Free Media Buying Guide

After learning from the best when it comes to media buying over the last one year, I have successfully launched my own profitable campaigns.

I have learned so much and want to share with you what I have learned in a new PDF report that I recently wrote.

This 50-page report covers the basics of media buying and what you need to successfully get started.

These are the media buying tactics that you need to know.

I would love to get your feedback.

Download The Free Media Buying Guide

I welcome your comments below!

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hi Gauher. Did a fast scant trough this guide and it looks very good! Already on my list to read it next week when I get some free time.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  2. Ted

    Perfect weekend reading!! I know many from a few masterminds I am in will be eager to see this. Thanks Gauher – SUPER bummed I missed your workshop… can’t wait for the highlights! All the best!

  3. Kenny Gates

    You know they say that Google is the Big G. But I am starting to think Gauher is the Big G. This guide is the definition of quality. It is remarkable guide and has forever changed my life for the better.


    Ps. I will be reading this guide with a rum and coca cola…or should I make that a double?

  4. Gauher gives away too many secrets… For free :p

  5. Kevin B

    Thanks much Gauher! Suspect many would’ve paid a pretty penny for that guide, really great resource and training, AND, one of the most professional looking and well done guides I’ve seen. This is one I’ll be re-reading and referring to many times. Very happy (and thankful) to be on your list!

  6. chris

    hi Gauher,

    thanks for the free guide I’ve read in an sounds interesting. Tell me how easy is this and what sort of on line help would one get from you for a person totally new to internet marketing?

    thanks Chris

  7. Anton

    Hi Gauher!

    Thanks for the report – from it I discovered that 7search has a display network as well! Looking fine, I just never could make their PPC work.

    I’m now promoting garcinia CPS offer via the advertising lander (not advertorial, just a good research article), that’s been proven to work on other traffic sources. And even with targeted keywords and ad copy, the volume is not great and it’s not converting.

    I still remember you’ve been making up to $10000 a day on 7search, cannot imagine what niches are having good volume on 7search.

  8. Dushan

    Thanks Kindly Gauher. Just completed reading your Media Buy Guide…absolutely, as always I learn a ton from you bro. I also have to thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to attend your Media Buy Conference, in Toronto. I came away with information I am now setting up to use to build my success on solid ground. No more falling prey to “G Slaps”, fly by night traffic brokers and other “black holes” in IM. The information provided allows me to remove the guesswork and plan strategies that are more logical and “testable, …therefore tweekable”
    The only way to build a business successfully is logically and scientifically where possible.

    Please keep me updated on your new products or conferences…
    Best Regards

  9. Hi Gauher, I’ve just been introduced to you via the Info Cash mailing list, currently downloading your eBook and mp3. Will leave my thoughts after reading through it.

  10. Ted

    I wish at the beginning you would have explained the difference between ppc or paid traffic and media buys or even defined what media buys are.
    I have always put everything aside to go after organic traffic but nowadays with Google it is imperative to add other types of traffic and I thank you for your excellent info and guide and i will in the future listen and perhaps even buy.

  11. Hi Guys/Gals,

    Thanks for all your great feedback.

    Chris: Make massive amounts of money online is never easy. You need to put in the hard work, persistence and dedication.

    Dushan: Thanks for making to out to my last workshop. You go down in history as the one marketer who has attended all my live events. I appreciate the support.

    Ted: If you are referring to the report, I clearly define media buying in the first few pages.


  12. Great info much of it was new information for me. Thanks for providing such a well written manual.

  13. I just finished reading your Media Buying Tactics pdf and was quite surprised at the great information. But what really surprised me was there was no selling… just fantastically, useful information that I am going to put into play. When I got to the very last word, all I could say was WOW! I’m new to CPA Marketing and hope to start making the big bucks. Working on getting together a decent advertising budget right now, but I’m committed to making this work. Thank you so very much for this report!!

