Put Your Traffic On Autopilot

Did you ever wonder how some marketers seem to command an enormous amount of traffic online, yet they don’t buy any online ads or do any search engine optimization?

In fact, they don’t do any of their own traffic generation.

Looking back at my own Internet marketing career, this is probably the biggest mistake I’ve made and that is not establishing a long-term affiliate program for continued promotion of my products and services.

I have done a few product launches in the past, but once the launch was over, only a trickle of sales came from affiliates.

One marketer I admire for developing a highly successful in-house affiliate program is Marlon Sanders.  Marlon Sander is one of the first Internet marketing gurus online and is considered a legend.  He graciously allowed me to pick his brain about running a successful affiliate program so that you can learn about getting more leads, sales and profit.

His advice is something to be closely followed because he has attracted over 30,000 affiliates to his affiliate program and has the process down to an art.

We spent a good hour on a call and he spilled the beans to his success with his affiliate program and how he keeps his affiliates motivated to continually promote his products and services.

I have included a recorded version of the call and included a meaty PDF file that can help you start your own affiliate program.  If you sell a product or service online, you need to have an affiliate program  to dramatically increase your sales.

The PDF shows you how EASY it is to set up an affiliate program and if you sell digital goods, you can literally be set up in just a few hours.

No fluff and straight content.

You can access this quality content by joining my charity marketing web site IMStealth for only $10 a month.  A portion of your membership cost goes towards a charitable cause every single month.  You can cancel any time.

Join IMStealth Today

You don’t want to miss this call as Marlon talks about affiliate management, game theory, dictatorships and more!

Thanks and I would love for you to post your feedback on the call below.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry

P.S. – Close to the end of the call, Marlon slightly went off on a tangent and revealed how a mutual friend is banking close to $1,000 a day on auto-pilot.  Marlon actually names that service on the call and you can literally hear the excitement in my voice about the possibilities.


  1. Allan D

    This program looks pretty cool. I like Marlon’s style.

  2. At only 10 bux, I think I might join up and see the method behind the “madness” as people like to say 🙂

  3. I have been one of Marlon’s Affiliates for a few years now and you are correct in saying how well he motivates his affiliates. I am going to sign up to and thanks for the recording.

  4. Jon


    I’ve heard Marlon interviewed a few times in the past and he always delivers. I remember an interview from a couple years ago where he was generating a ton of leads with Facebook Ads and it was not costing him a dime. He made an offer on his thank you page and the conversions paid for the ad cost. List building at zero cost. And the best part of this strategy is that he was selling a product that was not even his. I believe it was a product he had resale rights to.

    The guy is one smart marketer. And the man loves what he does. His enthusiasm for this business in infectious.

  5. Marco

    Thanks for the post Gauher , looks really awesome , could give it a try 🙂

    However I have one question which might not be too related to to the post and I hope it’s not an issue:) .

    Do you believe PPC/PPV to CPA has a future as a business model? I have moderate success on couple networks before just for testing but never had the system to be my main income but I’m consider pushing in , however the industry is changing rapidly , does it has a future on the long term you think?

    Thanks again, You’re the best!

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