When Life Throws You A Curveball

It all started with a limp. My wife and I thought that our four year old son (Shaan) was having growing pains when he was complaining about pain in his lower left leg.

On April 8th, 2010, my world was rocked when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, which is a blood cancer.

Childhood cancer is extremely rare and since there was no history of cancer in either of our families, this hit me like a freight train going 1,000 kilometers an hour.

There were over a million questions racing through my mind such as what, where, when, why and how?  There is no reason why leukemia happens in children and in some cases, babies are even born with it.

They immediately started chemotherapy treatment on Shaan and started looking at what specific type of Leukemia had started in his body.

Thank God he was diagnosed as having Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), which is considered a “good” blood cancer in terms of treatment. The cure rate is as high as 90% with proper treatment.

I cancelled all my travel plans and Internet marketing activities. I cancelled my trip to System Seminar in Chicago. I cancelled my presentation at the Magic Bullet Seminar and dropped out of Jeff Johnson’s “Traffic Voodoo” course as one of the content providers.

I also cancelled my MobiBlueprint product launch.

Nothing seemed to matter to me anymore.

I stayed with my son every day and night since he was admitted on April 5th and after 43 days of being at the hospital, we both came home yesterday.

He has a long road ahead of him with an additional 22 months of treatment, but the prognosis looks good as he is now in remission.

Some of the things I learned from this experience:

1. No more spending 10 hours in front of the computer each day. Life is too short to spend in front of a monitor all day.

2. Money doesn’t mean much without health. Health is the real wealth.

3. No more complaining about paying taxes. Health care is free in Canada and the care that was provided for Shaan can’t be matched in terms of quality.

4. I need to restructure my business. As soon as I stopped working and disappeared, my employees were left twiddling their thumbs.

5. Charity. If the wealthiest people in the world just gave up 10% of their assets, it would solve problems such as world hunger. It is time for all of us who have been blessed with wealth to start giving more.

If you are a parent, I hope you NEVER have to go through this experience and if your child ever complains of any small aches or pains, get it checked immediately.

Shaan is a fighter and he will come out of this stronger.

Take care,

Gauher Chaudhry


  1. Jackie Miller

    I’m new here and found out about you through your c.p.a. ebook. I ran into a dead link (for http://www.coolcashezine.com/Issue312.html) for free silo web site building info which prompted me to follow you on Twitter, then here.

    I love your material. I love the high value you have created. I concur with your very wise reassessment of priorities

    I wholeheartedly support you, your son and your family and you fight and knock this curve ball out of the park for a game-winning “grand slam”!

    Jackie Miller


  2. Hey gauher,

    I was sad to hear about your son. I hope only the best in recovery for him.
    with regards

  3. Hello Gauher,
    Yes, sometimes life throws us inordinate challenges, but when they are through our offspring is is doubly hard. And yes, it’s hard to fathom why it might happen to one so young.
    We too are going through a crisis with our daughter who has a severe thyroid problem. I have read, read, and read more about the condition, finding not a shred of hope (or help, give or take drugs, for the condition)from the medical profession, but just in the last few weeks we have ambraced am 80% raw diet. The inspiration came from the link below.
    You know, the hardest hurdle your little boy will face when rehabilitated, is school, where children are allowed to bring absolute garbage to eat (by way of ‘food’) and where they can buy even more garbage at the tuck shop!!!
    As a teacher I have first-hand evidence about how this impacts on their learning.
    We now have an alarming proportion of students with diabetes, and the number is growing, ADHD (not around when I went to school) and cancer. we need to fight to keep our children healthy – fight the food industry, fight advertising, and fight a school system that is failing our children. We can and should mandate for the welfare of our little ones. I do hope your little boy gets well. For me, I’d start in the back yard and grow my own food. Check the link below to see how Dr Ann Wigmore overcame cancer.


