Trinity Code Webinar Replay And Bonus

Recently I conducted a webinar with Aidan Booth regarding the new Trinity Code system they released that allows you to make passive income from simple one page web sites without SEO or paid traffic.  You can watch the replay and comment below.

One of the interesting aspects of the webinar was when Aidan covered the statistics of where people were clicking on the links.  This was an eye-opener for these simple one-page web sites and that information alone can help you increase your profits, so make sure you pay real close attention.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Ted

    What’s the difference between CPA, PPC, and Media buys. I thought I knew the difference but I guess I don’t.
    I like the idea of not relying on Google.


  2. Helena

    This was brilliant, only sorry I didn’t see it to the end as it was nearing 1am here is Wales, my toddler wakes at 5am so not much sleep for me last night!

  3. Steve

    So what was the actual website? They never revealed that part. Without that, for all I know they’re just making it up.

  4. Ted

    I’m wondering if the technique of putting links on web 2.0 sites works since it is a naked link and no anchor text is used.

  5. This appears to be the best way hands-down to get free traffic to CPA offers. The “traffic pockets” concept being far and away from Google is very refreshing. It offers a new approachable way to back to internet marketing like when traffic flowed on a more level playing field. Thanks for putting on this eye-opening webinar together guys!

  6. Mr. Khan

    Hi Gauhar,

    we cant keep on buying product after product

    hope u provide more valuable stuff free.


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