Google Adwords To Change Match Type Settings

If you have been quietly raking it in with misspellings on Google Adwords, well that is about to change.  Google Adwords just recently announced that they will be changing the way they handle exact and phrase match and start to include misspellings and plural forms of keywords that you are bidding on.

Google claims that 7% of searches are misspelled and this will give advertisers an opportunity to get more clicks. As an advertiser, you will have the option of opting out of this new program by logging into your account and turning this feature off.

Google Plural

Now the big unknown is how does this affect advertisers who are currently bidding on misppellings?  Who gets priority?  The advertiser bidding on the mispelled keyword or the advertiser bidding the highest amount for the correct version of the keyword?  Since Google wants to squeeze every cent out of their Adwords program, I am fairly certain that it is the later.

So for all you advertisers who are bringing in cheap clicks via misspellings, it looks like the honeymoon may be coming to an end.