Is PPC to CPA Dead?

With the recent changes in the PPC industry, many CPA marketers are throwing in the towel assuming that sending pay per click (PPC) traffic to cost per action (CPA) offers is dead and unprofitable.

Google Adwords is the search engine leader with over 60% of the search market making it an obvious choice as a top PPC traffic source.

But Google Adwords has been cracking down on affiliate marketers and banning accounts that they feel do not offer a good user experience to their searchers.

And any of us doing CPA marketing realize that a vast majority of CPA offers being promoted are not really value adding.

These mass bannings started after the FTC introduced their new rules in early December 2009, to target marketers who were practicing deceptive marketing (i.e. flogs and farticles).

Many marketers lost their entire CPA businesses when Google Adwords decided to ban their accounts, but Google Adwords is not the only pay per click search engine in town.

Even though Google Adwords controls a lion’s share of the available pay per click traffic online, there are still many other sources of pay per click traffic that can be bought and in many cases, at a much lower cost.

The two other major players in the PPC game are Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter.  Although these two pay per click sources don’t nearly have as much traffic as Google Adwords, in my experience they do have better conversions.  Since the competition is not as much I also pay a lower cost per conversion versus advertising on Google Adwords.

If you take Yahoo and MSN’s search volume, they represent about 30% of the searches done on the Internet.  This is still a sizable amount of traffic to profit from.  Yahoo and MSN are planning to merge their pay per click marketing platforms, which I hope with give Google Adwords a formidable challenge.

There are dozens of second tier pay per click search engines such as,,, etc. that can provide marketers with thousands of targeted prospects each and every day.

But the problem with the second tier search engines is that they derive their traffic from a number of traffic partner sites.  This can results in a large number of fraudulent clicks from partner sources that are just out to steal click revenues.

These second tier search engines don’t have the sophisticated fraud technology that Google Adwords has, so it is hard to determine what clicks are real and which are fraudulent when they charge your account.

The key is to learn how to pass traffic partner IDs from second tier search engines so that you can have these fraudulent traffic sources shut off.  If you are disciplined enough to do this and can afford to lose some money up front to clean up the traffic, you will be left with decent converting traffic at the end of this exercise.

PPC traffic in my opinion is still the best converting traffic because it allows you to screen your prospects with your ads before they click and you are charged a click cost.

Although PPV traffic is also very lucrative, it is now getting very competitive and profit margins are shrinking fast with PPV traffic sources.

If you want to build a thriving PPC to CPA business, never allow one PPC traffic source to be more than 25% of your traffic spend. Diversify your PPC sources so that when one source disappears, you still have at least 75% of your PPC traffic.

So in conclusion, PPC to CPA is very much alive with great potential, even if you don’t rely on Google Adwords for PPC traffic.

Cheers. Gauher


  1. Val

    Hi Gaugher,

    Would like to re-iterate the acooments about your Son and hope things are going well now.

    I’m just destined to always be “behind the curve” on this as I’ve only just started to get my head around PPC and how it works and now it seems the game has changed LOL

    Not sure about PPV (I’ll have to research !) but this whole area of getting paid traffic needs so much research and time before being able to implement it successfully and then something changes !

    I know anything “easy” is never worthwhile but it is SO frustraing to newbies tryiomg to get a grip and make progress.

    Surely if everyone “in the loop” is making money then why mess with it ? Seems like the big players want to shut out new entrants by all the constant changes.

    Sorry for the rant but never mind … where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂

  2. Nice Article Gauher!

    At 7search, it is possible to request a special parameter to add your tracking URLs that will pass the partner and referrer IDs to your analytics. After reviewing, you can send your block request to our traffic team for implementation.

    If you would like to learn more about 7search, feel free to shoot me an email (cleo @ I will be happy to help you get started.

    At 7search we try to put more control in the hands of our customers to help them succeed.

  3. Val

    Ooops !

    Just re-read my comments … so sorry about all the typo’s ! Maybe that’s why I’m not getting good returns online at the moment 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Thanks, for the great post. I see a lot of benefit myself in using other ppc search engines too. Started using 7Search thanks to reading your blog a while back. I’m a true believer in ppc, but I feel that with cpa it’s a lot harder to get a good roi unless you really work at it.

