A World Of Profitable Traffic Outside Of Google

Google Adwords represents just a small fraction of all the advertising traffic that is available on the Internet.  If affiliates took the time to understand other pay per click search engines, pay per view traffic, media buys and the many other methods of traffic generation, they could build an affiliate empire without Google Adwords.

I have created a short video that will show you how you can start making money in just a few hours using a second tier PPC search engine that doesn’t have a rigid quality score criteria and allows direct linking.

This is the lazy affiliate’s dream traffic source to work with.

Watch the video below:

The key to start making money is to take action.  I am grateful that they are a search engine that actually treats their advertisers with respect and makes the advertising experience much more pleasant.

Click Here To Join 7Search

Are you listening Google?

I welcome your comments on this video.


Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hi Gauher,

    Good video. Tried putting the ###KEYWORD### in the tracking ID for my Clickbank link, but says that is invalid tracking ID format…any ideas?


    Mtn Jim

  2. Jana

    This is great info! However, Clickbank won’t take any characters in the tid except numbers or letters so they won’t take the “###”. Any way around that?

  3. As always your videos are outstanding and your knowledge is beyond. Thanks for sharing this.

    Best regards

    Terje Sannarnes

  4. Gary

    Amazing. I learn more from your FREE stuff than I do from most guru’s paid stuff. I dub thee “People’s Guru”. You’re a guru with a heart and a business savvy to match. Thank you.

  5. Michael Steinberg

    Thanks for the leg up on this Gauher. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Shouldn’t you abide by the CPA Merchants restrictions if any? Such as possibly ‘No direct linking’; ‘keyword restrictions’

    Is it possible you might not get paid by the merchant if you violate TOS?

    2) In your video, you say to filter out the bad traffic. Then you said something that didn’t come through clear on my headset…”The key is to learn how to pass keyword???ins, traffic???ins, and partner???ins in order to eliminate the fraudulent or poor quality traffic and keep legitimate traffic”… I couldn’t understand those three words, or…how to filter out the bad traffic. Would you please explain? Thanks Gauher…
    Michael Steinberg

  6. Dustin

    Great video…

    However I set up 2 campaigns already and I’m not having much luck. I’m getting impressions, something like 2000+ over two days but not a single CLICK =/

    I thought my ads were pretty good (since I took the top appearing ads on Adwords and tweaked them). Any suggestions on actually getting the click? Average rank for my KW’s is 2.5, so I know they’re showing.


  7. John Hughes

    Jana said:

    “This is great info! However, Clickbank won’t take any characters in the tid except numbers or letters so they won’t take the “###”. Any way around that?”

    if you put the ###KEYWORD### on the end of your clickbank link in the destination url for your ad it will work just fine. Your right that clickbank doesn’t accept ### but you have to remember that 7search is going to dynamically append the keyword that triggered the click/conversion in place of ###KEYWORD### so your actual links won’t have the ###KEYWORD### in them when someone clicks on your ad.

    For example you put your link in the destination url:


    you bid on the keyword red shoes and someone searches for red shoes on 7search, sees your ad and clicks. When they click 7search will replace ###KEYWORD### with ‘red shoes’

    http://xxxxxx.hop.clickbank.net?tid=red shoes

    know when you look at your reports in clickbank you will see red shoes and not ###KEYWORD###

    Hope this helps,


  8. Hi Gauher,
    Thanks for the video! I learn some new stuffs here. Seriously, I can’t believe we give this information out for free, thanks again, you’re the man! You just give me some directions on what should I do to improve my online income. I have never tried 7Search.com before but I will definitely give it a tried. I won’t say any bad thing about Google here ‘coz that’s the way they do business. Honestly, what they are trying to do is just to provide a good user experience to the people. I think that’s good intention. I am OK with that, it’s ok, I will just switch to other PPC companies, there are tones of them. This is a free world and free market. I don’t like this I just go and pick the others. I am not worry and hope you guys are not to worry too. 🙂


    From Penang, Malaysia.

  9. Ken

    Hey Gauher,

    Thanks for the egging me on to take a look at this video, I am happy that I did. I had almost given up on ppc eventhough I know that would be a mistake.

    Google banned my account a few weeks ago and I am mad as hell…. The way I look at this whole picture is from a great old proverb ( He who sits at the top shall one day feel the point) and I hope that day comes soon.

    I am going to give the 7seventh a try and hope for the better. Thanks a bunch…..

  10. Hi Gaugher:

    I am impressed indeed with you generosity in providing this information

    … obviously from a giant store of knowledge and experience.

    Its most appreciated indeed and I shall be back to further comment on my experience after trying it out.

    Best regards,

  11. Alan


    Great material as always. Thanks for sharing.

    As others have asked above, I’m also wondering if there’s a way to pass the 7Search keyword variable when direct linking to Clickbank products. I’ve got an idea I’m going to try but I don’t think it’s going to work. I’ll check back if it does.


