Top Productivity Hacks For The New Year

With 2015 in full swing, I made a personal promise to myself that I would make this the most productive year of my Internet Marketing career. Ok, ok.. I know that I think that every year.

But this year I made a commitment that I would see this goal to the end.

productivityHere are my top 10 productivity hacks that I have used to better use my time in my online business.

1. Priority List

Every day I have a new “to-do” list. In fact, I have been using a daily to-do list for the last few years.

But I am a MASSIVE to-do list cheater.

I like to list the easiest and quickest tasks first. Even though they used to give me a sense of accomplishment when I completed them, who am I really kidding?

The quickest and easiest tasks generally have very little effect on the progress of my business and was just an excuse for me to avoid doing the harder stuff that would lead to bigger gains in my business.

I now have a priority list, where the tasks are listed in order of importance. Even if I only get one task on the list done for that day, at least I will have the satisfaction knowing that it will have the biggest impact.

2. Skype-aholics Anonymous

I now shut off my Skype on purpose for one hour in the mornings. It was routine for my Skype to sound like an alarm clock around the 9:00 am mark when all of my connections are coming online to chat and worse, waste my time.

3. Email Overload

When the year started, I made it a goal to unsubscribe from one marketers list every single day for the first two weeks.

I now get much less email and have gotten over the “did I miss something happening in the IM world” syndrome.

4. Delegate

I’m a control freak. Their is a high chance that you are too. Get over it. Delegate or you will find yourself stuck in a job rather than having fun building your business.

5. Exercise

I also have started exercising more regularly and find that it is a perfect escape from the computer. I no longer deal with a sore back or look in the mirror thinking, “wow, that is the body of an IM marketer.”

6. Outsource

You got to love FIverr and Elance.

7. Multi-Tasking

I now download a vast majority of audio trainings onto my iPhone and listen to them while I’m exercising.

This way, I’m killing two birds with one stone.

8. Enounce is a major time saver. If you are listening to training MP3s or watching training videos online, you can speed them up with this software tool.

Imagine being able to go through 6 hours of Facebook training in just 3. 🙂

9. Cleaner Desk

I make sure that my desk is cleared off before I hit the sack each night. I find myself more motivated to work in the morning when there is no clutter sitting in front of me.

10. Get Up Earlier

I now get up about 30 minutes earlier each day. This extra 30 minutes make a huge difference because I find I am more productive in the mornings.

Now, I can’t say for sure if getting up earlier has made a big difference. Namely because my wife and I are into Prison Break series now, so I have been going to bed a little later. 😉

So these are the top ten changes I have made at the start of 2015 and have already seen progress.

What about you? What items would you add to this list that has worked for you?

Comment below.

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Awesome tips Gauher.

    Starting earlier seems to put a straightener on your whole day. If that part of the day goes well, the whole day tends to.

    I like doing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goal and todo lists.

    That keeps focus going right throughout the months.

  2. Good point Audrey. and assigned hard deadlines can also force you to be more productive. It can be tough when you are your own boss. Sometimes you have to be harder on yourself.

  3. Lex

    Setting a time limit on work. Sounds counterproductive but as a business owner, there is no-one setting the deadlines except me. Ask yourself “If I was only allowed to work one hour per day, what would I do.” Then turn off all phones, email, Facebook, everything and then do those things in that “hour of power”.

  4. Dude this list is great. Yeah I found that creating a list of PRIORITY items the day before, like Sunday before the week, helps out a lot. Like you say, once I start to cross out things that I’ve done throughout the day, I get a burst of energy because I feel like I accomplished something!

    Great post!

  5. Phil

    Great list Gauher.

    Regarding the audio trainings that you plug into – would you mind sharing what some of these are?

    Always interested to know what successful people are listening to 🙂


  6. Stan Searcy

    Good start but why limit it to productivity? These are great life hacks.

    I would include a balanced and timed eating schedule. If I consume enough protein every 3 hours there are never any lulls in energy levels…..especially if backed up with the 7 and a half hours of sleep my body needs….every night.

    Consistent input yields consistent output.

    Mahalo from Kona

  7. Hi Gauher
    Email overload!
    I am determined to get off at least 40% of all the lists that I’m on this year.
    This will give me so much more time to devout to my own stuff instead of wasting time looking at what eveyone else is doing and trying to ‘keep up’.
    Too much listening, learning and watching- not enough ‘earning’.

  8. JJ

    Decide what is going to give you the greatest value… and only do that.

    Outsource all your URGENT, MUST-DO stuff, .e.g. Accounting, responding to customer inquiries, even building your landing pages and marketing campaigns unless you’re new at this.

    The only reason to do anything is to learn to do it better or to get insights which feed into something else. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, then that needs to be outsourced. This applies especially to stuff that you think is important. That’s just your own psycho-crap making you think it is. To to put it in perspective, running away from genocide is a problem — creating landing pages or whatever other crap we think is important is not important.

    The definition of doing the same thing over and over again is a job and insanity! Both are the same, aren’t they?

  9. Hi Gauher!!

    Great post! I also love Brian Tracy’s “Eat the Frog” in which he recommends doing your hardest but probably most important task first!!! And I totally agree with Graham about start earning, and put a limit on learning as it seems this particular industry makes us feel we need to keep learning, and we do, but we also need to just start earning, too!!!

  10. Great reminder. Your post made me feel like I’m on the right track because I’m doing most of these things. Topics 1, 3, 5, and 7 are especially what I’m doing best. But my multi tasking is going through my social media sites while on the tread mill. Multi tasking is key!

  11. Biggest single productivity booster from 2014? Soylent!

    Less time wasted figuring out what to eat (unless I feel like doing that) plus my energy levels and mental alertness have never been better.


  12. Hi Gauher,

    Great post. It seems like a lot of us are coming to the same conclusion about productivity and priority. For me, it’s a case of answering the following question. “What is the one thing that I can do for myself today, that is going to make my life better tomorrow?”.

    Answering that question has really helped me prioritise my day’s tasks because no matter if it’s business, personal, health or family related, the most important thing always gets done. The rest just follows naturally.


  13. James F.

    Hi Gaugher,

    Nice list. Kinda looks a bit like mine. Enounce is definitely on my buy list now.


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