Retargeting On Steroids

A few months ago I held a live workshop on media buying in Toronto.  One of the presentations was on the topic of retargeting, which if used correctly can be very powerful.  Retargeting basically allows you to place a cookie on a prospect’s web site when they come to visit your web site.  This can be as a result of clicking on a banner or just coming as a result of a promotion.  This cookie allows you to retarget banner advertisements to that specific prospect, even after they leave your web site.

Matt Sauls of Sitescout gave a great presentation on retargeting and I have included a portion of his presentation below.

I would love to get your comments on what you thought of the presentation.  If you would also like the version of this video that includes my advanced retargeting strategy, please optin here and forward the video close to the end:

Click Here For The Advanced Strategy




  1. A good retargeting means knowing how to sell “again” to the same customer without being too pushy. This can be done with both good old customers or with new ones. I have seen this done with brand awareness a lot.

    Great faculties, Matt Sauls has. Nice video too! Very clear audio. 🙂 In fact, this has been shared and “Kingged” on the IM social networking site,, and the above comment has been left there too.

  2. JD

    Gauher – thanks for sharing! Retargeting opens up a lot of creative campaign ideas but I haven’t used it yet to launch a campaign yet. Until I saw this, I forgot that I set up a retargeting list a while back using SiteScout – just checked and it has over 75k on the list! Guess I need to get moving on that with some ads.

  3. Martin

    Excellent info. Since I got started in IM I’ve never seen a free (or priced) Report explaining how to create and deploy Cookies. It’s about time someone created one, especially as everywhere you go you see notices advising that the website you’re visiting is using them to track your visits and gather data on visitors.

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