Are You Hurting Your Own Progress?

One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is managing the most time consuming aspect of running our online business – the email inbox.

Managing this little sucker can save you countless number of hours and allow you to do things in your business that actually move it forward.

One of the recommendations that I have made in the past is to unsubscribe from email lists that don’t add value (i.e. why are you on a ecommerce list if you don’t do anything in ecommerce?).

I pruned the number of lists that I was on years ago and that has saved me at least 45 minutes a day now.

But here is the biggest mistake I have made in the past managing emails and I’m curious to know if you did or still do the same thing.

Whenever I received an email from a marketer I knew provided good information, I would tuck it away in a separate folder with the intention of going back and reading it.

If I received an email from a marketer who provided little value, I would quickly skim it and see if could get out any value.

So I was wasting my limited time reading emails that provide little value and skipping emails that did by moving them into a saved folder with the intention of reading them some day.

Did I ever go back and read the saved emails?


Emails that could have helped me in building my online business faster.

Time got in the way or sometimes I just forgot about those emails.

Basically I jeopardized my own online learning by never reading the quality emails.

Since mid-2015, I have changed the way I prioritize my email reading now and always start with the emails from quality marketers rather then saving them for a later time.

It’s time you do the same.

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Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Al

    Big G, you are 100% correct. Having too much traffic streaming past you makes the important stuff hard to find… and when one tries to read is all, it’s just time wasting. Trim down the stuff you subscribe to… keep what really is helpful. I agree 110%. I am a living example of just that problem… ouch!

  2. Hey Gauher,the Cpa Man, its nice to hear from you again, happy new year

  3. Dang, you’re right, I do waste a lot of time saving and later deleting important articles that I should read ASAP. I will make the change!

  4. Definitely true, what you wrote also forces us to examine our own auto emails. Some important questions when building an email list “Am I adding value to my subs?” “Would I as a sub. unsubscribe or continue my email subscription?”

  5. Michael

    Funny, there was an article yesterday in the LA Times regarding this. Turns out we are suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This drives us to acquire more knowledge, be it through email or something else, believing if we have knowledge we won’t miss out on anything. In essence, this quest for knowledge becomes an addiction with no end in site. As Mr Wonderful would say “Stop the insanity!”

  6. David

    Gauher, that is exactly what I did with your latest imstealth offer, put it in a folder to get back to and then
    missed it.

  7. David

    It have found that MailWasher Pro does help a bit.

  8. Doug

    Yes. Also unsubscribe from lists that don’t add value. Signing up to watch a webinar often adds you to a list you probably don’t want to be on.

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