Traffic Diary #1: Email Solo Ads

I recently ventured into buying solo ads on other email lists in order to gain more subscribers.  Over the years , I have built up my lists from paid traffic and product launches and wanted to see how effective buying a solo ad would be.

I ended up purchasing my first email solo ad through Ashley Gough at and went for the package of 500 clicks for $180.

This works out to $0.36 per visitor.

Ashley was easy to work with and had my solo ad sent out within just a few days of me sending the $180 ad cost.  This was just a test experiment and I have to admit that I didn’t write very compelling copy for the solo ad.  Here is actually what I sent to Ashley to email out:

–> Start

“Finally! A Simple And Proven Method Of Making Money Online…”

Discover how you can earn massive affiliate commissions online by
promoting CPA offers. Free 95-page exclusive report reveals startegies
and tactics on how to make a six figure monthly income simply promoting
CPA offers.

Grab your FREE copy today.

–> End

Now that I look back at this copy, it was pretty lame.  But since Ashley guaranteed 500 clicks, I figured only the real interested individuals would click on my tracking link.

Here were the results.

Clicks: 584

Opt-Ins: 101

One-Time-Offer Sales: $54.00

So I basically paid ($180-$54 = $126 / 101 = $1.25 per opt-in)

Considering on average that the life-time value of a person on my CPA marketing list is about $10.00, I thought that these were great results.  I do plan on buying more solo ads with Ashley and other lists that sell solo ads.

If you are struggling to build a decent opt-in list, I recommend buy ads in other targeted ezines to capture more prospects.  You can always subsidize your ad buys by placing a one-time-offer on the “Thank-You” page of your opt-in process.  I don’t recommend buying solo ads and sending them to a sales page, you will be much better of in the long-run by using solo ads to build a list.

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