Information Kills

I spent the last few days cleaning up my laptop and moving a lot of items to a cloud server so that I could access certain items on any computer or tablet with an Internet access.

It is interesting because I noticed that I had ton of Internet marketing ebooks, PDFs, mp3s and videos from the last 13 years!

These are items that I said that I would get to one day and review.

That was 13 years ago… lol

stressedI think the biggest challenge that most marketers have these days (especially new marketers) is information overload. I am guilty of suffering from this myself.

This can KILL your chances for success.

Making money online comes down to two factors in my opinion, which is time and focus.

Time is much more valuable than money because it is something that you can’t get back.

In order to make a large income online, you need to balance your time between family and business.

Then you need to balance the time in your business between attaining knowledge and taking action.

Most of us attain knowledge on Internet marketing by downloading reports, reading articles and buying courses. But with so much information out there, you end up in the same situation that most people do.

A hard drive full of stuff that you have told yourself that you will get back to.

Guess what?

You never will, so don’t kid yourself.

So in order to clean up my hard drive and get through the information overload, I simply deleted items that didn’t align with my main focus.

My main focus is paid traffic and really nothing else.

I deleted all marketing materials that were SEO or social media related. Most of this information was over two years old any ways and would probably be out of date.

Any reports or information that was over three years old, I automatically deleted. This literally cleaned up 75% of the Internet marketing content I had sitting on my hard drive for years.

If you want to get past information paralysis, I suggest you do the same and simply focus on items that align with your business strategies.

I feel like I just lifted a load off my shoulders… and my laptop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you do to get past the info overload? Comment below.

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Eric Wiggins

    Avoiding the warriorforum did it for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Good article…thanks!

  2. Hi Eric, yeah I cut down my forum activity dramatically and started actually taking action rather than reading people complain all the time.


  3. Anders

    9 months ago my HD went down. I only had a partial backup of it. And I went ” Nooooooooo!!”

    Today Iยดm like “so what? ” It was all social media marketing and SEO- which Iยดve actually come to dislike very much anyway.

    My main focus was -and IS paid traffic.Just forgot it for a while..:-)

    So I say to he.. with SEO and edgerank etc etc.

    Go PPV, PPC, banner advertising and email marketing ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Anonymous-R

    I can’t Gauher.. they are all soo… “precious” to me… I am tied with the “shiny objects”…lol
    I may have to do this sooner or later and choose the ones that will have a big impact on my business and have them outsourced so I won’t do them myself. That may do the trick

  5. Well said Gauher. I only focus on core items aligned with my business as well now. Feel much happier for it too.

  6. Ya I agree, every time i read the forums im left with a dicouraged feeling afterwards.. and thats all I need since im just starting off.
    I too have to clean up the hard drive i keep getting caught up with old coarses and also new coarses.. Im not getting anywhere like this. Its time to focus on one thing now.
    Thanx for the article Gauher!

  7. Ganti Murty

    Hi Gauher,

    Good Advise, Which cloud server are you using. I mostly carry the last two years worth of stuff on my WD (Western Digital) Passport portable drive (about $150 or less now). This saved me lot of times when I go to India, with no reliable internet connection. But I am looking for a good cloud service.

    Do you have any e-book or tutorials on how to open, store and protect your digital assets on Amazon S3. I would appreciate any information on that.

    Have a good day

  8. Ganti: I using Google Drive right now. I also use S3 for hosting my videos and images, but don’t offer a course on how to do it. Most of that information can be found just searching on Google.

    Wouter/Daniel: Yeah, I felt like I was spinning my wheels try to keep up with EVERYTHING. You just need to filter out the information that is going to actually help you.

    Anders: lol.. it is funny that you freak when you lose it at first.. and then settle down once you realize what you lost wasn’t very important to begin with…

  9. You are so right with the clutter, I have also unsubscribed from around 80% of the people whose list I was previously on, those who just peddle shiny objects and set out to confuse people are a major drag on your time and of zero value

  10. Gauhar ,
    you are one of the persons whose email i open,I am looking forward to your new PPC COURSE and i hope you cover enhanced campaigns.also if possible mobile campaigns.

  11. Tim Cronin

    Gauher- I think you really hit the nail on the head with what you said: 1. You only concentrate on paid traffic, and, 2. Your SEO and Social Media things are 2 years old. Reading between the lines on this, I can tell that paid traffic is now, has been, and always will be the real way to go. And what we are hearing about right now in the way of SEO and Social Media is stuff that’s already been used up by the IM insiders, only now they are peddling it to us as more garbage to make them rich and keep the rest of us spending and searching. Thanx for this post; it was a real eye-opener.

  12. Tim: It is not so much that it was SEO or social media content. I mean if I was an SEO guy, I probably would have deleted all the paid stuff. But since I am a paid guy, it simply doesn’t make sense to spend hours (days?) reading about topics I don’t use. Time is no becoming a scare commodity.

    Amar: Thanks, I am looking forward to putting the PPC course together.

    Tony: That is another excellent way to save time. Get rid of the email clutter. Good for you.


  13. Jim Johnson

    I’ve been trying to eliminate all forms of “other” stuff from my life and my computer. No more webinars, “best tool ever” emails and the like. I’ve tried numerous programs and only found that once you pull the curtain back, there is a ton a stuff you have to do to get the results that were pitched in the sales video. Not Cool! My problem is action. I like these guys that were dumpster divers on day and in two months they were pulling down 100k per month. Not to say that it can’t happen but not on a large scale I would suspect. I need to hook up with a program that will provide me with information and details as to what I’m suppose to be doing. Half of my problems are the proverbial “internet noise” and the other half is my inability to stay focused and to take immediate action. I’ve had Media buys in my head for several years. Hope to see you in Austin this weekend and maybe you can give me some advice. Later.

  14. Good tip Gauher!

    Today is the day for delete obsolte info!

    Thank you!

  15. Hey Gauher, Thanks for this excellent post. I will definitely forward this to my list. The information you give is always so relevant and timely. I have already cleaned up a lot of stuff and deleted myself from countless worthless lists. However your ebooks and audio are not among the deleted, ๐Ÿ™‚ you just give so much value for money with your products. Looking forward to any new course you offer.

  16. Onyeka

    You are spot on with this article. The problem with our industry is that there are a lot of information available and most of the time , the information available is either outdated, worn out or just crap. I have resolved to unsubscribe from most IM lists except the ones that provide good information such as yours… I am looking to shift my focus to media buying and video marketing when i have saved up enough to start out. How much would you think would be reasonable to start out with media buying and video marketing? Thanks for the excellent write up.

  17. Onyeka: $500-$1000 is a good budget to start with.

    Phil: Thanks for the great words.


  18. Sumant


    What is the best way to get started. Is your CPA quantum traffic system is the right thing to start? I am trying multiple other things like real estate etc… which now I believe is waste of my time and includes too many jargons to understand and master. I want to just follow one program and have one mentor who can help me and guide to make money in business. I am computer geek and this seems like the right program which make sense to me and I and sure I will be able to do it.


  19. It depends on exactly what you want to do. If it is CPA offers, then CPA Quantum would be a good fit.


  20. Robert

    I stopped all forum activity and will move away from internet comfort zone and perhaps go to the library to work from there. The biggest thing i use to get away from info overload is exactly what you said about time, if i sign up to whoever’s lists and you don’t show me you value my time by giving me some thing valuable i can put to action to make money or retain more time – i don’t bother with that persons list – they may get auto sent to archive – just to see whats getting emailed in particular niches.

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