  12. I noticed that you said that 7search allows direct linking. Their advertising terms says this:

    Site Ownership

    7Search advertisers must own the website submitted for placement and be able to verify ownership.

  13. Gauher

    Great video, I have never heard of 7search before. Will take a look and get started soon.
    Thanks for the information, mush appreciated and may it keep coming.

  14. Nicholas

    Greatly appreciate your providing this valuable education about using pay per click advertising with second tier search engines. This information is very much needed – especially at this time.

  15. Bill

    I tried signing up with 7search as soon as I watched the video. I am unable to get past the first sign up step. Has anyone else had this problem? I left an email with them but have had no reply.

  16. Hi Gauher,

    Thank You I tried all kind of PPC strategy with little budget,Since October I bought several products Nothing worked out well.Your 7 search PPC strategy help me make $40.00 dollars in one night. I spent 24 dollars and make almost $65.00.Thanks a million.

    Sudip Majumdar
    Joshua Creek,Oakville

  17. Bill

    On Monday the sign up system worked fine. I started my first campaign on Tuesday with seven keywords for one CB product. By the end of the day I had seven hundred plus impressions with seven clicks. This is my first experience with ppc, and if nothing else it’s a great way to learn without spending alot of money. You always learn so much more when you actually do the thing with real$ on the line. Thanks, Gauher. By the way, I’m a total newbie.

  18. Ian

    Awesome Gauher,
    I have just put up 4 campaigns in about an hour, i’ve been signed up with hydra for a while but never really understood where to go with it.

    This looks like the good old days are back again except it’s bye bye google, hello alternatives.


    Onwards and Upwards Everyone

  19. Hello Gauher.

    I have read that most people run out of advertising money before their website makes any!

    I went to 7search and did what you said.(taking action)

    I didn’t know what I was doing so I started out with a small bid (Learning by doing)

    Then I went and watched your video again 2x.
    Up ed my bid and key words.(following thru)
    so far I have 530 788 impressions
    441 clicks to my website.
    $95.00 cost of advertising.


  20. Awesome video gauher, you’re right 7search is so much easier and less hassle than google.
    It pays not to have all your eggs in one basket.
    Thanks for the video.

  21. Thank you for this thorough review on 7search, Gauher! We appreciate the recommendation and I would personally like to offer my assistance for any potential 7search clients on this blog.

    Please feel free to contact Cleo Betancourt with any questions at:

    email: cleo@7search.com
    telephone: 1-773-283-0086 x6906
    twitter: twitter.com/askppc
    facebook: facebook.com/cleo.7search

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  22. Dan

    7search.com does well with some offers like Dating well and some others poorly. The traffic is nowhere close to what Google can do for the same campaign. I tried both. So may be that is a fact ?

  23. Tom

    How about using ###KEYWORD### In the ad for Dynamic insertion.Can you use it in both the ad & destination URL??

  24. Years ago, I did use this ppc search engine without any luck and I did not have the experience in using ppc. But now I do and I will be giving 7search a try again. Thanks for the video!

  25. Awesome video gauher, you’re right 7search is so much easier and less hassle than google.
    It pays not to have all your eggs in one basket.
    Thanks for the video.

  26. Kontera pays well even if they do not pay as high as other advertisers”*

  27. Willf

    Well after a month of testing 7Search I must be missing something or Gauher has not told us something.

    I have tried around 10 different niches and so far all I have had is 1000’s of impressions but a click thru of around 0.5%.

    I have even tried bidding the maximum amount and writing an ad per keyword to make sure it’s really targeted but I just cannot get any sort of volume out of them.

  28. Hi Gaugher, thanks for this very informative video. What I did not understand quite right is: How does putting in the keyword token help to get rid of garbage or fraudulent traffic? Is it not necessary to block certain web pages from delivering the traffic for that? Would be very grateful If you could clear that up also.


  29. DENNIS

    Hi Gaugher,
    Great share…yes 7 search seems like a good alternative to test out. My biggest issue is finding a cpa network that pays me for my actions. Do you avoid networks that use direct track? Are you comfortable recommending any networks. I literally belong to about 6. 2 are on direct track and Ive tested them several times….definate excessive shaving and inaccuracy. one of them had an affiliate blowing them up on their blog recently about not sending 90% of their payment, another one never has what I need and payouts are very low and they too dont seem to be on the up and up…. is there a network that is honest. I know howe to do a campaigne and have used good traffic, and as soon as the conversions start to roll in, I get shut down….and they all look the other way; they dont even bother or admit scrubbing, they just say everything is fine, they run 10000leads a day. Sorry for going off subject, it is just very frustrating for this final piece of the puzzle to be so difficult. and mind you I am not talking about ten dollars, I mean $1000 net two weeks ago not going to get paid. and now another camp that had 2000+ weekly net potential just seemed to fall to an absolute zero after 48 hours of kicking but.

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