    Regards, Roger

  5. Great Advice on CPA & PPC from my man with the master plan who is one step ahead of the breaking news & I know Gauher sounds like testing whizz so the word is gospel

    I have been more focussed into web design, blogging, forum marketing and social media
    but been a little frightened of driving traffic
    to direct affiliate links (i.e Google Cash method…does this still work guys??)

    Am really into CPA at moment and checking out various sources – Chris Cobb, Gauher, David Anderson are the best guys in the UK who are actively using CPA to make big bucks

    Can anyone suggest the best CPA resources to use , ebooks, video courses for newbies?

    Also I have a question relating to autoresponders – go for a hosted service like AWeber or TrafficWave (two I am considering) or install own autoresponder script from AutoResponsePlus which works out cheaper as only pay one-off set up fee and no monthly subs? which is better option in the long term do you feel?

    Best Wishes & Have An Awesome Day
    Mike L

  6. Hi Gauher, I also thinking about,we wish you and your family the best.Thanks for your info! Take care.

  7. Diversify, diversify, diversify! That is all I want to say!

    Thanks Gauher for a really informative post.


  8. Rik

    Hi Gauher,

    I am here if you need some finest scientific advice. I won *the only spot* for a superior scholarship (among 10,000 people wanting it very badly) in the Life Sciences faculty at Cornell University, N.Y. Maybe you want to consider a second opinion. Just know that the Source created molecules which doctors in the hospitals are in ignorance of, and these are in specific, advanced botanical synergistic effects (i.e. no drugs do this) which heal.

    Gauher, do not hesitate to shoot me an email, I feel I can help you a lot on this ordeal.
    Worst is to not know than to know, right?

    In caring support for your son,


  9. So how much traffic does Google really control?
    I advertise on 2nd tier and kill it.

    I hear different stats everywhere these days.

    Any insight on the quality difference in%

    I would do an adword campaign if it was truly 2 x the result.

  10. Sam

    Is it still possible to buy the PPCF 2.0 course from your site? I went to but didn’t see any information on purchasing.


  11. I find 7search traffic converting well for some CPA offers.

    I tried Looksmart and it eats lots of clicks. Converting also but I think their system has more fraud clicks than 7search.

    Not every niche/offer may convert with these networks, unlike adwords, where everything converts.

    ANyway, the more gurus will sell out secrets of easy’n’rich affiliate lifestyle and esp traffic sources, the harder our life will be.

    Good old SEO still has the best ROI I’ve ever seen in my aff business.

  12. Thanks for the great post, yes there are loads of ways to get traffic for your authority sites.
    Just do it and keep tracking all of the time I built up my own resource list over time of about 74 different places to get traffic from. Adwords still works great.

  13. Gauher,

    Thanks for your great blog post. I find someone from 7search guys (Cleofe Betancourt) on this comment and in minute I ask him several questions regarding 7search optimization. I got quick response and request some “hidden feature” on my 7search account to be opened.

    The hidden features are :
    1. Blocking referers
    2. Blocking subid/parner
    3. Day parting

    I don’t know if those feature must be requested or available as default for other accounts, but you can take alook at your 7search account.

    It saved me lot of money, sure …

    I just create short video tutorial, how to block bad referers (non converting referers).

    Anton, ID

  14. Hello Gauher,

    After watching one of your webinars, I decided to sign up for 7Search and am looking forward to getting started. The service at 7Search is great! I emailed them and asked them to give me the ability to block sub Ids and domains and they got back to me real quickly and gave me that ability. Hopefully over time I will be able to ensure that I am getting good quality traffic to my site. Thanks again for your help!

  15. Sam

    Hi Gauher,

    I read your Insider’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits. It was easy to understand. I love that book.

    I am now thinking of joining your PPV Formula, but I heard that it is better to go wtih PPC for beginner.

    Please advice.

    Thanks from Sam

  16. Hi Sam,

    It really depends on your preference. Some people love PPV because there doesn’t have to be any ad writing or worrying about quality scores. Other people love PPC because it has a greater reach.


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