CPA Marketing In 2013

Earlier today I recorded a webinar for hundreds of attendees who wanted to know how to get started and profitable with CPA marketing in 2013.  I actually started two live campaigns on the webinar and within 30 minutes of the webinar ending I started to get clicks and conversions on one of the offers. See the screen shot below:



This campaign was set up with 7search traffic with an average bid of $0.05 CPC and it is already getting a $0.13 EPC meaning that I am making an $0.08 profit on every single click.  I have already added more traffic sources to this campaign and hope to hit 100 leads before the end of the day for this campaign.  This just goes to show that nothing happens until you take action and make things happen.

Watch the webinar below by clicking on the video.

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Gauher Chaudhry