1. JIm

    Good Job Gauher…..I personally like the reminder. When you follow a lot of internet marketers some emails can get lost in the shuffle

    Jim Wright

  2. James D

    Yes, Email Marketing is still the most profitable form of marketing out their if done properly. I total agree that list hygiene is paramount this day and age. I aggressively scrub lists every year. I email them at least three times a week and tack,split test constantly. Keeping fresh subscribers keep the lights on! You have to keep obtaining new data for long term profitability.
    Great Info Gauher

  3. Hey James, you must have great open rates!


  4. williams

    To be honest with you, I had to save the email because it was one the best reactivation emails I have seen recently “i just deleted 8,000+ subscribers… are you next? ” Love the subject line a lot. Evoked a lot of emotions Curiosity being one of them. That was I opened it too. Was wondering if you were going to delete me too. Did I do anything wrong? etc.

  5. Hey William,

    Curiousity provoking headlines work very well. That email had my highest open rate in years.


  6. Good to hear your thoughts on this issue, Gauher. I attempted to clean my list last year. I got such a response from the “never opened, never clicked a link” people I contacted saying they were pending removal if they didn’t reply, I chose to back away from the whole idea! I guess I have a lot of lurkers on my list, and the tracking of who opens and clicks what is not perfect by a long way.

  7. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for your feedback. That is why I gave them a “last chance” to resubscribe. I figured that if they couldn’t go through spending 10 seconds to resubscribe, they probably were a very good prospect to have on my list anyways. If they thought I had provided any sort of value over the years, resubscribing would be a no-brainer.


  8. Wayne

    Hey Gauher:

    Great advice as usual. A couple of years ago at one of your workshops, I was talking with a high profile internet marketer who suggested that I take this approach with the multitude of lists that I was on at the time. I took his sage advice and consequently I am no longer deluged with a daily dose of crap dropping into my inboxes (of which I maintain four). What a huge time saver!!!


    P.S. You’re safe though because I would never unsubscribe from your list. LOL

  9. Doug

    Hey Gauher,

    Not sure what all the Brouhaha is about. List maintenance just sounds sensible to me.

  10. Hi Gauher:
    Thanks for your email… I am kind of new and have very small list. But the information in your video is priceless… Thanks a lot…..
    I am in the process of unsubscribing from some lists….. too many emails… overwhelming.
    I will make the point to check all your emails from now on.
    I respect the fact that you took the time to explain about cleaning your list concept. I have never heard anything about this at all.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Hi Gauther
    You say you offered a lead magnet (bribe?) to keep them subscribed………..
    So where’s my bribe to stay on your list? (LOL)
    P.S. Good video- very concise

  12. Gene Daniels

    Hey Gauther,
    Fair and honest way to clean your list plus offering one last attempt was kinda like a OTO for free to stay. 🙂
    Great info as always!

  13. Bonnie-Lyle Hoffman

    Thank you for clarifying.

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