Building Traffic Momentum

Any time you build a burst of traffic to your web site, you are bound to garner the attention of many traffic ranking services.

This can benefit your web site because it allows you to get more exposure and ultimately more traffic.

But in order to create a burst of traffic, you need to control to control traffic sources that can send traffic almost immediately.

Two of the biggest sources of traffic that come to mind are:

1. Email
2. Twitter

Both of these methods of communication allow you to reach your prospect with your message quickly and have them respond fairly fast.

Traffic sources like pay per click search engines can’t nearly bring traffic as fast unless you are buying an enormous amount of clicks every our.

When I did a blog post regarding the FTC and rebill offers, I sent out an email to my list and also did a tweet on twitter and the traffic came in fairly fast.

Below is a screenshot on Alexa that shows my blog post as the third web site listed under “Hot Pages”, which is category that lists the most popular web pages on the web at that moment.

This is a direct link from that also resulted in a windfall of traffic to my blog post other than the email that I sent out to my list and the tweet that I did.

I used to think that Twitter was a waste of time because there are not a lot of people making huge amounts of money from it, but I now see it as a great way to generate instant traffic.

Besides, email and Twitter, what other forms of instant traffic are there?

Please let me know by leaving your comments. 😉