  4. Hi Gauher,

    Thanks for sharing your story and what you’ve learned from this experience. It’s a wake up call to all of us to remember what is truly important in life.

    I wish your son a speedy and complete recovery.


  5. Celynn

    My best wishes go out to you and your family! Unfortunately, I understand, and can relate to the pain you and your family have gone through. My grandson was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (another childhood cancer) when he was 6 months old. The tumor was found during a well baby exam. I don’t want to go into any more details, but I encourage everyone who reads your post to please donate time or any amount of money to help find a cure for childhood cancer. When we can increase awareness to the fact cancer is very real and can affect any of us, I think it will save more lives. My thoughts are with you ~ Be strong!

  6. Steina

    Hi Gauher,
    It is always hard to hear news of children suffering like your son went through. I hope and pray that he fully recovers. Indeed, our health is real wealth.


  7. Mr. C


    I just wanted to follow up and once again express our blessings to you your family and especially your son,

    Be Well,
    Mr. C

  8. Joohee

    Very best wishes to your son and your family and, of course, you. It was another great lesson that you gave us. Thanks

  9. April Masitwe

    I wish your son a speedy recovery and all of the best for the family

  10. Frank Carlson

    Hi Gauher:

    Your ordeal brings back memories of my son Andy’s extensive stay in CHEO (Childern’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). Unless you have been there, understanding what it is like to endure the minute by minute agony of fear, doubt, hope and depth of love for a little boy that must be lived through without sight of an ending,is almost beyond comprehension. Jean and I, with Andy, survived this trial and knowing your strength you and your family will as well. If there is anything I can do to ease or assist in whatever form, just ask.

    Best personal regards to you and your family,

  11. Dion Gomez

    My Very Best wishes to your son and your family, I really hope you all recover fast and well from this.

    Stay Strong


  12. All the best to you, your son and the entire family! Thanks again for sharing this story and I hope your son has a rapid and successful recovery.

  13. Oak

    Glad to hear things are turning around. I agree that health is key. Family is sooo important. You are fortunate to have had a built a good financial situation for anf your family so that at least that stress would not come into play. Stay strong and keep moving forward.

  14. Rik

    Hi Gauher,

    I really feel I could help you with some top bioscience info and concerning your beautiful son. This has to with with advanced botanical molecules. Let me mention, I know my sciences super well having won a super prestigious top scholarship in the Life Sciences faculty, at big Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York.

    Contact me directly via email and I will be happy to give you this crucial information.
    I must say, it works better than anything.

    Best regards,

    Rik Clynes

  15. Hello Gauher,
    i’m sorry to hear about your son’s problem. I had a similiar situation years ago, but my son recovered and now he is 22 and in good conditions. I wish you, your son and your whole family all the best, keep strong and all will went good!
    The chances for kids are very good in this circumstances!

    Best wishes,

  16. Sohail

    I can only imagine what you and your wife must have gone through. I have a 9 yr old and don’t know what I would do if he ever had to go through something like that. Our prayers are with you and your family.
    Take Care,

  17. I am so glad to hear that your baby is in remission. He is in my prayers for a long, healthy and happy life.

  18. Hans Peter Andresen

    Hi Gauher,

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s leukemia, but happy to hear that he’s in remission…

    Here is an article that might interest you!! This is about a study done at the university of Kentucky which concluded:

    Grapeseed Extract Kills 76% of Leukemia Cancer Cells in 24 Hours

    Even though your son is in remission, this might be a suitable supplement. You might want to talk with the doctors first, but if it doesn’t harm, I would go for it…

    Good luck,
    Hans Peter Andresen

  19. I hope that by now he is ok or much better, always think about this for any treatment you decide to attack cancer. A healthy body helps itself much better. Look into alternative help to antibodies to get stronger.
    Sincerely Ronny

  20. venusguy

    My Best wishes to your son speedy recovery.

