Secrets Of A Super Affiliate Millionaire

Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Colella on how he has grossed over $4.5 million in affiliate commissions in just the last 3 years. What I found fascinating was the Mike doesn’t do any traditional PPC search traffic.Β  In fact, on the webinar he told me that he has spent maybe only $500 on search traffic in the last 3 years.Β  All his traffic comes from various content networks such as Google Content, MSN Adcenter Content, etc.

You can watch the entire replay of the webinar below:

If you are interested in taking advantage of Mike’s huge AdBeat and TRAINING offer, then click the link below:

Click Here For AdBeat WITH Full Training

If you would like to join Adbeat without any training, then click below:

Click Here For AdBeat WITHOUT Training

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Mike Colella

    Hey Everybody,
    It’s Mike, and I want to clarify what you get with the Webinar offer because I am getting a lot of questions on it.

    The offer on the webinar includes very high quality training on affiliate marketing with contextual and banner ads.

    I have most of the training completed, but we will be doing live webinars with questions, so it’s not posted to the site right now. What is posted to the site is basic training on how to use the adbeat software. The forum is also active and I am answering posts in there. And of course, you can dive right in and start using the software now.

    The first webinar will be next week Wed. Feb 16th. All live training will be recorded and posted the next day.
    The training that I will cover is easily MORE valuable than the software, and it’s not something that you can get through the regular website or anywhere else. It’s also something that I may not offer in the future. I’m offering it now to help with promotion of Adbeat since we just launched.

    So again, if you want only the software with just some basic videos that explain how to use it then you can purchase from gauher’s link above that reads “WITHOUT training”.

    If you want the full training I am offering on how I do affiliate marketing then grab the webinar special above through the “WITH Full training” link.

    You can contact me through the live chat widget on the site with any questions.


  2. Awesome was just going to give them a try as well!

  3. Dave

    Uh. Where is the webinar? The links lead me to a billing area

  4. You should be able to see a video screen. Try turning off your anti-virus software as that may be the issue why you are not seeing the video.


  5. Tom

    (Gauher i hope you will approve this cause you know it’s true )

    Guys ….

    Except the “skmming” part on both during the presentation and the Q/A period, you didn’t really touched on the Google Slap.

    You WILL get slapped as 90% of the sites you will directly linked are not OK in G’s eyes!
    You know it and I know it. Just cause people are doing it doesn’t mean they will not eventually get banned.

    If there are strategies to get a fake address and look for new IP then…. it’s a PAIN !

    Please respond with SOLID ways to overcome this – although I doubt they exist.


  6. Hi Mike
    My Google adwords account is Banned! I can’t use your product RIGHT?

  7. jay

    hi guys-

    how is it possible to track google content? i dont need to know the secret sauce, but i just don’t understand how you could track the billions of sites that have google adsense on them!

  8. jay

    also…does the training package include full access to the software?

  9. Mike Colella

    Regarding Google slaps. I don’t know what to tell you except that there are MANY affiliates currently promoting on Google Display Network. This is very easy to see with Adbeat. A common strategy that is working well right now, is to drive traffic to an email opt-in and then promote affiliate offers on the back end.

    Yes – if you promote on Google you may get slapped. This is how it has always been really. The way I minimize my chances at getting slapped is simply by playing follow along to what I can see is already working using Adbeat.

    Aside from this.. by tomorrow, Adbeat will have competitive intelligence data on 12 ad networks OTHER than Google. So, for people that don’t want to deal with Google, there is plenty to work with anyway.

    Hope this helps.


  10. Mike Colella


    As of tomorrow, Adbeat will have data on 12 ad networks OTHER than Google:

    Tribal Fusion

    So you can definitely still use Adbeat without a Google account. Now, with that said, you can get another Google account if you want to.

  11. Mike Colella

    Good question. When I first set out to build this thing, I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off. I can tell you that there is no question, the data we have is solid.

    Here’s the trick… you don’t have to track a million sites to figure out what is working. You just need to sample enough sites to get a clear picture. After the update tomorrow, we will have data on 13,000+ publishers and we will be scaling up from there. So, while you can’t use Adbeat to find what ads are on ANY site that you choose (right now you are limited to the 13,000), it’s very easy to use Adbeat to find what advertisers and ads are working across Google’s Display Network, the TYPES of sites that the ads are working on, and then use that data for a huge competitive advantage.

    The service is only going to get better over the coming months as we scale up and add more publishers. My goal is to cover the top 50,000-100,000 by traffic rank. At that point, we will have data on any site that really matters, since those are the sites that drive the traffic and make you money.

