Automating & Scaling Your Content Distribution

I just finished up a great webinar that introduces a revolutionary new system that will syndicate your videos, podcasts and press releases all over the Internet with little effort. The best part is that you can test this service for 14 days and not pay a cent.

Tom and Dan believe in this service so much that they believe the results will speak for themselves. Watch the webinar replay below. (Please give the video about 30 to seconds seconds to buffer before you press play).


You can start your 14-day free access (no credit card required) by Clicking Here

Please leave any comments or questions you may have.

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Marty

    The video won’t play for me but video on Brain Box does so I think there is something wrong with this?


  2. Ray

    Hi There

    Not sure about how this helps me create videos, How would you help me, would you shoot it on-line


  3. I have been struggling with video marketing with my own. This product is just fantastic. I have signed up for the free trial and expect to get the full version after. It’s a no brainer …. really!

  4. henry

    sorry – Does NOT play

  5. Henry: Make sure you give about 30 seconds to allow it to buffer. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser.


  6. Ray,
    This is Thomas from Brain Box Video. In response to your question: “Not sure about how this helps me create videos, How would you help me, would you shoot it on-line.” We can help you in several ways. We will write the script for you and offer several different video style options, such as the following:

    1. Animated Open/Close ($40 per min)
    2. FAQ Video ($45 per min)
    3. Web Commercial ($65 per min)
    4. White Board Video ($65 per min)
    5. Explainer Video ($65 per min)
    6. Graphic Video ($75 per min)
    7. News/PR Video ($75 per min)
    8. Animated Character Video ($80 per min)
    9. Spokesperson Video ($80 per min)

    We can also do a custom bid for a live shoot, offer you personal consultation ($50 per 30 minutes for Brain Box Video members) and custom editing for $50 per hour. If you do a search for video creation I doubt that you will find anything that even comes close to the prices we offer…and if you do, and they match our quality, (which I seriously doubt) we may hire them…as we make very little off of these services. They are designed to help our clients and to keep them using the Brain Box Video software.

    If you have any further questions write us at There’d also lots of information on our website at

    Hope this helps,

  7. HI great video and thank you for the reply very powerful software and you are correct the one thing we can never get back is time 😉

  8. Marty

    Is there a way we can see some example videos of what members have done please?



  9. Good value for money, that press release distribution takes it over the top as I know it is not cheap.

  10. arif

    Hi gauher.
    I ‘d like to join your next training session. Please opt me in for your future announcements .

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