CPA Slice And Dice

Last November, I held an event in Toronto and one of the speakers was Jonathan van Clute who talked on the topic of “Coding for Marketers.” He touched upon beginner and advanced coding strategies and he also talked about black hat coding strategies. Below is a small portion of his presentation where he talks about slicing and dicing a CPA offer and placing it on your own landing page. Although he doesn’t provide the exact code on how to do this, I am pretty sure you can find it if you search hard on the Internet or look for it in the forums. Some CPA advertisers will allow you to do this while others may not, so use at your own discretion. Please give the video some time to load as it is a large file. (If you can’t see a video screen at all below, you may need to deactivate your anti-virus software that may be blocking it.)

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