  12. Mike Colella

    Jay, sorry missed your second question. Yes, the webinar special deal give you FULL software access for 1 year and the full training on affiliate marketing that I detailed in the webinar.

  13. Bernie

    The majority of these high dollar training programs are losing popularity. Why? Because the majority of them are hype and use techniques that are no longer profitable. I recently asked a promoter of the 3 grand “Magic Bullet System” a question about how this program deals with the Google slap. Contrary to his promotion email, he did not know.

    I am on the mailing list of an affiliate who recently promoted a $2700 software system authored by Trey Smith who is the cousin of Frank Kern.

    The morning after the launch, he (the affiliate) emailed his list and said outright that his promotion bombed. Also stated was that he only sold 2 copies and was in the top ten of affiliate sales for the launch. He even admiited that people want value more than ever, and that high ticket IM products don’t sell that well anymore.

  14. Tom

    Thanks for the answer Tom

    But again, I dont see what the fact that you add more affiliates networks has to do with AdWords…

    It”s great to see what offers work in many networks and track comeptition etc.

    Ok – so assume you have a potential winner. What’s next ?.. Well, drive traffic. How? 90% of PPC is AsWords in 2011…. πŸ™‚

    If you just get emails and market on the back end …. well… how ?
    Offering a free product right ? OK Google doesn;t like this either.

    You need to create a LOT of content. NOT in a typical sales page and VERY sneakily get an email.
    A LOT of work.
    OH! and by the way, a site with affiliate links is not good either. Google doesn’t like this.

    Give us an example and CONCRETE answers !!!

    Answers of the type: “I don’t know what to tell you except that there are MANY affiliates currently promoting on Google Display Network” is NOT good enough !!!

    How do you do it? How many AdWords accounts do you have?

    What do you mean you don’t know what to say?? You found a way to make your millions by picking winners but youdrove traffic THROUGH AdWords. SO you must be an expert in that area as well !!!

    Concrete answers Mike …. concrete answers ! πŸ˜‰


  15. Renata

    Yes, the webinar special deal give you FULL software access for 1 year and the full training on affiliate marketing that I detailed in the webinar.

    What happens after the year? Will we have to purchase it again?


  16. Williams

    For Mike Colella,

    Having lost a lost of money on this thing, I am extremely careful as per how I approach this whole thing. A certain school of thought says that you start with keywords using text ads on search network, once you find what is working, you then move them to content and do seo.

    But you just go straight to content and start tracking from there?

    How do you know which keywords to use for SEO. this is my grave concern.

    You can answer this right?
    And for Big G< thanks for what you are doing man!

  17. Renata

    No need to respond to my previous question. I watched the complete webinar and got the answer.

  18. Mike Colella

    I don’t do search and I don’t do SEO, so I can’t help you there.

    I do exactly what I presented in the webinar. That’s it. I buy ads on contextual ad networks or directly from websites and I use competitive intelligence to guide me.

  19. Mike Colella

    I’m not sure what you are looking for me to do in a blog post? I can’t teach you everything I know and see with Adbeat in a blog post.. that is what the training and software are meant to do. Did you watch the full webinar or just skim it?

    I gave at least 3 examples of affiliates running on Google in the webinar, 2 direct linking and 1 review site. I have also shared with you the method of email opt-in that I see many affilaites using with Adbeat.

    For the question on Google accounts… I have an MCC (My Client Center) account with about 40 accounts under that.

  20. Mike Colella

    Hey everybody,
    The additional ad networks and the coverage for 13,000+ publishers that I mentioned were coming soon in the webinar are now live on the site.

  21. jay

    i agree with tom from above.

    how do you address the google slap? and please just don’t say add content. if you have made a lot of money drom the google content network, there must be some something you do right that others aren’t.

    ALL the direct linking affliates i know of in google have either gotten there accts banned or the campaigns taken down because of qs. the very few that still have live campaigns are the ones who come out on top.

    i feel you need to address this issue in depth

  22. Mike Colella

    I watch what is already working… Google “likes” some offers for direct linking while for most offers they do not. I do not know Google’s secret sauce for determining this.

    Right now, you can’t direct link clickbank diet offers for sure, and I really don’t see anyone direct linking any cb offers although I haven’t checked that thoroughly across all markets.

    I am not claiming that I can magically direct link to any offer I want. I thought it was clear from the webinar that I pick what I promote very carefully.

    I don’t have a magic formula for what Google will allow to run direct linking. I WATCH the market. You do realize that I developed Adbeat for myself first right?

  23. Tom

    I have no experience with MCC. One thing that happened to me though is opening an account in my sister’s name and address and CC. But she did add me as an “admin” (forgot the exact term – it was a year ago). I setup a campaign similar to the one in my own account. A few weeks later big G stopped one saying you cannot run similar campaigns in two “related” accounts.

    SO although i have no experience with MCC I would bet that if you do something illegal in one account repeatedly then eventually they will ban everybody.

    Listen, I would believe that yours has been running for e.g. 1 year. All I am saying is that *eventually* you will be banned !

    Again, the only way to get around this is New IP, New CC, different name/address, etc. Even a new computer so you make sure there are no “hidden” cookies and traces left !!

    There are products on Clickbank just for this !!! ( “google stealth” or something, etc.)

    Frank Kern himself put a product last year (?) called “screw google”.

    Do a Google search: “Google Slap” and you’ll see. (I mean … i know you know EXACTLY what I am talking about but I am playing “stupid” so I spell out everything)

    Also, to answer your question: YEs I did follow the webinar closely from start to finish! And i wouldn’t even have to to believe you!! I am SO IMPRESSED from the amount of Google advertising in the content network (text ads, especially images though) that either direct link or bring you to a simple “dry” squeeze page. Completely illegal to Google eyes but yet ….. they keep running !!!!

    So I do NOT doubt what you say!!!!!!! All I am saying is :
    If you are going to give me the tools to do this, you have to also teach me how you fly under the radar.

    And to play devil’s advocate: Maybe there is a lot of hype in your claims and the “millions” only started coming the last 6 months. IN that case maybe your own accounts (MCC) will get baneed in the next months or something.

    Give me a contact form to reach you and a few minutes on Skype and convince me that “there are ways”. And viable ways and HOW LONG will they take, and I will pay DOUBLE ! Half for your software and half for your consulting time. Even triple!

    To summarize: Just cause “a lot of people are doing it” it does NOT mean it’s sustainable.

    Thanks mate ! I really feel better knowing that I am not crazy and I am not the only one!….

    @Gauher and everybody:
    Fellow IMs . i am NOT trying to bash anything or anybody and I appreciate Gauher’s openness to show my posts. I am convinced that this is a great piece of software and if you know what you are doing, it will pay itself in a week !
    Also, Google is the biggest but not the ONLY kid in town.

    However, I had squeeze pages that had the “contact form”, the “about us”, the TOS and LOTS of content.
    I “only” had an opt-in for a free report and a “Buy now” button. I got slapped after a year anyways.
    Look around the big IM forums and you will see TONS of marketers that litterally killed in with AdWords, loosing their accounts overnight!
    Unless there will be a SPECIFIC strategy of how to avoid this happening to you, then to me it’s like selling me the best fishing rod to catch fish but there is no lake!!! or the lake will disappear after a couple of months….

    So Mike: how can we contact you ? πŸ˜‰


    PS: Sorry for the long post but i think in some Q/A’s here …. we are beating around the bush …..

  24. Tom


    Sorry, last thing! This is an example I discovered just now:

    I couldn’t find the interview but look towards the bottom of the analysis/summary of what you said:

    “Mike Colella also said that it is not easy using adwords anymore you might need other advertising networks and buy direct ads. ”

    Again, I didn’t find the interview. This is through the “ears” of another blogger but I am sure he didn’t completely misunderstood.

  25. @Williams,

    To find out what keywords to do for seo, you best bet is to do a google SEARCH campaign. Once you find out your converting keywords on EXACT match, then you can SEO them.

    I’m not a expert in google content network, but I don’t believe you can simple take you converting keywords from SEARCH over to CONTENT. Its a different animal completely. And I guess Mike is planning to teach about this animal.

    Google slaps:
    I don’t think anyone (including Mike) can foresee if anyone will get slapped. The only thing we can use is common sense based on the intelligence we have. If you promoting any kind of rebills, then we know google does not like that. If we see affiliates promoting clickbank stuff, and they have been promoting for more then couple of months, then i guess we can too. But, there are no guarantees, which is frustrating big time! Wondering if google has published a list of stuff that can not be promoted.

