Extreme Targeting With Pay Per View Traffic

Yesterday I started testing a new CPA campaign by sending pay per view (PPV) traffic from Trafficvance.  One of the most powerful features of bidding on domain targets is that you can match your offers with the most relevant audience.

Generally when promoting a CPA offer, I will immediately start bidding on competitor domains since this is the most targeted traffic that you can possibly get.

Take a look below at the results of a campaign I started testing with just yesterday.

You can see that the total ad spend for this single domain target was $2.94, which managed to get 197 impressions for an average bid price of $0.0149 per impression.

Below are the results of the revenue that was generated from this $2.94 ad spend.

The daily revenue was a whopping $45.10 resulting in a ROI of 1500%.  There are not very many traffic sources that can get you an ROI of 1500% and this just shows the extreme targeting that you an get with PPV traffic.

With this experiment, I was sending the traffic to a rotation of landing pages and measuring which pages were giving me the highest CTR using a software tool called PPV Dominator.  This allowed me to allocate a higher weight to the landing pages that were generating a higher click-thru rate (CTR).

The interesting thing to note is that not all the traffic was going to this offer either. I was rotating multiple landing pages and sending them to multiple CPA offers to see which combination gave me the best results.  So there was a little bit of more revenue from other similar CPA offers that were in the rotation.

By the end of the day, I could determine what landing page and what CPA offer was generating the highest return.  This is how important testing is and most marketers usually do not put this much effort into optimizing their ad campaigns.  I expect today to be even better now that I have started this exact campaign on other PPV traffic sources such as Lead Impact and Media Traffic.  Even if I can get half the results of this campaign on this PPV network, that is still a 750% ROI.

There are so many different ways that this campaign can be scaled out and here are just a few strategies:

1. Add more relevant targets to the campaign

2. Continue to improve the landing page for a higher CTR

3. Ask my affiliate manager for a pay bump once I get the volume of leads much higher

These are just a few tips.

Once again, this is why I love paid traffic.  You can literally buy it on demand.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hey Gauher,

    Great post buddy! Curious if you were linking directly to the offer page or if you were linking to a review/presell landing page first.

    Take Care,

  2. Hey Brett,

    I was linking to presell landing pages first. Rotating various landing pages and improving the CTR rate. I find it very difficult to make PPV profitably directly linking to a CPA offer nowadays.


  3. Hi Gauher, which is your favorite ppv traffic network and what is the minimum buy? thanks. Matt.

  4. Hey Matt,

    It would have to be Trafficvance by a long shot. Best quality of traffic followed closely by Lead Impact. Minimum deposit needed to get started with Trafficvance in $1000 and you do need a referral from a current advertiser or affiliate rep to get in.


  5. Abhay

    On TV for several campaigns I have noticed that I get superb conversions (similar to what you have shown here) for first 2-3 days and then the conversions drop like crazy with almost no conversions on the same exact keywords, with same bids and positions, for several days. Have you seen this?

  6. Hi Abhay,

    This can happen if you fall out of top position and your impressions fall OR if the same people are seeing your landing page. Then you will need to adjust the frequency of your PPV traffic to a longer duration (i.e. from one day to maybe one week) so that the same people are not seeing the same offer.


  7. Williams

    @ Big G!
    If you are NOT getting a lot of traffic or impressions or whatever on traffic vance. They NOT going to shut down your account, are they?

    I know it sound stupid.

  8. No, they won’t. There have been times in last few years where I didn’t run anything for weeks.

  9. Wow – hell of a ROI… that’s awesome Gauher…

    We’re getting things rolling here with PPV as well – fun times…

    Take care!


  10. Arun

    Hi Gauher ,

    In the back of your head do u feel like this is black hat kinda stuff.Am not sure if I understood this correctly, but what happens if the browsers just stop all kinda pop ups so stopping the viewer from viewing your ad which should take him/her to the landing page.Is Vdopia.com a similar offering ?


  11. Itu

    This is sick Gauher,

    One thing that I’m learning through my paid traffic experience is that the more targeted I am the more conversions I get. I have never done PPV because I thought that all the traffic was dirty.

    And I also thought that since their are not a ton of people that get shown PPC pop ups I thought that advertising space would be limited. But this proves other wise!

    Thanks for this bro.

  12. @Arun

    Browser won’t block popups from a network like TrafficVance, because it’s not the browser that initiates the popup, it’s adware software that they have installed. This is true of any company who’s popups are the result of adware, as opposed to simple publisher popups where you get the popup from visiting someone’s web site. THOSE can definitely be blocked by popup blockers.


  13. Williams

    @Jonathan or @Big G!
    They say dig deeper in these competitive websites.
    Just started with Traffic Vance.
    I am bidding on some of the most highly visited sites (as per alexis)
    .. and not a lick on traffic on some of these sites.
    Am I digging too deep?
    No, I am not bidding on contact me pages!
    And they say traffic comes as the speed of light?
    This is crazy
    What niche? Dating.
    What sites am i bidding on? dating sites like eharmony.
    Can you believe that?
    I must be doing something terribly wrong here.
    Now as I type, I am brainstorming on creative ways of using keywords to target them.
    sorry if i am out of line here

  14. Williams,

    What position are you in for the targets that you are bidding on? If you are not in the top three, you are only going to see a trickle of traffic.