  14. Hello Gauher!
    Thanks again for the pure content. You never let me down with any piece of information you shared. You always over-delivered. And now I must say that this report also has got pretty. Feels really god that way.
    Respect, man.

  15. CB

    I can’t thank you enough for this information. I just completed your guide, and I am going to get started right away. This is exactly what I was looking for and needed very badly.
    Thank you so much!

  16. Hey Gauher, I picked up your report this morning via Brad Callen, and have been really impressed. I knew a little about media buys and have tried using the Google Ad network, but got shut down pretty quickly when they didn’t like some of the words on my site, like “make money”, etc. Interesting learning experience to say the least.

    I also really appreciated the no hype format of your report, and also no sales pitch. Very refreshing from the usual junk that hits my inbox. Interested to learn more. Thanks again.

    P.S – Nice comment optin form. Hadn’t thought of using the check-boxes.

  17. dan


    Thanks for the great information. There is one important detail to which I notice and hope that you can fill us in on, which is how to advertise if one is not a product owner but an affiliate.

    That’s really the challenge of media buying or purchasing ads on Google’s display ad networks and others.

    Your thoughts?


  18. ‘Ding’ – that is the light bulb going on in my head. I have been sitting staring into space trying to figure out if it was time to give up and move on. Hate to think that I have wasted the last two years of my life learning all these new skills only to have to throw in the towel.

    I don’t even know how I came across this report but a big thank you for all the information you have shared.

  19. Aziz

    I am highly fascinated at the depth and quality of this 50 page report. Couldn’t take my eyes off it for a second until I finished it. I have been circling around making media buying work for me but yet to make any breakthrough. I think this is the guide that will propel me to becoming successful online. Gauher, I am personally requesting to be your student so I can learn your never before imaginable ways of making great income online.

  20. Dear Gauher,
    I should have got you to do my Doctorate Thesis.
    An excellent product.
    May I suggest that for anyone new however it is overwhelming.
    I have read through twice and it is so much to absorb it is almost like stydying my Doctorate again.
    If you could take me through a simple application. Decide on demographics, target market, research sites and generally step 1 to step 10. Submit and wait for the hits.
    I will start when I get time as I want to launch my wife’s Herbal Medicine site as well as sellnig other persons product’s.
    Best wishes

  21. Gauther,

    Thanks for writing this media guide. It has brought together plenty f different ideas and angles to consider when deciding how to promote a business online.

    Excellent work.


  22. Dominic Johnson

    Hey Gauher

    Thanks for this free guide great info on media buying…


  23. Firstoknow

    $997 course coming? MBS way out for most folks

  24. Orestes

    Hi! Gauher,

    Thank you so much for the great report… looks very interesting and I look forward
    for your next mobile course.

    Till then be blessed!


  25. Makes a great deal of sense. We have been looking into RTB for a while now. Time to pull the trigger.

  26. We are always looking to find more traffic at a better price. This media kit is great. What else can you offer for information to get started.

  27. Edwin

    Great report. I printed it out and had it spiral bound so it is available to reread anywhere I want. I am looking forward to more info from MediaBuyingSumo.

  28. Brilliant marketer and great info! Keep up the good work.

  29. Hi Gauher!

    Thanks for the AWESOME media buying guide! I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that I would love to get more in depth into this subject. Thanks again!

  30. Doug

    I signed up for the media buying sumo, and the products from Danny Mallinder The BOSS MobInsiders Mega Magazine pack/JVZoo. Part of it was your Media Buying Tactics. I tried to print it in the PDF form and I could not print past page 18? So I went to and did some trobleshooting. I was able to print other PDF files I downloaded without a problem but, on media buying tactics at page 18 my printer keeps saying memory is low and stops printing. Long story short, Hp thinks the file is corrupted My printer is a color laserjet CP1518ni How do I get a paper copy? Thanks

  31. Stewart Kelly

    Thanks Gauher for sharing another great presentation and adding your own unique insights into retargeting. I learned RTB is even more complex than I thought so am eagerly looking forward to the next videos.