  26. Mike Colella

    The interview that I did that was referred to in the blog post you linked to can be found here:

    MCC is the proper way to structure multiple Google accounts. If you don’t use it, then you don’t appear to be a professional in Google’s eyes. It was designed for agencies that manage multiple client accounts. There are so many factors that go into whether an account gets banned. I don’t know them all, but you can bet that proper MCC structure is important. I know of many examples where someone has had a single account banned under MCC while the other accounts continue to run unaffected.

    I actually do not know what you are talking about with the Clickbank products, frank kern, etc. and I don’t have any sneaky ways to “screw Google” etc. I do know that you can get another Google account if you need to. Maybe you consider this to be too much of a hurdle, and if so, then I suggest you don’t focus on Google – use other traffic sources.

    Let me clear something up…
    None of these things are fundamentally “illegal” in Google’s view: squeeze pages, review sites, or direct linking
    There are examples of businesses and affiliates using all of these strategies on Google Display Network right now for many months.

    I don’t have a secret SPECIFIC “slap proof” formula. I advise you to stop looking for this because it does not exist – Google changes their rules constantly. This is simply the way it is – and it’s no different than the search algorithm changes that frequently frustrate site owners who have optimized their sites in the SERPs for the previous version of the algorithm. My advice to you again, is to forget about Google if this is not something you are prepared to deal with.

    For me, I just move on to the next thing when something stops working and I have learned to use other traffic sources as well.

    Again, I want to make sure I am clear… I don’t have a secret formula that allows you to run consistently on Google. I do have some advice around how to handle an MCC account that I share in the training that may be helpful, but that’s about it.

    I simply watch what is working and tag along for the ride. When it stops working, I don’t email Google to complain or ask why, I just move on.

  27. Mike Colella

    Tom, sorry forgot to add.. as I mentioned in the first post, you can contact me through the live chat widget on Adbeat.

  28. Romeo

    Here is my thought !

    If you are thinking to do CPA or Affiliate marketing on Google, just FORGET about it. No matter if it is Search or content network.

    Well you might run it for sometimes but personally I do not want to play the Tom and Jerry race:) !!!!

    If you love Google and want to keep using it, Go for eCommerce or make your own digital products.

    It’s as simple as that .

  29. Hi Mike

    I somehow missed the original webinar and could not find the link from Gauhers emails so many thanks for promp reply to my email to you.
    I managed to watch the webinar and watched the 2nd half just as your webinar started yesterday with John.
    I found the info you provided was solid and actionable and consolidated my thoughts that the content network was indeed a formidable and profitable area for affiliate marketing.

    I thought the software and competitive intelligence that you have made available on the platform is incredible.
    I would have loved to come on board but for now I am not in a position to do so as I am in a couple of markets and I may well look at it later and I realize the offer is not available outside the webinars.

    Nevertheless, you covered a lot on the webinar to convince me that there is so much more flexibility in the content network that the search networks for affiliates and that is why I came out of PPC a few years ago and concentrated on SEO.

    My expereice with Google this far is been very good and have never been hit although one must still adhere to what they want and I find that they are OK with landing pages even on the content network as long as you still have all the legal docs , contact forms etc on your site.

    I am working with a couple of affiliate networks that pay over $450 per sale and may come on board later

    Many thanks again and I can see that you are one of those “ethical” marketers out there like Gauher πŸ™‚

    Thank you Mike and many thanks Gauher for the webinar
    Best regards to your Dad your lovely wife and I understand your son is on track for a full recovery


  30. Mark D

    I can feel your frustration in the way that you write, but this is really a simple mindset based decision for you. Either take the plunge to try out the program for a short while or don’t. It is certainly not Mike’s place to try and ‘convince’ you. If you want to know if it works why not pay for just a month and test 50, 100 or 200 campaigns in that time. That is what I am going to do and I’m not even going to bother with Google. Should be more than enough time to find a couple of winners.

    There aren’t any guarantees in this game apart from the fact that if you don’t try anything you won’t have success.

    Good luck with your decision.

  31. Jake

    Hey Gauher and Mike.

    Great stuff! I was unable to watch the webinar in real time
    due to ISP and other issues, but finally, after several days, just
    watched. Wow! This webinar was FANTASTIC!

    I clicked on the ‘AdBeat with full training’ link above,
    but saw no way to buy under the prices in the webinar.
    I only see monthly options, and I don’t think the training
    is the same.

    Can I still pay the $1495. in advance with full training?

    Kudos and immense thanks,

    PS. Gauher, I hope your son recovers fully and quickly.
    My son is a low-functioning Autistic, but I can only
    imagine your anguish. Best wishes.

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