CPA Marketing In 2013

Earlier today I recorded a webinar for hundreds of attendees who wanted to know how to get started and profitable with CPA marketing in 2013.  I actually started two live campaigns on the webinar and within 30 minutes of the webinar ending I started to get clicks and conversions on one of the offers. See the screen shot below:



This campaign was set up with 7search traffic with an average bid of $0.05 CPC and it is already getting a $0.13 EPC meaning that I am making an $0.08 profit on every single click.  I have already added more traffic sources to this campaign and hope to hit 100 leads before the end of the day for this campaign.  This just goes to show that nothing happens until you take action and make things happen.

Watch the webinar below by clicking on the video.

If you enjoyed the webinar, please retweet or Like this blog post. If you have any questions about CPA marketing, feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will answer it.  You can order CPA Quantum at by clicking here.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Orestes

    Hi! Gauher,

    Thanks for the awesome webinar…the best I´ve ever seen!


  2. Wim

    Hi ,
    I was surprised to hear about the argument you had with Aweber on spam complaints . Can this be avoided by using the autoresponder feature in my C Panel from my hosting company ? By the way , this was a most interesting webinar full of content and good tips. Thank you again !

  3. Hi Wim,

    Yes if use the mail server on your own domain (via Cpanel), this will not be an issue.


  4. Dennys

    Would you recommend buying CPA Quantum first and then later on PPC Formula, or can a newbie buy the latter one and still be able to start?

    By the way, best webinar I’ve attended. I truly recommend it. If that’s just the webinar the products must be top of the line. I wish you the best.

  5. mare

    Gauher, thanks so much for the webinar. I thought it was very helpful and always appreciate the time and thought that you put into educating the rest of us. You are a natural born teacher!

  6. Hi Dennys,

    You can purchase PPC Formula even if you are a newbie. CPA Quantum is a good place to start if you are on a tight budget.


  7. Mare and Orestes, glad you enjoyed the webinar!


  8. Alan


    What is the best places to buy paid traffic

  9. Hi Gauher: This webinar has been just great, valuable content, can you provide the Token that is use with 7-Search campaigns. I was not able to assist to the webinar on the day it was offered so I’m seeing the replay, thank you so much…Louis

  10. Alan: I like Adwords, Bind Ads, 7search, Looksmart and

    Louis: the keyword token is ###KEYWORD### and the partner token is ###AFFID###-###RID###


  11. el


    i want to start with CPA and wanted to know what do you recommend to start with and some other newbie advices to start cpa campaigns.

    what are the traffic sources you recommend to start with ?

  12. arman

    Hi Gauher,

    Nicely done,very informative and well presented.
    Somehow i could only watch the webinar until at min 44, and
    then it stopped. Any problem with the video? can i download it?

    i bought the CPA quantum. It’s a good start for a newbie to jump
    in the CPA world.


  13. Eric


    Because I wanted watch your video at a later date and I wasn’t sure if it would still be up, I usually download online videos using RealPlayer Downloader.

    However, when I just type in the hosting site’s name, “”, I get the message in Spanish that this site has been hacked by “syskcO”. I don’t know if this is normal or not. But I figured I should give you the heads up on this.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


  14. Arman: Please make sure the video buffers right to the end ad then you will be okay to watch the whole thing.

    Eric: Replay will be up on my blog so you can come back and watch at any time.


  15. Ralph

    Hi Gauher,

    So where to start for a sort of newbie IM Stealth, CPA quantum, is CPA quantum the same as the WSO on WF right now? At any rate which one for a newbie to start and not loose to much money?

  16. Hi Gauher:

    I purchased your CPA Quantum and found a reference to the above video in one of your Warrior Forum posts for the CPA Quantum offer.

    I was watching the video, but at the 70 minute mark the video screen goes green and fast-forwards to the end.

    I am very interested in seeing you set-up CPA campaigns to see if I can learn something to help me give CPA another try as I have failed everytime I tried in the past.

    Something is definitely wrong with the video.

    Can you please take a look at it and see if you can fix it or re-upload it to the blog?

