Free Traffic For Just Pleasing Google Adwords?

A few months ago, I published in my Cool Cash Ezine how to create a proper *silo* structured web site (using a Rachael Ray related web site as an example) that Google Adwords would love and give you great quality scores for.

One of the things I briefly mention was creating inbound links to your web site just to please the Google Adwords bot if that was indeed one of their criteria for a better score.

I suggested creating a few squidoo lenses ( with related keywords and linking them from and to your newly created silo structured web site.

Well I did that and also created pages at and blogs at

I think this helped a lot because I have been running great quality scores with bids as low as $0.03 on Google Adwords for sites created using this process.

One day when I was going through my tracking stats, I could not understand why I was getting a ton of CPA commission leads off of the home page.

I was buying traffic from Google Adwords and sending it directly to keyword specific landing pages and *not* the home page.

It didn’t make sense, but the commissions were in the hundreds of dollars for a simple CPA email submit offer. So I was really curious *how* people were getting to the homepage.

I added a stats counter from on the homepage because stats counter can tell me where the visitors were coming from.  I ran it for a couple of days and then take a look at the referrer logs.

I was dumbfounded.

All this *free* traffic was coming from Yahoo and MSN organic results.  I was in the top ten search results for a lot of the related keywords I was bidding on in Google Adwords.

Take a look at this screen shot:

This is for the first 18 days of January on *one* campaign.  You can see that I have earned $211.50 in CPA commissions just off the homepage. So over the course of one month, I will make about $300 in CPA commissions on free traffic to the homepage.

Now, imagine if *you* had ten of these sites running with the same linking structure.

$300 x 10 = $3,000 per month

You could make an extra $36,000 a year just from *free* traffic from Yahoo and MSN.

Conclusion: Whatever I was doing to please Google Adwords was making Yahoo and MSN organic bots ecstatic. So although we hate Google Adwords for making us jump through hoops in developing quality web sites, they are essentially forcing us to become better natural SEO marketers.

So here in a nutshell is what you do:

1. Create a silo structured web site with specific related themes as directories. In these directories, you should have articles related to the theme taken for free from or

2. Create three (3) squidoo lenses (, three (3) hubpages ( and three (3) wordpress blogs (on with keywords related to your web site.

3. Link all your social media pages to your home page with the keyword you are targeting as the anchor text.

4. Link all your squidoo pages to your hub pages and wordpress blogs and vice versa.

Now sit back and watch as your rankings move *organically* in Yahoo and MSN.

The really is a broad overview of what I do now for every web site I set up for Google Adwords.

Guess what?

I get *free* traffic to all these web sites.

I cover this strategy in much more detail (including using more social media sites like in the next version of Pay Per Click Formula 2.0, which is due out at the end of March.

You can get on the early bird list by going to: