The Royal Road To Riches

You might not know this, but I actually started my first business as a teenager back in the late 1980’s.

Yes, a long time ago.

It started when I came across a full page sales letter ad in a popular magazine taken out by an individual by the name of John Wright.

The headline was compelling…. “How To Make $25,000 Per Month – Guaranteed.”

Sweet and simple.

The sales letter was written using blind sales copy (meaning that promises are made, yet you’re not quite sure what business you’ll be getting into).

It was for a book that would explain exactly how this business worked and it only cost $12.95.

So I ponied up whatever I had as a young teenager and sent a check by snail mail to get the book.

Royal Road To RichesThe title of the book was “The Royal Road To Riches” and I still have it here on my bookshelf as I type this email.

It took about a week to receive the book and I still remember ripping open that brown envelope to start reading the book.

The premise of the book was that “information” will always be in demand and if you can provide valuable information that the market wants, you can make a lot of money.

I loved the concept and decided to sell information by mail in the form of reports and books.

This first and only attempt at selling information by mail (mail order) was a complete disaster because I simply didn’t have enough capital to get it started.

Remember, I was a broke teenager and this was a decade before selling information on the Internet was even possible.

Fast forward to today and thousands of marketers have made huge amounts of money selling valuable information online.

The ability to take instant electronic payment and provide instant digital deliverability had changed the game for many marketers including myself.

Although “The Royal Road To Riches” didn’t work out for me initially, the concept always stuck with me and I finally released the my success with this concept a decade later.

One friend of mine, Mark Ling, has made millions of dollars online selling digital information in dozens of different markets.

He is a master at selling information online and has created a 6-step master plan on how you can follow his footsteps and earn income online selling information in weird little niches.

But he is careful to explain that it’s not only information that he sells, but rather something more unique.

It’s a free download and a quick read.

Download Here