    Tony Alves

  17. George

    Dear Gauher,
    Please let me know what is the price tag for your CPA course.
    Look forward to hear from you.
    Kind Regards

  18. Colin


    That is one of the most valuable webinar replays I’ve seen. Unfortunately I was unable to view it in one sitting and now find that the link has gone.

    I live in Australia and I understand a lot of CPA networks limit the types of offers that I can do in the US?


  19. Hi Gauher,

    Wanted to checkout the video but seems to be an error. I was interested in PPC 3 after seeing the launch of CPA Quantum.

    Let me know what is happening, I would prefer to go directly to ppc 3 as i already have some affiliate marketing experience.


  20. For those f you who are getting errors or problems watching the webinar replay, please allow the entire webinar to buffer fist so that you don’t have any problems. Thanks.

    Alex: I would go directly to PPCF 3.

    Colin: I don’t know of any network that limits Australians from running US offers on CPA networks. Not sure who told you that?

    George: There is currently a special at Warrior Forum for $17 until the end of this week.

    Ralph: If you are a newbie, start with CPA Quantum.

  21. Hi Gauher:

    Just a follow-up to my previous post that will hopefully help those having trouble watching the video.

    I was using Internet Explorer when watching the video.

    I tried again this morning and made sure that it buffered to the end as you suggested, before starting to watch it.

    This time it played almost to the end, but it froze just before it got to the end and it wouldn’t play again even after closing and re-starting IE.

    I then tried Firefox and it played to the end without any problems.

    By the way, thank you for the great video.

    Tony Alves

  22. Thanks Gauher,

    Just finished watching, Fantastic webinar, will now move on to checking PPCF 3.

    Just a bit unsure of the tracking part. Will you be releasing your own tracking platform in the future?

    Any updates on the Fubar campaign?


  23. Alex: I am still debating releasing my own tracking system that I use. The Fubar is campaign is at 100 leads a day as I am capped out at this number to assess quality of my leads. If i wasn’t capped it would probably be at the 200 leads a day mark. I am still working on increasing the quality so that they will remove the cap.


  24. where can i get the CPA Quantarm from? I am a noob at this

  25. Cameron

    Hi Gauher,

    Is there a way to track the other traffic sources you mentioned ie Advertise

    Is there Tokens or do i have to use Prosper202? could you let me know how i do this please

    Thank you

  26. cameron


    What so you can’t be bothered to answere my question, so you just delete my comment.

    I thought you was in the monority of The marketers out there that actually want to help people, but now i see you are in the Majority who just want to take people’s money.

    Well done to you Gauher

  27. Hi Cameron, comments are not automatically posted. They have to be approved first before appearing live on my blog. So no your comment was not deleted. Every traffic source has there own tokens so it varies from network to network and you need to speak to your account rep there to find out what they are so you can pass them to your CPA report.


  28. cameron

    Oh Sorry, I thought it was deleted.

    Mainly it was that i needed tokens for, i saw a PDF that you had which has the tokens in, for example <>and <> but am confused where i put these, I need to track the keyword and publisher, i think there the main ones. I was going to contact the network but they don’t operate on weekends and i wanted to get a campaign set up today and Take action 🙂

  29. Cameron: They should have full training in their help section that tells you how to place the tokens.


  30. cameron

    Yes i found it, thank you Gauher.

    Do you mind me asking what network you find the best out of 7search and Advertise?

    In terms of conversions, ROI and scalability? or if there is any other Network you recommend which has those.

    Also how good are PPT networks?

    Thanks again Gauher

  31. Anas


    I wanted to know, before I buy the CPA Quantum, if it is still worth it in 2013, are the rules different, or is it a great book for a new person just getting started in PPC, CPA, etc. ,I want to make money right away, and I will try my best to take action.

    Thank You

  32. Gauher, can I have the slides from this webinar, please?

  33. Metrics can be a bothersome, confusing layer to a campaign, whether it’s social media or any other digital campaign. Metrics are difficult to prove. And social strategists often have the most difficulty, out of anyone in the organization, trying to prove the value of a major effort put forth in the digital space. The majority of CMOs are traditional marketers, and unless one dollar invested isn’t greater or equal to that dollar put forward, business value comes into question. In 2012, CMOs will intensify their scrutiny of social media investments and evaluate their overall worth. Social strategists and brand marketers must be prepared.

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