  32. Ivan Buda

    Hi Gauher,

      It seems that after the discovery of a large marketer Neil Patel I discovered a further brilliant marketer.
    I am looking forward to the next big things.


  33. Henry Morales

    Thank you very much for this very valuable information. Please keep it flowing,. I am interested in your courses. Perhaps some time you will visit Mexico. There is a growing interest in your expertise. Would you consider doing a Seminar here?

  34. I could not believe that quality information in the MBG would be given out free considering that i had just signed up for a mastermind group and one of the issues raised in there was Media Buy. I am very grateful to you. God bless you.

  35. micha

    Thank you for all these ,,strong doc,,.and even I am new, at my first web lessons, I will see what you just sent.I hope that soon I will have more experience with your helping courses.
    Thank you.

  36. Ken

    Great info here. I read it once as a “breeze through” and will be reading the next time to get more in depth. I can see how this can work and am looking forward to giving it a shot.

  37. Steve

    I received your guide and I just wanted to let you know that it was superb. I have spent much more
    for far less. I truly appreciated your “free” guide. I have purchased products from you in the past and
    I can honestly say that you typically do not put out products or writings unless they are quality.

    Thanks Again,


  38. miguel

    hello Gauher
    I want to thank you for having given away such valuable information, this to me is something totally unknown but with the report in my hands I can learn more of this.
    I have hoped to use and put into practice each and every one of the tips that you disclose in its report soon.


  39. Randall

    Wonderful guide! Nice and current too – talking about mobile instead of only discussing the larger browsers used on laptops & computers.

    Nice list of sources for Pay Per Call networks as well – I only knew of one prior to this.

    Great read that really brought some things together for me – I look forward to putting some effort into getting started and quit dragging my feet any longer.

    Thanks again,

  40. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to your great informative introduction into media buying.

    Thank you, Gauher. You rocks!

  41. I have just read your guide and I must say that you have opened my eyes. I am willing to get more advice and tips from your newsletter.

  42. By the way, I have used some of the cpc networks you mention in your guide and some of them only send very poor quality traffic. I would like to know your opinion on what are the really good traffic sources and which ones are really poor in quality and not worthy the money.

  43. Gauher media buying has been around for a long time. It is not for the meek at heart. With every great opportunity there is a risk. I have found my way here through the experts! Some buying networks require a large deposit in your account before they will even schedule any ad placement. Competition is moving into a new arena. We invest our money buying targeted traffic because we want the prospects that are spending money. The double drop method or re-targeting as it is called gains at least another forty percent return to our sales funnel. This has to be one of the most enlightening guides I have read.
    Thank You

  44. I was so focused on finding ways to drive traffic through SEO and becoming VERY frustrated with the complexities of doing so. You have opened my eyes that paid traffic may just be doable and profitable and timely. Thanks

  45. John

    Hardest for me is how to implement the tracking and optimizing and funnels. I used adbeat before and finding converting ads was easy but how to implement the campaign was hard part

  46. I read your ebook, and then visited your site..and I really enjoyed your other post,

    For now, I am going to do that. I am going to get a subcription for that keyword help, and I already have lot’s of cpa accounts, but I will do it with peerfly according to your instructions.

    I have also been watching you on the munch…but you must be really busy because you provide no details…for now, I am going to take action and see what happens…

  47. Alan Kong

    Dude, I’ve looked into getting into media buying a few months back and ended up not taking the dive. Read your guide and I’m close to taking the dive this time, I’m hoping that media buying sumo is going to be a course you’re going to release? Would love to hear more about it – thanks bud!

  48. Victor

    Gauher, you are a true fellow Canadian! Thanks for sharing this valuable and timely material on media buying. The quality is on par with another guide that I recently purchased. Keep up the great work that you are doing.

  49. Richard

    Great info indeed!!

    I guess this could be the “missing link” to finalizing the set-up of my existing business
    and taking it to a whole new level.
    Very impressed with the retargeting portion of this manual (and video)
    as with the rolodex of 100+ traffic sources.

