Traffic Diary #4: Solo Ad With Igor Kheifets

Recently I purchased a solo ad ad from Igor Kheifets to see how well his list would perform with my PPC opt in lead funnel.  I purchased the smallest package, which was $125 for 200 clicks.

I was sent people to the opt-in page at, which is a lead generator for my higher end PPC training course.

The opt-in rate for this page before I bought the solo ad from Igor was around the 20% mark. (Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement!)

Here are the results of my $125 solo ad with Igor.

Igor ended up sending me 333 clicks (123 extra clicks) and brought in 60 double opt-in subscribers to my funnel.  So I roughly paid about $2.08 per subscriber which is a good deal considering the lifetime value of a prospect on this list is about $10.

The opt-in rate for this solo ad campaign worked out to about 18%, which is slightly less than the average.  I felt that this was a fairly good result and will be purchasing one of Igor’s bigger solo ad packages soon. So Igor’s solo ad service gets my two thumbs up.

I will be working to improve the squeeze page to get a better opt-in rate and a better bang for my buck.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Hi Gauher what software did you use to track your stats for the solos?

  2. Hi Chris, we have an account with and used that to track conversions.


  3. sajid

    hello Gauher

    once implementing solo ads. where should i start to optimise? To increase conversions.

  4. Optimization starts with split testing your squeeze pages and improving the process to increase optins.


  5. Heidi

    Gauher, in a nutshell what would you say is the best strategy to succeed: build a list and promote high ticket products >$1,000 to a small list or promote low offer <$3.50 CPA offers to a larger list? Thanks.

  6. Heidi: High ticket items to a small list. No question.

  7. Hey Gauher,

    was bored out of my mind and googled my own name… this page popped up

    I’m happy you’re excited about your results with me

    Let me know when you’re ready for another run

    Talk soon,

  8. Hi Gauher, you seem to be posting useful information about IM.

    I had a question for you.

    I am buying solo ads and about 35% to 55% of my opt-ins are not confirming their subscription. So I turned confirmation “off” on my aweber account but aweber still makes my opt-ins confirm. Is this normal to have so many opt-ins not confirm? What is your experience with this issue.

  9. Hi Armando,

    You must have a old Aweber list that doesn’t let you toggle between single opt-in and double opt-in. You will need to create a new list to get this feature to toggle properly between single and double optin. A 55% rate of non opt-ins is awfully high. I would make sure that you are giving clear instructions on the confirmation page on how to double opt-in to your list. That will reduce thsi rate.


  10. Hey Gauher.. Thanks for the reply.

    This is what I did to solve my problem thus far.

    I moved my business to Getresponse. With Getresponse I I’m able to truly “turn off” confirmation. I had a conversation with an AWeber rep and she told me that no matter if confirmation is on or off, AWeber will still make some emails confirm. So while I had confirmation off with AWeber, 45% of my opt-ins were made to confirm and they did not. I asked the rep if there was something I could do to fix this problem and she said there was nothing I could do.

    I was left no choice but to leave AWeber.

    I’m surprised other Marketers have not had this problem. I could not find anything on the net about this issue.

    Thanks for the feedback and advise!


  11. Ali

    Nowadays ( 2017 ) Aweber is no longer a viable solution. One risks their whole business being ruined over night and their account shutdown without notice or explanation. I suggest going into Self Hosted SMTP because it requires more skill to setup, less spammy and clickbaity emails to be sent an in general a “proper” business atitude. Poeple nowadays are sending UPS and DHL parcels to their Solo Ads list using Awebers and are ruining the industry for all of us!
    Don’t blame it on Aweber, blame it on vendors that are un ethical and plain crazy.
    Shady business!

  12. hahaha that igor comment things is pretty laughable and I also thinks that he sends good traffic to websites and funnels.

  13. We use getresponse, it’s a decent alternative to aweber.

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