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After learning from the best when it comes to media buying over the last one year, I have successfully launched my own profitable campaigns.

I have learned so much and want to share with you what I have learned in a new PDF report that I recently wrote.

This 50-page report covers the basics of media buying and what you need to successfully get started.

These are the media buying tactics that you need to know.

I would love to get your feedback.

Download The Free Media Buying Guide

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Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. dbadwal

    Hey Gauher,

    That’s something great info, pretty concise and all together in one pdf. You rock, as always. I’m one of your thousands of fortunate students, who have learnt Pay-Per-Click back in early days from your Pay-Per-Click Formula. Now your mission of teaching people “Media Buy”, would surely make numerous more millionaires.

    Thanks for putting together all the information.

  2. Excellent report Gauher, this has clarified a lot for me . Traffic is King and its easy to see
    how the numbers game works within this well written report. As with all systems it takes time
    to master,but once you have there’s will be no looking back with this one! Many thanks

  3. Surprised, This report is for free!
    Great tips & links. Everything in it is so valuable and informative. In the past I have downloaded reports of similar sort but not come close to this. Shockingly I paid for those reports. Many thanks to you Gauher.

  4. Gauher just watched your video on media buying and have to say i dont consider anyone a marketer who calls flogs or articles deceptive or fake.

    They sell newspapers with twisted headlines distorting the truth.

    Ted nicholas has sold over $10 billion dollars using a combination of advertorials in newspapers for more than 30 years. So my question to you is, how is a flog different from a advertorial which has been around for 50 + years?

    How is it different selling a story what the product does, than watching a tv show about romance when we know that is not how the world world works.

    The Chinese say ” telling the truth is a lie” What is the truth – people want to be thin and lose weight eating burgers, they buy cars they cant afford, live in houses they cant afford

    I 100% disagree with your viewpoint that flogs and online advertorials are wrong – no body wants to get sold! People watch Opera and get told about products – do you really think oprah endorsed or used even 1% of those products…


  5. Tom

    This guide has a wealth of content introducing readers to media buying, getting started in it, and
    describing the profitable, huge growing opportunity with media buying. It was a pleasure to read.

  6. Gauher,
    It is good to meet you and am looking forward to getting to know you and reading all about what you do.

  7. Hi Chris,

    There is a HUGE difference between fake blogs and fake articles versus advertorials. First of all, by law, advertorials have to have the word “Advertorial” or some disclaimer written at the top prominently so readers know that it is an advertisement. Flogs and farticles have been ruled illegal by the FTC and that is why they are now suing affiliates and networks for fictitious story making that have nothing to back them up. Most “legitimate” advertorials do, that is the difference. If they were the same thing as you believe, the FTC would have cracked down on those decades ago.


  8. Nick

    Great Report. Thanks.

    I have a suggestion. Several times you mention at you know of people making thousands per day with media buys, but you never mention how much they need to spend to achieve those results. It would be extremely helpful to know.

    Making $50,000 in a week or a month sounds great, but it’s not so great if it cost you $49,999.00 to make that $50,000.


  9. FINE.

  10. Joe

    i bought banner before but never success after reading your articles. its really valuable information. i would say it is rich content to help people out of basic.

    one thing not clear, you mentioned that pick popular offers to run. what about loans?

  11. Thank you! I am just beginning in the internet marketing industry and you just saved me a tremendous amount of learning time!
    Jack Barros

  12. carl feldman

    Thanks for the value learnt alot from just this free guide!

  13. Great quality information–thank you for sharing it with us Gaucher!
    This is the area that I know I definitely need to improve upon.

  14. Hey Gauher,

    Thanks for the wonderful e-book and media buying webinar. Although I am still not sure about using the google display network to get started. I think, I will have to do some competitive intelligence to see what is working on the google display before I dive into it.

    Great Resources in the e-book.

    Have a good one!

  15. Sucre Peguero

    Thanks for the guide gauher I did’nt so much information for free but thks guide convinces me to take action and purchase your future knowing i’ll be getting my moneys worth. THANK YOU

  16. G B SINGH

    I am not able to sign up as your system does not send any email to confirm on signing up!

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