Building A Business Based On Tribe Marketing

I have been writing a report on a concept that I believe is the only way to succeed online for the long-term.

When web properties like Google and Facebook first started, they didn’t depend on paid traffic or SEO to grow their traffic and followers.

They created something compelling enough that attracted followers to their tribe. These same followers spread the message of their services and they eventually become the chief of their own tribe.

And when you are the head honcho, generating traffic and making money online because much easier. 😉

Now the biggest complaint I get from people who are trying to generate money online is that they don’t have money for paid traffic or time for search engine optimization.

With paid traffic, there is no guarantee that you will make any money and you usually have to spend quite a bit in order gather data and determine what is converting and what is not.

With search engine optimization, there is no guarantee that the hundreds of hours you spend on optimizing your web site will get you a decent ranking and any traffic.

So then what?

If you follow my philosophy of tribe marketing, then these two methods of traffic become secondary issues because your followers grow your traffic.

So how do I plan on developing a following for a particular market without paid or SEO traffic?

I just started running an experiment with a brand new site that appeals to a very general audience.

I believe the content is compelling enough that it will be spread like a virus, but only if the right tools are placed to allow followers to do this.

Now putting everything into place requires a lot of time, which is something that most of us simply don’t have.

I am a heavy user of outsourcing and I find that you can find a lot of great talent on If you have never heard of Fiverr, then you need to download my free report that explains how it works.

Download My Free Report Here

I plan on using the best talent on Fiverr to quickly and cheaply help build my tribe to a point that I can monetize from this following.  There are many elements involved to make tribe marketing successful such as retweeting, facebook sharing, email collection, etc.  If you think about it, there are many tools at our disposal that makes it easy for our followers to grow our tribe.

I use an amazing tool called Gigscraper to find the best talent on Fiverr within seconds. A tool like this will save you time and money and I think the price is way to cheap for it.

Click To Download Gigscraper

Anyhow I have just started the experiment and will share with you my results over the next few weeks. The goal is to generate a ton of traffic without paid or SEO traffic. Success or fail, I will let you know how it works out!

Please leave your thoughts below.

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hey man this is a really cool experiment and one that I think will really benefit your readers. I for one am curious to see your results. But yeah having a tribe that spreads the word for you and builds traffic for you, I believe will be the way to go to get traffic in the future.

  2. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing how it works.

  3. Hi Gauher

    Look forward to hearing more about how
    you get on with building a tribe using this


  4. Good to here from you Gauher. I too use Fiverr extensively and think I may be Fiverr addict LOL. I have been on a serious spending spree on fiverr. I primarily use it for my youtube videos/ Views/Likes/Comments as well as twitter followers, bookmarking and SEO.

  5. This is a very good idea and as I am a person who like to think outside the box I am eagerly awaiting your results . I am very optimistic that this will be a new marketing Frontier.

  6. For $5 a gig, I think it is a steal.

  7. Steve

    I like how you are pursuing other methods of getting people to your site other than rehashing what has been done before. Not only does this show leadership in a niche (internet marketing) that is ripe with warmed over leftovers being served as a high class meal, but it shows your ability to think creatively. I look forward to your results whether they are positive or negative and hope you have some innovative new products coming down the pipeline in the near future.

  8. Gauher,

    Out of all the guys out there, you have alway given great content. And most of the time it’s free.
    That is a big help to someone starting out, who may not have the money to purchase some of your products or services.

    Keep up the great work.


  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. Success or fail. I can guarantee you that this will be out of the box!

  10. Derek

    Thank you!

  11. Gauher: I am looking forward to reading about your results. In fact, what you are doing is a great way to build a tribe — “publish case studies that detail the results of your projects.”

    In fact, I believe that is what most aspiring web entrepreneurs want. They don’t want theory or untested ideas that sound good. They want to read about real results from real web projects.

  12. Gauher,

    It’s been awhile since the Amazing Toronto training you put on. Can’t wait to see this report. I’ve been using Fiverr for a few things and it’s awesome. Looking forward to seeing how you’re integrating it.

    Have an awesome day!

    Tommy Lentsch

  13. Alex T

    Hey Gauher,

    Long time no talk. I like what you are doing in terms of experimenting.

    The concept of creating something sticky to where people will want to come, share, and comeback is the holy grail of internet marketing. Recent companies like Pinterest and Tumblr have figured this out.

    There is one thing that I want to point out though — These companies were funded with Angel Capital and/or Venture Capital. Usually the amount of capital invested in the millions.

    The capital was then used to create the framework and technical platform for the “tribe” to exist.

    Of course, not all of these investments paid off. In fact, most failed. But the winner takes all in this game.

    I am working with such a company now. They got a $500K investment and used it to build a platform that is the “tribe.” Without paid advertising or SEO, they are generating $40K a month in subscriptions right now. They have made over $400K since January. They would like to grow quickly, so they hired me to architect a paid marketing plan and social seo plan. Ironic.

    Best of luck to you and your experiment.

  14. eheheeh!
    amazing stuff!
    always new inputs for my little brain, but there’s no more space!

  15. Hey Gauher,

    I will definitely keep a lookout for your results. Do send it through the email newsletter as we do check out mail instead. Thanks.


  16. I’ve been working on a similar model for a few months and I found 2 strategies to be very helpful with both the viral effect and the engagement. Whatever niche or property will be at the center of your business, you can attach a video curation page and a daily deal page to it. Both generate their own traffic, engagement and repeat visits. The best tools I found for the job are Ninja Curation Profits from Tim and Anthony (The Marketing Assasin guys) and Daily Deal Builder from Mark Horn (HC Consulting Group) Both concepts definitely work in creating a Tribe.

  17. Hey Gauher,

    Sounds really interesting looking forward to the report! I’m from Toronto maybe I will attended the next training you have in TO. As far as getting traffic, I’m doing content curation and it’s working great for now!

    Best Of Luck,

  18. Its very similar to market leadership, although I like the way you put it – Tribe Marketing 🙂

    When do you plan on having the first update out there?

  19. Ive used this method before and had average results with it :/

    By the way I love how your using Fiverr to get stuff outsourced. I use Fiver alot for some SEO and graphics projects….. There are amazing Gigs on that site lol

    – Ryan

  20. Gauher, to build over 12,000 followers in about 30 days is nothing short of amazing. This is a great concept and I’m intrigued if it might work in the sleep market…? OR do you think it only works in a very general market such as the joke one? Thanks for always sharing your stuff, very cool of you.

  21. Hi Chuck,

    I think to build a huge Twitter following, you would need to have a more general topic or be a celebrity. But I think if you went into a market like sleep apnea, you could build a sizable following. But I think more important than the size of your tribe, is how responsive they are to you.


  22. Have you thought about buying Twitter followers. What do you think of people who have bought a Twitter tribe?

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