  15. Williams

    @Goosh! This is why you are the best of all these guy out there. These people just tell you to do this or that but don’t ever give you the complete information. Thanks. I am going to bid higher and make sure that I am in the TOP 3.

    It has x on it. Meaning it is not being served at the moment. I think they going to start it on Monday.

    Gauher! Once again.

    ps: (for the doubting Thomases out there, this is NOT some set up to promote this guy ok.If you’ve been around these so called experts or guru’s as I have and you finally find one that you tell you as it is. Trust me, you listen.) I was foolish, stupid, I did not listen at first.

    Gauher is one of such you should listen to regarding this stuff.
    I rest my case!

  16. Ryan

    Hi Gauher, are you able to recommend me to TV? I am working with LeadImpact but I understand TV got much more traffic.

  17. Sorry but I don’t provide referrals to TV.

  18. Eli


    Thanks for the helpful info. Can you give us an idea of how many targets you started with for the campaign above and how many are in it now? I know it will fluctuate from campaign to campaign but it will be a good place to begin. Thanks!

  19. Hi Eli,

    The campaign has about 600 targets, but this case study isolated just the one target with the number of conversions coming from just this one target.


  20. Derek

    Thank you very much for this info Gauher.

    Can you please tell me about or show me one of the presell landing pages. I do NOT want you to share ANY copy. NOT even a hint of your campaign. Blur it out. What I want to see is how complicated the landing page is.

    Is it just a one page static site? A landing page plus Privacy, Contact etc.? A blog?

    How did you construct the page. How much time was spent? Do you model LPs on the CPA offer’s landing page (take/use images from etc.)?

    If you have an example landing page you could share (maybe some old passed LP that has nothing to do with a campaign you are running), it would greatly appreciate seeing it. Just a screen shot.

    I know this is a lot to ask. And I am sorry for that. But I think this is a stumbling block many of us have. I tend to make things more complicated than I need to. This would help.

    Lastly, where can one find out more about PPV Dominator?

    Thank you again Gauher.

  21. Eli

    Thanks Gauher. I think I have about 40 in my current PPV campaign so I definitely have some work to do. Do you have any recommendations on tracking that will make it easier to pinpoint the most productive targets?

  22. Derek

    thank you Gauher.

  23. Zeesh

    You’re the best Gauher, thanks for sharing and a great post as always.

  24. Hey Gauher,

    Im pretty new to your blog but added it to my rss feed, its BRILLIANT you share so much info about your campaigns. Thank you! I will definitely stay tuned – it’s amazing how much you split test – and I also noted you say traffic to the standard CPA offer pages tend to not convert so well as to your own ones. Really interesting, do you still find this to be the case?

    Best wishes, Clare 🙂

  25. By the way – it’s also AWESOME that you REPLY to people’s posts on here. So many people don’t. Great job- sad that in this day and age I feel the need to thank people just for giving a s**t – LOL – but anyway – cheers, you rock. 🙂

  26. Hi Claire,

    The key to succeeding online is to test, test test. I find that if you can resell an offer to a prospect, this will drive conversions up when they go the CPA offer rather than directly linking in some cases.


  27. Andrej

    Hei Gauher,

    I hope you dont mind that I ask you a question through the comments on your blog here, but it seems you know what you are doing when it comes to PPV 🙂

    I was testing a new campaign the other day:

    -I setup 5 different landers and added about 4 different offers

    My avarage CTR has been over 60%, but unfortunately I have got zero leads. The offers ranged from 4 page forms to a simple drop down submit. I have tryed to explain the visitors on my lander what the offer is about.

    What do you think was going wrong? Do you think its the traffic source that was bad or is it the offer? Or mabye I am creating wrong ideas on my landing page and users are dissapointed when they arrive at the offer?

    Thanks for you thoughts on that!

    p.s. great blog!

  28. Hi Andrej,

    I need to know the traffic source and number of impressions you generated before I can make any judgment.


  29. Hello,
    Gauher bro i am new on your blog and i am really surprised to see your results above. Bro i am also worried about ppv because i have ruined 300$ with no leads. I have changed my landing pages. I have used geo targeting, voice msgs, animations etc everything which i can done. My CTR is around all of landing pages upto 55%. But what’s the problem and where. Every time i have select a network top converting offer. I have tried dating, zip submits and loans verticals but results no leads. I just say that please help because a lot of people not give real methods. Guide all of us

  30. That’s killer ROI!
    Can you tell me more about your landing page, Gauher?

  31. Hope questions posted on this blog are still being replied too? I would like to know what Landing Page creator do you recommend? Having the ability to rotate multiple landing pages is very important, so I’m hoping you can suggest a couple of LP scripts to checkout. Thanks for the great info.

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