Launching A Profit-Generating Affiliate Program

Sometime back I had the pleasure of recording an interview with marketing legend Marlon Sanders who runs a very successful affiliate program.

Marlon is one of the early Internet marketing trainers and I have been following him since the mid 1990’s.

I brought Marlon onto the interview to share his experience with running a successful affiliate program for any product or service.

Take some time to listen to Marlon’s words of wisdom as they can make the different between you building an army of dedicated affiliates that can bring you millions of dollars in sales or building an affiliate program that goes nowhere. Don’t discount the power of an affiliate program as I know of a certain company that generated $29 million in sales in the last 15 months just from affiliate driven sales. Click the play button below to start listening.

This is just some of the type of interviews I do in my IMStealth membership program.

You can learn more about Marlon by clicking here.

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  1. Tyler

    Great content there. First one I’ve listened too. Some nuggets in there too.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very interesting affiliate marketing interview.

    Daily payouts can put yourself and business in a tough position 🙂

  3. Roscoe

    I think I know why I have never bought his products. He sounds more like a TV evangelist than a businessman and I had to put my volume on extreme squelch. I can appreciate his experience, his celebrity and his oratory but find about as useful as my freshman economics professor.

    My big takeaway from this event was a vague intro to Game Theory and then to head over to Bruce Bueno De Mesquita’s podcasts which are admittedly interesting in a grim, Machiavellian sort of way. However, none of this was the least bit actionable. The discussion on affiliates started to drift in too many directions although I will concede there were indeed some nuggets.

  4. Hey Gauher,

    As always great value, I am yet to watch the the event videos you have uploaded inside the ppc sumo. You planning any event in 2015?

    Hassan Sabir

  5. very interesting analyses ^^^^

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