Live Media Buying Workshop Q & A

Over the past few weeks I have received quite a few emails for readers who are interested in attending my media buying workshop next month in Toronto.

I thought it would be best to conduct a webinar that introduced media buying to readers who were not familiar with this form of traffic and answer any questions that they may have about the workshop.

You can watch the webinar by clicking on the video below.

You can still reserve a seat at the webinar by Clicking Here

See you in Toronto next month!

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Tim Cronin

    Well, media buying/CPA are certainly much more involved than most other guru’s let on. Since you make it clear you need a Phd. to do this, think I’ll keep my distance. Can’t believe some people swear by this stuff.

  2. Thanks for the video replay. I’ve thought about media buying for sometime. I must have been living under a rock. Good Deal

  3. Nadeem

    Good job

  4. Rich

    Gauher always gives great webinars, and his information is priceless. I know this event is a bargain, and will be worth every penny. Rich.

  5. As usual Gauher you are make a great video , but I am have to say that I have never seen videos with clear explanation of what is pixels , where to get them and how to process the data to determine what I need to make campaign profitable.
    I was always not too good with mathematic and data. Thanks any way for great video.Ted.

  6. Thanks for the clearly video explain,this do help me know more about media buy marketing

  7. ken

    I’ve been doing some searching on the web for info on keeping the money make & have come up empty. Greg Davis mentioned on his blog that for all the money he made in ’08, his biggest mistake was not being able to keep most of it. When looking for a CPA (certified public accountant) what questions should ask? Is there a program out there you’d recommend or teach…?

  8. Hi Ken, I would be asking how much of a TAX specialist the accountant is. A good accountant will save you a lot of money in taxes.

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