Starting My Twitter Journey

About six months ago I thought Twitter was stupid.  I have changed my mind although I think it is still over-rated.

I have started experimenting with my own Twitter account at:

I barely tweet, but noticed that if I do place a URL about something, my followers do actually click.

This got me thinking about Twitter as an effective communication tool (if not abused).

I spent some time trying to find out marketers who know Twitter really well.  I found a lot of marketers with tens of thousands of followers, but something did not make sense.

I see numbers like this:

23,543 Followers and 21,435 Following

Having over 20,000 followers is impressive, but how the heck do they follow over 20,000+ other people.
Everytime they hit refresh, they must end up with a new page of tweets.

Then the BS detector went off.  Ding. Ding. Ding.

Upon further investigation, I didn’t realize that their are tools out there that allow users to auto-follow other users when a user signs up to follow their tweets.

Great way to inflate your follower numbers.  But the problem is that these are not *real* followers.  You are just attracting other people who also want to inflate their numbers.

What I see happening is that the users with the most *real* followers will have the best opportunity to monetize with Twitter.

Twitter reminds me of a book written by Seth Godin titled “The Idea Virus”.  He writes about finding people who *influence* your niche the most and getting them to spread your idea.

The Twitter users with the large followings will be the influencers (i.e. Oprah).  If you could just get one of these influencers to tweet about your product or service, what would that do for your sales?

Something to think about.

I am also looking at other ways people are monetizing with Twitter and will include that in a little report I am putting together for you that details my Twitter experience.

But I think the companies that are going to make big money are the ones that build secondary Twitter services.

Here are a few good ones.

You can customize your Twitter experience by creating your own tweet browser that can also include Facebook.

Anytime someone mentions your name or product on Twitter, you can get an email alert.
This is like a huge data center for what is happening on Twitter.
You can actually send out tweets in the future.  Very similar to an autoresponder.

And the list goes on!

I will place all these great Twitter resources and more that I have discovered in the nice little report for you, so stay tuned.


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  2. Hi Gauher,

    Here some Twitter tool suggestions: (A search engine for browsing twitter users based upon what they’re talking about now) (Calculate the indirect influence of you and your followers on Twitter) (sumary of 15 usefull twitter tools)

    Personaly I am just staying away from all kind of “automated followers adding tools”. Maybe I’m wrong, but spam is a main concern to me when building up my Twitter community.

    Thanks for your good work, regards!

  3. Ana Ribeiro

    Hi Gauher,

    i just would like to say that this twitter links you are talking about are really great!Thanks for sharing that with everyone.

  4. Hi All!

    Just starting my Twitter adventure also and here are my experiences:
    1)Don’t try to direct sell – my first tweet was a pitch for my employers product (twitter acct – customlabelh20) lost most of my followers!
    2) – combines the ability to control multiple accounts, organizes(like tweetdeck) and can function like an autoresponder, built in url shrinker, has a search function and ….. has stats! Its FREE also.

    Above all, twitter is a social platform … so you must stay social.


  5. Thanks for the tips! I look forward to seeing that report! I’m one of those people who rarely jump on the bandwagon for every new thing that comes out. SO, I just joined Twitter a few weeks ago.

    I basicly joined to be able to have more contact with my members, but then I saaw all the little programs to help you get more twitter followers, so I tried them. HAH! I ended up with so much spam and unrelated content that I spent nearly a whole day UNfollowing people who didnt have anything to contribute about Internet Marketing.

    I’d love to hear about some new ways to make this work!


  6. Fae

    thank you!!

    I just joined twitter, also. I had the same thought. 20,000followers??? And I know darn well, those people are not reading tweets from 20,000 followers!!!

    I’ve got 8 followers so far, (ignored a couple); but they’re folks that are truly interested in the same things I am, and the things that I’m promoting!

    I’m still figuring out this twitter thing, too.

    I guess the good thing is that I can see the potential.

    Looking forward to your report!!! I’ll check out those other links.

    I’ll look for you on twitter, and ‘add’ you to who I’m following!!

    thanks again!!
    North Carolina

  7. A business man might have but a handful of things to sell, and yet has a life full of other interests about which he has something intelligent to share. In the process he becomes like-able and trustworthy. He becomes someone worth recommending and possibly doing business with.

    Twitter is about letting people know who you are, rather than what you have to sell.

    For example, 50 million Americans invest for their retirement via a 401(k). Some of these folks use twitter. The vast majority have interests way outside the scope of investing. However, would the vast majority wish to know why the greatest financial collapse in the history of the world presently is unfolding and what they should do about it to protect their savings? Chances are good they do, despite this specific matter neither being their primary interest nor what they tweet about.

    Get it?

  8. Hiya Gauher.

    Yes…. 20,000+ followers can be managed easily. Here’s the
    trick to do it.

    You can auto-follow every single person that follows you
    (to keep your numbers high). But you do NOT manage your
    twitter relationships with the twitter interface…. you do it
    with a piece of software called “Seesmic desktop” (it’s free).

    This tool allows you to make lists and display each list in a
    separate column. You can make a list to keep tabs on your
    close friends.

    You can also create a list where tweets from people who
    are addressing you directly will appear. And so on, and
    so forth… it’s a very powerful tool. =)

    By the way… if you liked the tip, follow me back on twitter:

    Miguel Alvarez

  9. Michael

    Yeah… inflated Twitter numbers…

    I thought something was quite unrealistic when
    seeing all these followers on some of the Twitter pages. Oprah I can understand, but how does Joe Blow also end up with 30,000 followers???
    Now I don’t feel bad with my 90 some followers instead
    of having 90,000 !

    Another thing I don’t get about Twitter is the string of conversational tidbits that litter a page… Most of the time it makes no sense to break in on such small conversational bites.
    It’s like looking in on a badly edited telephone transcript.

    Overall, to me Twitter seems like the world’s biggest small talk blog machine running.
    So I’m looking forward to what’s coming in Gauher’s new report that’ll show us some new concepts on ways to monetize Twitter.

  10. Martin Bellinger

    Really cool sites, going have fun playing with them

    You rock!

    Thanks again for & looking forward to your report!!!

  11. Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

  12. I have notice that I get followers specific to my most recent posts. I think that more people are using the search feature in Twitter to find content that is relevant to them. Is Twitter becoming a social search engine? Interesting….

  13. You had me concerned at “looking for ways to monetize” and that tells me you just don’t get it.
    I’m an affiliate marketer with a $2m PA business and I wouldn’t dream of trying to monetize Twitter, that’s not what its about.
    What we’re seeing is the move from Twitter as a fad to twitter (or whatever application takes it’s place) as immediate communication that bypasses the traditional news cycles and to a certain extent has it’s finger on the pulse.
    It’s about building reputation and trust, it’s a two way conversation and unless you’re tweeting something of value you will probably not achieve much of a reputation, in face you will undermine it. The customers come later and outside of that medium.
    The sooner we get past the affiliate marketers trying to monetize twitter phase the better.

  14. I agree with you about real and fake followers. I recently searched for Seth Godin on Twitter. He is not there. Just his RSS. What does that tell us? BTW, I am your real Twitter follower, 1galla.

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