Traffic Diary #4: Solo Ad With Igor Kheifets

Recently I purchased a solo ad ad from Igor Kheifets to see how well his list would perform with my PPC opt in lead funnel.  I purchased the smallest package, which was $125 for 200 clicks.

I was sent people to the opt-in page at, which is a lead generator for my higher end PPC training course.

The opt-in rate for this page before I bought the solo ad from Igor was around the 20% mark. (Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement!)

Here are the results of my $125 solo ad with Igor.

Igor ended up sending me 333 clicks (123 extra clicks) and brought in 60 double opt-in subscribers to my funnel.  So I roughly paid about $2.08 per subscriber which is a good deal considering the lifetime value of a prospect on this list is about $10.

The opt-in rate for this solo ad campaign worked out to about 18%, which is slightly less than the average.  I felt that this was a fairly good result and will be purchasing one of Igor’s bigger solo ad packages soon. So Igor’s solo ad service gets my two thumbs up.

I will be working to improve the squeeze page to get a better opt-in rate and a better bang for my buck.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry