Free Traffic Strategies With Jeff Johnson

When it comes to generating free traffic online, you need to go to the experts to learn the best strategies.  For most of my Internet career I have always taken the easy route and paid for traffic whether it is with PPC or PPV.

I am currently working on personal project that I will share with you at a future date that I would like to build using nothing but free traffic.

I have recruited some of the brightest minds when it comes to free traffic generation to help share their strategies and techniques with myself, my readers and customers.

Internet marketer Jeff Johnson agreed to conduct a webinar with me so that he could reveal some of his strategies when it comes to generating free SEO traffic. The feedback that I got back regarding this seminar from the people who attended has been tremendous.

You can watch this webinar by clicking on the image below. Jeff did not have a good voice connection, so I will also be having transcripts of the webinar made so that you can better follow along.

You can download the MP3 file for this webinar by click the link below:

Download The MP3

You can download the PDF transcript and action plan of the call below:

Download the Transcript

Download the Action Plan

You can also download Jeff’s Free SEO Traffic Plugin software that will help your blog get much more traffic.

Download The Free SEO Traffic Plugin

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