Get Paid To Build A List Using PPV Traffic

Below is the webinar replay on how you can build a targeted email list, while making money at the same time using pay per view traffic.  Give the video a few minutes to load after clicking the play button.

I look forward to your comments.




  1. Hey Gauher:

    Very informative presentation, as usual.

    Glad I took the time today to listen in.

    Good luck with the launch on Friday.


  2. Timothy Cronin

    I’m in a biz op that has its own squeeze pages and which has its own AR built into it, plus a team that calls prospects, so I could see using the scraper tools just to promote the biz op, and then maybe use this for other offers to expand on. Thanx for the training Gauher.

  3. Hey Gauher,

    I’ve tried PPV in the past but with very little success. After being on your webinar I’ve realised the mistakes I made, so thanks for the info!


  4. andre

    thanks for your sharing.

    but I thought toolbar offer is not allow at ppv?

  5. Great webby. I learnt two new things on it.


  6. Karl


    Best info as usual.
    Trying to implement training
    as quickly as I purchase

  7. Andre: I explain on the webinar how I got around that rule for some time.

  8. Greg

    I wanted to make this comment to any who view this webinar and PPVSumo. Gauher said that this is a “one time” buy. I can testify that “You can take that to the bank”. I purchased PPVFormula waaaay back along with PPCFormula and true to his word, when he updated those platforms, I was automatically enrolled without having to pay A-N-Y additional fees or costs. In addition, while there are others who use the PPV networks, you won’t find anyone who can teach it as well as Gauher does. He is the most transparent and honest person out there if you’re looking for information on how to market online using these advanced techniques.

  9. jon

    Sounds interesting. Seems everyone says do ppv with junky zip/email submits since it’s disruptive advertising but I’m interested is really understanding how you use with physical goods and build quality lists..teaching traffic is easy but understanding how to market to it/copywrite and properly monetize is what is more important …also not clear how people track and optimize sending to Amazon products since you can set conversion tracking so do people have to create separate links for each domain being bid on?

  10. Great info Gauher, thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to your other webinar that discusses another PPV type of strategy.

  11. Greg

    Wow I missed this one!
    I’m too late in getting in.
    Will you ever open up PPV SUmo again?

    Let me know, I’m ready to come aboard.

  12. Tony

    I missed this one as well. Although Gauher has probably the best courses out there, there is an issue when they are released. He never opens them up for long enough. And if you miss an email poooof you miss the boat. Only one email sent 2 weeks ago which was buried in all the emails from other gurus. No reminder or warning before closing. And now it is closed and you can’t even get in. 🙁

  13. Hey Gauher what kind of script do you use for tracking ppv traffic to build lists?

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