Top Ten Ways To Make Passive CPA Income

toptenOver the last decade, my company has spent millions of dollars on paid advertising to send traffic to CPA offers.

Below is a list of ways that we made free passive income from CPA offers without having to spend any money.

1. Display Banners

At one point we had dozens of sites built in a variety of different niches that we were operating in. We used a free banner script downloaded from to rotate different size banners on these web sites.

Some of these web sites were solely created to please Google Adwords.  Although we never drove any paid traffic to the main page of the web sites, they did end up get free SEO traffic (it is amazing what can happen when you try to please Adwords).

We monetized this free traffic by rotating 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600 banners provided by the CPA network for different offers.

2. Thank You Page

I am a big proponent of creating big email lists and I believe the fastest way to do it is to buy traffic.

But this can get expensive quickly and if you don’t have a good one-time offer to help pay for these front-end costs, you might give up sooner then you should.

We use CPA offers to help pay for these paid costs by placing CPA offers on the confirmation page right after the prospect gives their email address.

If you place a banner for a very targeted CPA offer, this works extremely well.

3. Forum Signature Footers

There are literally thousands of different forums online on almost every conceivable topic.

Most forums allow you to create a forum signature with your own information and outgoing links.

Some of these outgoing links can easily be a link to a related CPA offer. For example, if you were posting in a gardening forum, you could link out to a good quality gardening CPA offer.

4. Email Footers

In my many years of creating email lists in dozens of markets, I always took advantage of using the postscript section of each email to do a promotion.

If we found a CPA offer that fit the topic of the email list, we didn’t hesitate to place a promo for it in a P.S. of one of the autoresponder messages.

5. Squidoo Lenses

I used to have my staff create Squidoo lenses on certain niches so that I could show good quality outgoing links on web sites created to please Google Adwords (…man the things we had to do for Adwords).

These Squidoo lenses ended up getting ranked quite high in Bing and Yahoo and received a lot of free traffic.

We used to place outgoing links on these Squidoo lenses to related CPA offers.

6. Domain Names

This is not quite a free method, but you can register a domain on some domain registrars for as little as $0.99.

We still occasionally register misspellings of popular domain names and redirect the traffic to a related CPA offer.

Once you register the domain and redirect it through a good converting CPA offer link, this truly is passive income.

7. Online Classified Ads

There are hundreds of reputable online classified sites. You can easily post CPA offers on a lot of these sites in a related category.

I would speak with your affiliate manager first if this is allowed because most CPA networks will not allow you to post CPA offers on big classified sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

Unfortunately a lot of affiliates abused places like Craigslist with misleading ads for CPA offers and that is why a lot of CPA network don’t allow this type of promotion anymore.


Do you have an old popular blog post or article sitting around?

Turn it into a powerpoint presentation and upload it to

Make sure you include a link out to a related CPA offer at the beginning or end of your powerpoint presentation. 😉

9. Blog Comments

There are many blogs online that get thousands of visitors per day.

You can easily find a blog on any topic and start commenting on the blog posts.

I highly recommend that your comments add value to the discussion and if you do that, placing a related CPA offer link will not seem so obtrusive.

10. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine online and a highly ranked video can get you a lot of traffic.

I know a lot of affiliates who made a lot of money posting popular videos that ended up going viral.

By including a link to a CPA offer at the beginning of the video description and in the video itself, a lot of these affiliates crushed it.

That is my top ten list of passive CPA promotions.

What other methods can you think of to get free passive income from CPA offers?

Comment below.