Traffic Diary #5: Solo Ad With Heimmer Finsson

I purchased a solo ad placement with Heimmer Finsson who runs a solo ad service.  I purchased this at the same time I purchased a solo ad with Igor Keifets.  In this deal I was paying a slightly lower rate of $115 for 200 clicks and sent it to the same opt-in page for my PPC lead funnel at

Here are the results:

Heimmer ending up sending 318 clicks (118 bonus clicks) and out of these clicks, 54 prospects ended up double opting into my PPC lead funnel.  This means I paid roughly $2.12 a lead, which was almost the same CPA value that I got from Igor’s solo ad service.

I already mentioned that I lead on this particular list has a lifetime value of $10, so once again this was a good deal and I will be purchasing more.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry

Traffic Diary #4: Solo Ad With Igor Kheifets

Recently I purchased a solo ad ad from Igor Kheifets to see how well his list would perform with my PPC opt in lead funnel.  I purchased the smallest package, which was $125 for 200 clicks.

I was sent people to the opt-in page at, which is a lead generator for my higher end PPC training course.

The opt-in rate for this page before I bought the solo ad from Igor was around the 20% mark. (Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement!)

Here are the results of my $125 solo ad with Igor.

Igor ended up sending me 333 clicks (123 extra clicks) and brought in 60 double opt-in subscribers to my funnel.  So I roughly paid about $2.08 per subscriber which is a good deal considering the lifetime value of a prospect on this list is about $10.

The opt-in rate for this solo ad campaign worked out to about 18%, which is slightly less than the average.  I felt that this was a fairly good result and will be purchasing one of Igor’s bigger solo ad packages soon. So Igor’s solo ad service gets my two thumbs up.

I will be working to improve the squeeze page to get a better opt-in rate and a better bang for my buck.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry

Traffic Diary #3:

Recently I joined a web service, which allows you buy solo ads that go out to their network of email members.

These sites cater to biz ops, work at home and make money niches.  I decided to join and purchase a package to gauge the quality of the traffic.  I ended up purchasing 25 solo ads for $97.  This gives me an opportunity to mail the network 25 times.

Here are the results of this traffic experiment:

I sent out one solo ads for my pay per click opt-in list at  The strategy is to put people in the lead funnel for my Pay Per Click Formula course at  The average opt-in rate on this squeeze page is about 22.0%.

The first and only solo ad that I sent out has generated 300 clicks with only 2 opt-ins.

So an opt-in rate of 0.66%, which is well below the 22.0% average.

So although the results are pretty depressing, I still have 24 opportunities left to figure out what would work for this type of market.

I may try a CPA offer related to the biz opp make money market and see how well that does.

So I look forward to sharing more results with this traffic service.

Anybody had success with this traffic source? Feel free to comment.


Gauher Chaudhry

AdBeat: How Mike Colella Made Over $50,000 In One Day With Clickbank Products

It has been almost 14 months since I last did a webinar with Mike Colella and his success with media buys. Since then he has gone on to do some monster days with media buys and most recently did over $50,000 in affiliate commission in ONE day sending banner traffic to Clickbank products.

The interesting thing to note is that he did no use the Google content network at all and some of the traffic sources that he did use were completely new to him. This is real evidence of the large amount of traffic that is available outside of Google.  Below is a replay of the webinar if you missed it.

To take advantage of Mike’s discounted offer on Adbeat, make sure that you Click Here

Feel free to leave your comments on the webinar below.

To your success,

Gauher Chaudhry

Traffic Diary #2:

Recently I decided to do some media buys using is basically a self-serve platform that allows you to buy banners on specific web sites.  I decided to promote in order to generate more leads for my CPA marketing list.  I ended up spending $199 to have my banners placed on three specific web sites for a total of 30 days.  The results ended up being pretty dismal.

The ads generated only 50 clicks from 240,381 impressions, which is a horrible click-thru rate.

There are two main factors that I believe resulted in the poor click-thru rate, which were a poor initial control banner and not optimizing the banners enough times.  I ended up only totaling two banners against each other and if I had continued to improve on the banners, I am sure the 50 clicks could have easily been 100-150 clicks before the campaigns ended. To make matters worse, I messed up placing the tracking pixel, so I am not sure how many of these 50 clicks even converted into subscribers. Doh! A great learning experience.

Watch the video below as I walk you through the results.

Comments?  Please leave them below.