Would You Take $1 Billion Dollars, But Only Two Years To Live?

I was asked an interesting question at a wealth mastermind a few days ago and it really got me thinking. The questions was, “Would you take one billion dollars in exchange for only 2 more years of life”?

The second question asked was “Would you take one trillion dollars in exchange for only 2 more years of life”?

I decided to survey my readers with the exact same questions and read their responses.

Watch the video below.

Here are a few comments that people who would take the money left on the survey.

“I would use half the money to support local charities. And the other half to build a legacy that I could leave to my children and grand children.”

“I would be able to set up systems and solutions to a profound number of challenges facing humanity, that I would not be able to do given my talents & financial resources.”

“I just turned 77! With that $ I could “go out” in style AND help a lot of people in the process!”

“I’ll use SOME of the money to work in reversing whatever that spell or agreement is.”

“I wake up and enjoy each day as though it’s my last anyway so having new exotic opportunities for the next two years would be amazing!!”

“If you asked me at age 30 or 40, I’d answer no. At nearly 67 I have a different perspective. The money would help my daughter and grandchildren and families. For me, the clock is running out and I don’t know how much time I have left anyway, many of my peers are already gone…”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!