Making Money Sending Traffic To A Co-Registration Path

About a year ago I got involved with sending traffic to companies who have built co-registration paths that automatically optimize the advertisements shown to the audience.  For example, if you have job traffic, some of these companies have a job co-reg path that displays job related offers that convert best based on your audience.  Some of these companies will even go the extra step and build an entire co-reg path based on the type of audience that you have.

I know of some affiliates who were doing as much as $5,000-$10,000 a day sending traffic to a co-reg path.  Basically it work as a revenue share between you and the co-reg network.

Below is a full presentation on co-registration that was given at my Traffic-Leads-Conversions seminar last year, which explains this opportunity.  I have also included Powepoint slides of the entire presentation. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

Download Powerpoint Slides


  1. Mike

    Can somebody pls refer me to a person who can build form and integrate with coreg path/api
    Contact me at

  2. Hey Gauher, this is a real eye-opener!

    I have never even heard of ‘Co-Reg’ before but it is really quite exciting.
    This video has taught me alot & I am off to sign-up for!! haha!

    Thanks man,
    Social Media Management Scotland

  3. Co-registration is VERY new to me, but I’m looking forward to learning more and immediately implementing every thing!!! Great post and thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Hey Gauher,
    Thanks for providing this breath-taking eye-opening free training and especially downloadable powerpoint for us to use.
    It looks like I really need to brush up my PPVforumula class and give it a go to the coreg scheme.

  5. kasi (Kazi)

    Hey Gauher

    Thanks for this. It was definitely an eye opener for me
    I had a similar situation a while ago where I bought 2500 clicks and no conversions which I found hard to
    believe as well for a supposed converting offer. I figured that maybe this particular network or offer didn’t take mobile traffic but they didn’t disclose otherwise.There was no communication with the AM After that. They shut down or the AM went to another network. You Live and you learn.

    Thanks again

  6. yes, this is a new info for me. thanks bro.

  7. Gauher,

    How could we get more information on how to do this ourselves!!!

  8. Leon

    Want to lose $5,000-$10,000 a day? Try co-reg. If you have money to spend, try ppc.

  9. Hello Gauher, Great Video and Thank you for including the power point sheets as well.

    Where can we find someone to build our 1st page Opt In? Or should we let the Co Reg Company do that?
    And If the CO Reg Company does it, will we get a copy of the 1st page data as well?

    Thanks again.

  10. Ken

    I have seen these types of offers before, but didn’t know what they wre
    were called. I run a few CPA offers on my mens health website. This may be a good option as I am averaging 10k to 11k unique visitors a month, but my conversions are not as high as I would like them to be.

  11. Gauher,

    I tried something similar with the affiliate system, but in vain.How earn more than this? He loved to work and earn something, but how?

  12. I had never heard of the ‘Co-reg’ concept before this post. Thanks for the post. I must say though that I usually struggle with implementing what I learn. I guess I’d have to pluck some courage to do this full time..

  13. Wow. Gauher, as always you rock!!! Thank you for the valuable information again! Really worth to be your customer and in your list. Just this video alone could make anyone a lots of money. Wish you all the best. Regards. Michael.

  14. Thanks for the presentation, G…what I did not hear you talk about is HOW MUCH you have to spend to realize a $5k-$10k PROFIT PER DAY…and the amount of campaign optimization and click tracking and TEAMWORK involved in all this…good info here, though.

  15. 3 years down the track … Anyone hovering around that would be keen on talking about mobile optimized co-registration paths? add me on skype ben.jarvie

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