Spying On What Works In 2013

Below is a recent webinar that I conducted with Leon Krishnayana from iSpionage.  A lot of great information was covered and a special offer was made at the end for a discounted membership to iSpionage.  So make sure you watch right until the end. 😉

The special offer is only available to the first 100 people who sign up (34 so far) or until Sunday, March 3, 2013 before 11:59 pm EST.

Here is the special order link…




  1. ken

    Dude! Do you ever take on students or private clients?

  2. Hi Ken, Sorry no I don’t. Too time consuming and a make more money doing what I teach. 😉


  3. Tyrone

    Really appreciate the work your doing with the recent webinars, very motivating. From the different polling you’ve notice a need for persons (2 to 6 years learning internet marketing)to take proper action. Due to the different motivational content your putting out, I’m sure your goal of establishing your tribe is gaining a lot of ground.

  4. Thanx a lot, Gauher. Always a pleasure to hear and follow your advice. Looking forward for the webinar.

  5. yahya

    Hello Gauher really liked your webinar can you provide a link for 6 months or annual subscription which will save me more money?

  6. Hi Yahya,

    The monthly subscriptions have already been discounted during the exclusive offer.


  7. wayner

    nice i nfo

  8. Brian

    Oops! Just finished the reply and missed the deadline by 10 hours but still want this offer.
    Wasn’t aware of the deadline till I hit the last part of the replay.
    Any wiggle-room here?

  9. Seth

    Gauher, I was on the webform to get the special pricing last night for the pro version
    but when I hit submit then it just timed out on me. I didn’t want to try it a second time
    for fear that I would get double billed.

    I checked my card this morning and there was no charge as of yet, so I tried to visit
    your link again but now it is not available!

    Can you please contact me or put me in touch to someone at iSpionage to fix this?

    Thank You!

  10. ike

    Apart from PROSPER202, What else can I use for tracking

  11. Alex

    Hi Gauher,

    How do you track conversions by keyword if the merchant or affiliate network won’t add a conversion pixel for you? Often for a lot of CJ offers they have a conversion pixel but won’t add one for you as an individual. So you know if you have conversions but you don’t know where from. Unless of course you use a subid for each keyword?


  12. ken

    Hey Gauher,

    Not to be a pest, but even though I got in for the bonus for the above mentioned ispionage, I missed the training video on 3/6/13 do to [life events]. Do you know when you’ll be posting the re-play. I’m just really amped to start using the product! The way you relay information is just so concise…

    Yo, you rock! Don’t quit your day job.

  13. Hi Ken,

    You should have received the replay link via email.


  14. Hey,

    Another super webinar!! These realy
    get me pumped for online business.

    Quick question.

    If we buy through your link for ispionage, wil we
    Recieve a replay of those 2 webinars you did
    Showing how to use? Or where they only the discount



  15. Gauher,

    Just go to say a HUGE thankyou.

    Last week when you sent me the “iSpionage offer closes at midnight tonight!” email, I had been watching the PPCF3 DVD’s and remember you mentioning in them that you never recommend anything that you hadn’t reviewed yourself.

    Anyway, I’m currently at a location that has really slow internet hence I was unable to watch the replay. And I still haven’t watched the replay, but have bookmarked it for later.

    Anyway, seeing your recommendation and not knowing what I was buying, but assuming it was “what it appeared to be”, I swooped down and got the discounted price for PRO 🙂

    It is only now, 1 week later that I am reviewing the site and details and performing a google search for reviews to see what I have purchased.

    I’m so stoked, this is even better than I originally thought.

    So, a BIG THANKYOU for not being like other IM’ers who seem to recommend everything and having the decency to respect your followers and only supply them with what they need.


  16. ken


    Realize your busy. Dude, by no-means am I a tech guy, but having to learn about [servers] would be anyone’s barrier to entry in the PPV game. Ive been at this “install” thing for just over a week and I was finally able to get it installed on to my VPS. With all that said I cant seem to login @ PPVD interface w/ this error;

    Main Select Error: Access denied for user ‘jotppv’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    & for as many attempts as Ive made to get support at Tooltrainer. It just feels like forever for an answer. Upon setup from I used admin for username & password, but I get nothing.

  17. Patrick

    Hi Gauher,

    I missed the training video as well. Can you send where to see the replay? I can forward you the email I received from ispionage if you need it.


  18. James: You can still join iSpionage at the regular rate and send me your receipt. I will still grant access to the two webinars.

    Patrick: Send me you receipt via email.

    Ken: You have the wrong info set up to accessing your SQL database. Please verify the username, database name and password again.

    Steve: Thanks!


  19. ken

    Hey Gauher,

    I’m trying to sign up for the Advertise.com, pulse360, 7search, etc…
    One of the general requirements upon registering is a website. Is there a work around for this or can just use my server address to fulfill application registry?

  20. jose

    Hey Gauher,

    Is the special offer still available?


  21. Hi Jose, sorry but the special offer ended a while ago.


  22. hendrik


    The offfer expired!

    Why did I miss that?

  23. Hendrik: Make sure you are on my mailing list as I updated everyone as to when the offer is expiring. Just enter you name and email in the web form on this blog to be put on my main IM list.


  24. Hendrik

    I just can’t sign up through the link. Seems like either my pc is a Trojan horse or my ISP is, but this website can’t handle my registration.

    Feedback&Contact seems to work – answering that, it works on their side.
    And no paypal order? – like it was 1980.

  25. ken

    Hey Gauher, I know you’re busy with, ie; (media buy seminar in May) etc… Do you know when the Ispionage #3 webinar [replay] will be posted?

  26. Mark

    Hi Gauher ,is iSpionage suitable use in PPV campaign ?

  27. Yes because you can pull a list of competitor URLs.


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