How To Make Money With Content Gateways

I have just recently started experimenting with “Content Gateways” to see if I can make any sizable income with this fairly new CPA model.

This caught my attention when I started to hear some affiliates making as much as $5,000+ a day by placing content gateways on their web sites.

A content gateway is basically a window that pops up to protect content on your web site until the user completes a survey or CPA offer. Once the user has completed the survey or CPA offer, the content gateway is unlocked for the user to access whether is a video or ebook.

You as the web site owner get credited for lead that can pay as much as $3.00 every time a user fills out a short survey.

Below is an example of what a content gateway looks like when it protects the content on a web site.

You will notice that the web site is greyed out and the user can’t see or access anything unless they choose one of the offers to complete.  Once an offer is completed, the content is unlocked for the user to access.

Incentivized CPA offers are nothing new as they used to be plentiful a few years ago when they were at their peak. But sometime after 2007, incentivized CPA offers started to disappear. I suspect because advertisers were getting leads from people who really didn’t care and they couldn’t make any money with these leads.

I am intrigued about the technology that these content gateways use and I think this could be a serious money maker for someone who was to do this full-time.  For example, content gateways will display offers based on the country the user is from and you also have the ability to control what CPA offers are displayed.

Now, I have been digging around and speaking with other underground affiliates and the vast majority of affiliates who are making a lot of money with content gateways are generally doing it will illegal or copyrighted content such as movies and TV shows.

Content gateway networks are now cracking down on these rogue affiliates, but I am sure they will still find away to beat the system.

The questions is – how can you make money with content gateways legitimately?

Do you have any valuable ebooks or reports lying around that you think some people will fill out a survey to get?

Maybe you could offer virtual currency, digital files or downloads?

There are a lot of possibilities, but they key thing to remember is that the content has got to be worthwhile for the user to want to fill out a survey to access it.

I have just set up an account with the biggest content gateway network called CPALead.  I will let you know how my experimenting goes with future blog posts. If this is something that you want to get into, you can also join:

Click To Join CPALead

What are your thoughts on this CPA model and do you think it will survive.  What different ways would you use content gateways? Please comment below.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry