Would You Take $1 Billion Dollars, But Only Two Years To Live?

I was asked an interesting question at a wealth mastermind a few days ago and it really got me thinking. The questions was, “Would you take one billion dollars in exchange for only 2 more years of life”?

The second question asked was “Would you take one trillion dollars in exchange for only 2 more years of life”?

I decided to survey my readers with the exact same questions and read their responses.

Watch the video below.

Here are a few comments that people who would take the money left on the survey.

“I would use half the money to support local charities. And the other half to build a legacy that I could leave to my children and grand children.”

“I would be able to set up systems and solutions to a profound number of challenges facing humanity, that I would not be able to do given my talents & financial resources.”

“I just turned 77! With that $ I could “go out” in style AND help a lot of people in the process!”

“I’ll use SOME of the money to work in reversing whatever that spell or agreement is.”

“I wake up and enjoy each day as though it’s my last anyway so having new exotic opportunities for the next two years would be amazing!!”

“If you asked me at age 30 or 40, I’d answer no. At nearly 67 I have a different perspective. The money would help my daughter and grandchildren and families. For me, the clock is running out and I don’t know how much time I have left anyway, many of my peers are already gone…”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!


  1. Rudy

    I loved the insights from the survey and your thoughts afterwards. Thank you for sharing this, Gauher!

  2. Nice point of view Gauher. We should all want to die for the same reason. However, I beleive that a shift in conciousness ww, would serve better everybody. Expressing your state of mind in thinking about “the others” worthing more than yourself – I absolutly disagree. This world needs you in order to achieve the shift.
    People need to understand that we’re all one. Money is not going to change anything for only a handful would really benefit from your sacrifice in the actual state of mind. Your conciousness can impact so many to transform and embrace evolution towards humanity, that it would be a total waiste for you to dye prematurely. That’s the treasure! “581 billion $$$$$ / armament US budget for 2018” “Japan 143 billion”…ect….., just think this over while a vast majority suffering and dying for not having basic essentials for survival! Is the world really ready to change??????? Nice survey! Have a great one!

  3. Kauai Mike

    Old selfish me. I wanted to live.

  4. Wow that is not possible, life is good and I need to live it to a shout out

  5. JJ


    Thanks for the video yesterday. 🙂

    At micro-level (family, neighbours, local hospitals etc) a billion or a trillion will help.

    I don’t think it will at a macro level. Before answering why, have a look at the money already spent (charts below).

    US has already spent about $6 Trillion on Wars (the point isn’t if they should or should not –stating an economic fact not a political view). We don’t have a money problem. We have a priority problem and cronies (see Lobby ROI below).


    Here is expenditure in Foreign Aid and donations.




    The issue is not the quantum of money per se but how the economic system is setup

    Have a look at the ROI of lobbying…


    The above ROI figures are a tip of the ice berg of what can be documented.

    The fundamental issue is how the cronies sit at every part of our economic systems and secretly and magically leech economic production into their own pockets…

    Unfortunately, the above means those in power agreeing to have less.

    Good luck…

  6. Rob

    What type of legacy did Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa had left without money? Money does not mean you do things for humanity just because you have it.

  7. Thank You Gauher for these very much needed words, and awesome reminder that life is about the journey.
    Our circumstances in life are influencing our decisions and actions.
    Thank you my Brother.
    Our Creator is Good 🙂


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