  21. rosalind nyuk

    Hi Gauher

    Just a note to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Both you and Shaan are fighters and will be whole again. As a caregiver, you too must not topple but must look after yourself and as the head of the family, everyone looks up to you. So you must be strong, positive and a sample of rock calm. Not easy but you have all of us, being netizens standing behind you. Take good care of yourself and Shaan is in good hands – trust yourself and the Almighty.


  22. Wahyu Widodo


    I am sorry to hear what you and your family are facing, particularly for your son at such a young age. I agree with everything you say in your post. Indeed, health is the real wealth which many of us are rarely aware until that privilege is taken away from us.

    It would be too arrogant for me to say that I know how you and your family are feeling, but to keep long story short, I would like to share with you that the same condition hit our family 6 years ago. My world suddenly felt so dark when I found out that my step father was diagnosed with lung cancer and he was at the terminal stage. But the different is that we did not have such privilege as free medical treatment the way you do. But we were still grateful to God as the help came through the friends of my stepfather who gave both moral and financial support. Such supports indeed eased our burden despite the fact that ultimately my stepfather had to succumb to his disease.

    I am so happy to hear that the possibility of your son to recover from the disease is in such a promising percentage. I do hope Shaan will finally able to overcome the disease.

    We will always pray to God that you and your family will finally be able to overcome this situation. Please be aware that you are not alone.

    W. Widodo

  23. Ramon

    Really hope your son is fine.

    My baby was born 20 days ago and I don’t even want to think how I would feel if I had to suffer something similar.


  24. Jose Garcia

    I’m glad that your son is recovering from his illness and always maintain and keep the faith in GOD-JEHOVA. Never give up and if you keep the faith in GOD a lot a wonderful things to take place in your life and in all your family’s life also. Also if you have the time to consider natural alternatives in order to live a healthier lifestyle like for example Transfor-factors or the Ganoderma-Lucidum or Red Mushroom.Just check these 2 elements in Youtube or any other media site.
    Once again God Bless you and your whole family and I’m glad that your son is recovering from his ailment.

  25. My wife and I read your post and are praying for your son, and your family. We have a 7-year old son, and the smallest scratch, ouchy, cold or tear from him gets us worried. I can only imagine what you and your family went through.

    Very glad to hear he is in remission, and will continue to pray that he stays healthy.

    Glad to hear that he is getting better!

    All the best,

    Mohamed & Sabira Bhimji

  26. Greg Billings

    My four year old son was diagnosed with ALL, went through three years of chemo and then relapsed on his fifth anniversary of being in remission.

    After a successful bone marrow transplant with his sister as a donor, he is celebrating his 14th birthday today.

    You are right. Having your child go through this is terrible and it’s not fair. We were there. But our family is a testament that this can be beaten.

    Good luck. My thoughts are with you.

    Greg Billings

  27. Brett

    Hi Gauher,

    Just wanted to wish your son and family all the best for the future.

    Glad to hear that things are getting better for your son and the outcome is looking positive.

    You’re an inspirational guy and I’m sure your son has everything takes it and more to recover from this – Including an awesome father by the sounds of things 🙂

    Take care and all the best.


  28. HI GAUHER,


  29. will

    As a father I am deeply moved by your trials. I wish you everything I would wish myself and my children!

  30. SC


    I pray that your son gets well very soon inshallah. As a mother myself I can imagine what you and your wife have gone through.


  31. Hello Gauher,

    It was said to hear about your son. But now I am happy that he has been cured. I pray to Allah, he May get 100% healthy, never to suffer from any disease.

    Spending 43 days in a hospital seems to a daunting task. You are a brave man.

    Keep it up man.

    By the way are you from Pakistan or India originally?


    This is a story that no one want’s to live it.I am glad that your son is doing well now.And i am sure everything is will be ok from now on.God bless your family.
    You have a beautiful son.

  33. Freight Train

    Hey Gauher,

    As a father, I totally understood the experience you went through. The experience that no parents would want to go through. I am very happy that your son is recovering well. He’s a cute boy.

