Do Wacky Split Results Mean Wacky Conversion Numbers?

A few weeks ago I did a post on a split-test I was running on POF ads that revealed some interesting results.  Every split-test that I ran using an image of sensuous lips continually out-performed any other image with a higher click-thru rate (CTR) on the ad.


Thanks for all your feedback and the most common question I received was whether this affected the conversion rate.  This test was for a diet related offer.  One would assume that since the image was not related to the content of the ad, it would have a poor conversion rate compared to the others.

I ended up taking the two most popular images (highest CTRs) and comparing their conversion rates.

Here were the results.

Sensuous Lips – 1,583 clicks and 5 conversions = 0.31585% conversion rate
Fast Food Image – 1,271 clicks and 1 conversion = 0.078% conversion rate

Now, one might argue that these number are not statistically valid because there were not enough sales.

Who really cares?

When I am spending money on paid traffic, I will stick with the sensuous lips after that many clicks.

If you start seeing a bunch of banners running online with different sensuous lips, you will know who is running them. 😉

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Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Yeah, I think this is cool. It goes to show that split-testing can actually help the marketer make viable decision.

    The lips convert more because its more ‘sensual’ than the diet image.

    I agree with you on this: “When I am spending money on paid traffic, I will stick with the sensuous lips after that many clicks.”

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    Sunday –

  2. Stewart Kelly

    Interesting split test Gauher. I’m wondering if the color of the lipstick made a difference too?

  3. mahmoud

    what about the ( brand image ) in the market

    when you promote a big brand

    is these is allowed

  4. Thanks for sharing your results Gauher.

    I’ve used lips for ads before but never ever thought they’d work in fast food ads.

    The big question is: why do people who click on lips end of converting? What is so different about them?

    Like to get some boffin scientist to try to answer that.

  5. Great info Gauher! There must be something about lips because I’ve had great results with lip pics as well for multiple niches. I’m glad you followed through with the conversion results because as you know sometimes the highest CTR ad doesn’t convert the best.

  6. Khoren

    Thanks for sharing.I see those lips on facebook now 🙂 How was the sales? were these people buying after click through or it was more curiosity clicks?

  7. I’m getting on board 🙂 Funny I stopped using POF a little while back to focus no second tier search networks and PPV, might consider going back to it.

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