Information Kills

I spent the last few days cleaning up my laptop and moving a lot of items to a cloud server so that I could access certain items on any computer or tablet with an Internet access.

It is interesting because I noticed that I had ton of Internet marketing ebooks, PDFs, mp3s and videos from the last 13 years!

These are items that I said that I would get to one day and review.

That was 13 years ago… lol

stressedI think the biggest challenge that most marketers have these days (especially new marketers) is information overload. I am guilty of suffering from this myself.

This can KILL your chances for success.

Making money online comes down to two factors in my opinion, which is time and focus.

Time is much more valuable than money because it is something that you can’t get back.

In order to make a large income online, you need to balance your time between family and business.

Then you need to balance the time in your business between attaining knowledge and taking action.

Most of us attain knowledge on Internet marketing by downloading reports, reading articles and buying courses. But with so much information out there, you end up in the same situation that most people do.

A hard drive full of stuff that you have told yourself that you will get back to.

Guess what?

You never will, so don’t kid yourself.

So in order to clean up my hard drive and get through the information overload, I simply deleted items that didn’t align with my main focus.

My main focus is paid traffic and really nothing else.

I deleted all marketing materials that were SEO or social media related. Most of this information was over two years old any ways and would probably be out of date.

Any reports or information that was over three years old, I automatically deleted. This literally cleaned up 75% of the Internet marketing content I had sitting on my hard drive for years.

If you want to get past information paralysis, I suggest you do the same and simply focus on items that align with your business strategies.

I feel like I just lifted a load off my shoulders… and my laptop. 😉

What do you do to get past the info overload? Comment below.

Gauher Chaudhry