    This may serve as a wake-up call to all super internet marketers who live life on the fast lane – spending fast money on fancy cars and big house. I don’t know if you are the type or not, but need to give back. The money you’re having is not yours, it belongs to God. You are just the steward. If super affiliates just know how to hoard and not giving back, freight trains will keep hitting.

    For anyone’s still praying to Allah, you also need to wake up and there’s only one living God in the whole universe – Jesus Himself.

    May God continually bless you and your family, Gauher.

  34. Hi Gauher,
    I just found out thru Johnathan Clute’s site. Godspeed to you and your family. We’ve come thru a cancer challenge in our family as well.
    Three resources that made all the difference: the 2 above by retired physicists about alternative cancer processes that work. These are content sites that reference the best in the field: what the German cancer clinics are doing as well as the just as good other approaches. Neither person has anything to sell or point of view to push. Many separate protocols are referenced, with links.
    Beating-cancer-gently.com and cancertutor.com
    Bill Henderson, whose wife had a terrible time, also does a literature review based on the particular cancer one is dealing with. The alternative field is serious and scientific here. I wouldn’t waste your time with approaches which may work, but are too environmentally dependent– a particular healer, etc.
    Ayurvedic medicine has much to offer as well.
    I also like RIchard Bartlett ND, matrix energetics.com
    These realy help long term health. Jan has been cancer free for over 2 years now, and her numbers were the lowest her oncologist had seen.
    Cancer is not an irrefutable sentence. Good luck.

  35. Bob Lee

    Just heard about this from Kirkland blog (who I just found today.) I’m glad your son is recovering. I’ve had that disease in my family, and I wish you and your son a speedy recovery. I met you at System Seminar, and you are a great guy. Your boy looks like someone with a strong character and positive outlook. That will go a long way in his success.


  36. G-d Bless you and Your Family, I wish You Strength Wisdom Patience and G-ds Grace.

  37. Nikolaos

    sorry to hear it my friend!!!I’m a stranger and i visited you site for the first time.Usually i don’t post comments.But from the bottom of my heart i want to wish you the best and the less thing that i can do for you is to recommend you a wonderful book to read that will help you a lot:The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.
    God bless your family!!!!

  38. Dear Brother Gauher!
    I am very sorry and sad to hear about your sons illness, May Allah almighty make him healthy, and you are right Masha-Allah he looks fighter and brave he will insha-Allah came out strongly. Don’t worry Brother our prayers are with you and your family. May Allah Cure all who have any disease. Aameen!!

  39. Thanks you very much Shaan for sending me a thankyou card in reply to mine last year.

    Most importantly of all, great to hear you are doing better, hair coming back and all. Best ongoing wishes to you.

    And all the best for the rest of the family too Gauher. Cheers!

  40. Hi Martin,

    Thanks. It has been a long road, but Shaan is doing great and should be fully cured with God’s grace when he is done treatment in 11 months.


  41. Hello Gauher,
    I had visited your website sometime around May this year and found the same link in one of my analytics tool, was immediately concerned about your son Shaan and how his health is now. Hope he is doing very well and will come out of it soon. I understand these are testing times for you and your family, but keep the strong will and belief in God. Take care.

  42. saravanan

    Hi Gauher,
    It is always hard to hear news of children suffering like your son went through. I hope and pray that he fully and speedy recovers. Indeed, our health is real wealth.


  43. Somen

    Hi Gauher,

    I was reading your posts when I hit this page. How is Shaan now? I am sure he WILL come out stronger. Our best wishes remain with you and your family. Take Care.


  44. Deb

    Gauher – Just recently visited your site after learning about your internet marketing courses. I hope Shaan is doing well. My prayers are with him and your family. God Bless.

  45. Bojan

    Hello. Gauher
    I have read your article and I am deeply impressed.
    You are good father and good person.
    I am proud of working with you.

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