    Thank you

  50. very nice gauher

    i wold hve paid $97 to get this

    absolutely fantastic

  51. dbadwal

    Hey Gauher,

    That’s something great info, pretty concise and all together in one pdf. You rock, as always. I’m one of your thousands of fortunate students, who have learnt Pay-Per-Click back in early days from your Pay-Per-Click Formula. Now your mission of teaching people “Media Buy”, would surely make numerous more millionaires.

    Thanks for putting together all the information.

  52. Excellent report Gauher, this has clarified a lot for me . Traffic is King and its easy to see
    how the numbers game works within this well written report. As with all systems it takes time
    to master,but once you have there’s will be no looking back with this one! Many thanks

  53. Surprised, This report is for free!
    Great tips & links. Everything in it is so valuable and informative. In the past I have downloaded reports of similar sort but not come close to this. Shockingly I paid for those reports. Many thanks to you Gauher.

  54. Gauher just watched your video on media buying and have to say i dont consider anyone a marketer who calls flogs or articles deceptive or fake.

    They sell newspapers with twisted headlines distorting the truth.

    Ted nicholas has sold over $10 billion dollars using a combination of advertorials in newspapers for more than 30 years. So my question to you is, how is a flog different from a advertorial which has been around for 50 + years?

    How is it different selling a story what the product does, than watching a tv show about romance when we know that is not how the world world works.

    The Chinese say ” telling the truth is a lie” What is the truth – people want to be thin and lose weight eating burgers, they buy cars they cant afford, live in houses they cant afford

    I 100% disagree with your viewpoint that flogs and online advertorials are wrong – no body wants to get sold! People watch Opera and get told about products – do you really think oprah endorsed or used even 1% of those products…


  55. Tom

    This guide has a wealth of content introducing readers to media buying, getting started in it, and
    describing the profitable, huge growing opportunity with media buying. It was a pleasure to read.

  56. Gauher,
    It is good to meet you and am looking forward to getting to know you and reading all about what you do.

  57. Hi Chris,

    There is a HUGE difference between fake blogs and fake articles versus advertorials. First of all, by law, advertorials have to have the word “Advertorial” or some disclaimer written at the top prominently so readers know that it is an advertisement. Flogs and farticles have been ruled illegal by the FTC and that is why they are now suing affiliates and networks for fictitious story making that have nothing to back them up. Most “legitimate” advertorials do, that is the difference. If they were the same thing as you believe, the FTC would have cracked down on those decades ago.


  58. Nick

    Great Report. Thanks.

    I have a suggestion. Several times you mention at you know of people making thousands per day with media buys, but you never mention how much they need to spend to achieve those results. It would be extremely helpful to know.

    Making $50,000 in a week or a month sounds great, but it’s not so great if it cost you $49,999.00 to make that $50,000.


  59. FINE.

  60. Joe

    i bought banner before but never success after reading your articles. its really valuable information. i would say it is rich content to help people out of basic.

    one thing not clear, you mentioned that pick popular offers to run. what about loans?

  61. Thank you! I am just beginning in the internet marketing industry and you just saved me a tremendous amount of learning time!
    Jack Barros

  62. carl feldman

    Thanks for the value learnt alot from just this free guide!

  63. Great quality information–thank you for sharing it with us Gaucher!
    This is the area that I know I definitely need to improve upon.

  64. Hey Gauher,

    Thanks for the wonderful e-book and media buying webinar. Although I am still not sure about using the google display network to get started. I think, I will have to do some competitive intelligence to see what is working on the google display before I dive into it.

    Great Resources in the e-book.

    Have a good one!

  65. Sucre Peguero

    Thanks for the guide gauher I did’nt so much information for free but thks guide convinces me to take action and purchase your future knowing i’ll be getting my moneys worth. THANK YOU

  66. G B SINGH

    I am not able to sign up as your system does not send any email to confirm on signing up!

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