thing

Nobody cares that you ate a peanut butter sandwich three minutes ago unless you are Beyonce. Keep your tweets useful and it will attract more followers.

37. Don’t tweet overdose

Don’t tweet 300 times a day because it will clog up the screens of your Twitter followers and is sure to be turn off.

38. Show some personality

Show your followers that you have a personality. People are attracted to people that they feel comfortable with. Share some thing about you personal life. Come across as a real person.

39. Add yourself to Twitter directories

There are directories like JustTweetIt where you can add your Twitter profile and get more followers.

40. Write articles and place your Twitter name

Write articles on your topic of interest and place your Twitter name in the resource box. Submit these articles to places like EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com

41. Use Twitter for your customer support

If you create a Twitter account solely for customer support, your customers will be forced to follow you.

42. Place your Twitter name on on all your social networks

Facebook, MySpace, Orbit and the dozens of other social networking sites where you may have an account.

43. Leverage major events

Create an account related to a  major event such as an election and attract a lot of new followers (i.e. presidential election)

44. Ask blog readers to Digg your blog post

If you can get to the top of Digg, that will get you a lot of attention and more followers.

45. Incorporate Twitter into your product launches

Product launches garner a lot of attention so constantly reminding prospects about your Twitter account during the launch sequence will help you get new followers.

46. Do a Twitter exchange

Do promotional tweets about other Twitter accounts. Kind of like a ezine ad swap.

47. Be funny

Laughter is the best medicine. Inject humour into your tweets once in a while and gain new followers.

48. Cross Tweet

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, cross-tweet about each one and get more followers on each account.

49. Ask Lady Gaga to tell all her followers to follow you

Well she does have the biggest Twitter following now. This one in my opinion is a long shot.

50. Create a list like this and ask people to retweet about it. 😉

Feel free to add more ways to get Twitter follower in the comments below. Also please retweet this post. Ah come on, you did know that I was going to ask, right?

Take care!

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Don’t do number 8. It just makes you look like a douche. If you care enough to donate, just donate, if you don’t want to, then don’t. Just don’t use it as an excuse to get more followers.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  2. Hello !!!

    True twitter and those social media sites are whorthing a couple minutes a day but no sense to get to hype about those.Paid traffic like PPC is what is really counting.

    Thanks for your CPA report I was able thru it to readjust my CPA campaigns et increase my ROI.

    Good information always nice to grab and share with others.We are all in this business together.

    Truly yours,Carol

  3. Stewart

    I tried to get Lady GaGa to tell all her followers to follow me but she called me “a little monster”, and nobody did.

  4. LOL, good list… I don’t know about renting a billboard tho…

    Unless of course you are lady gaga…

  5. Who wants to go shares in renting a billboard,
    maybe we could sell advertising space on it!


  6. Bayar

    30. Ask questions is difficult for me.

  7. 51. If you can’t get Lady Gaga, ask other celebrities to follow you, except Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn’t need Twitter. He’s already following you.

  8. Sheila Alexander

    Thanks so much for writing this blog post. You have some great ideas about twitter. I like #28. I just recently put a new background on my twitter account.

  9. AWESOME content as usual from Gauher The Twitter Meister. Is that a real person? LOL

    I know Gauher is for sure.

    Thanks for the list.

  10. Great post …. will copy & paste it into my ugly blog. ( already inserted a link to your FREE 89 page report in my older post )

  11. Great list! Nice mix of innovative ideas with some that are really funny. You just know there is someone out there that would actually tattoo their twitter name on their forehead.

  12. #51 Add your Twitter account to this list Follow @DilemmaApps

  13. some of this are really good.. while some were funny and would make you look like an idiot.. LOL

    btw, I do have a twitter account at @ajibanda 🙂

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