Top Ten Things I Would Do Differently To Grow My Business Online

Looking over the last 17 years online and after generating millions of dollars, I have to admit that I still have a lot of regrets about the way I have done things.

If I could turn back time, here are the top ten things I would have done differently.


1. Stop Doing Everything And Outsource

I thought that I could be the “Wal-mart” to every aspect of my business. That was dumb. There are thousands of talented people online that can get things done for you and for cheap. Just check out where you can get full-blown radio commercials done for as little as $5.

I can’t believe I actually bought a book a few years ago to learn how to do my own XML coding. {Duh!}

Building a business online is not only about achieving financial freedom, but also the freedom to do what you want to do with your time.  If you want to do “everything”, kiss goodbye to time.

2. Start A Continuity Program

There is nothing better than recurring income. I started a few years ago, but should have started it much sooner. Having a continuity program in your marketing funnel allows you to make recurring income every month without having to worry about doing a new product launch. Product launches are not a business anyway, they are simply a short-term promotion.

3. Promote Only High-Ticket Items

I made a decision to only promote high-ticket quality programs in the future and I now laugh back looking at the emails I sent in the past to make a measly $7 commission.

It is much easier and profitable to sell one product that pays a $1750 commission then to sell 250 units of a $7 commission program to generate the same commission payout.

From now on, I have decided to try and only promote products that pay at least a $90 commission.

4. Stay Focused

Ah yes, the classic “shiny-object” syndrome that almost all of us have suffered from. I can’t count how many webinars I have attended touting the next greatest thing online when those hours could have been put into working on what was already profitable for me.

Don’t expect to see me attending any “Bitcoin” webinars anytime soon.

5. Upgrade Your Computer

I was one of those guys who believed that you run your computer to the ground. Every time I upgraded my computer to a faster processor and more memory, I couldn’t believe the increase in my productivity. Sure it can be expensive to upgrade, but you will make if back with the increased efficiency.

6. Create Systems

Almost everything can be documented into a system. I wish I had done this earlier so the transition of a task to an employee or outsourcer would have been much easier.

7. Trying To Please Everyone

I like to be a people pleaser, but it can be time consuming when you have to deal with negative people all the time. There used to be a time when I used to reply to every single negative email trying to help people.

The reality is that some people can’t be helped and it is a more efficient use of my time to work with people who have a positive outlook on growing their business and life in general.

8. Email More Often And Get More Personal

I personally believe that I don’t email as often as I should. Sometimes two weeks will pass between emails and I feel I lose touch with my “tribe.”

A few years back, it got real bad and I hadn’t mailed out for five months. When I did, I got those “who are you again” replies.

I also wish I could have created more personal emails that talked about my life and insights.

9. Exercise More

A healthy body is a more productive body. Article after articles state that you are much more productive when you eat and exercise regularly.

You might feel productive because you worked ten straight hours sitting on your butt, but the reality is that you probably could have accomplished all those tasks in half the time if you took better care of yourself.

I am sure my “Internet lifestyle” is an indirect reason why I ended up in physiotherapy a few times.

10. Focus On Building An Email List

This is my biggest regret. I wish had put more of an emphasis on building my lists earlier and more efficiently.

When I refer to efficiently, I mean by testing opt-in forms and squeeze pages to dramatically increase conversions.

My email list should be at least double or triple the size it is today had I focused on that on Day 1.

Do you have any regrets? List them in the comments section.