Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Most of us who are heavily involved with CPA marketing know about the latest FTC crackdown on fake blogs and aggressive Acai advertisers a few weeks ago.

Not only has Oprah and Dr. OZ decided to start suing advertisers who have been using their images on their sales pages as endorsements, the Attorney Generals of many states are now also filing civil lawsuits.

Oprah Winfrey Sues Acai Makers

This also marks the first time that I have heard an Attorney General also targeting an affiliate for creating fake blogs.

Attorney General Madison Files Lawsuits Against Acai Companies

Now the question is, why should anyone be surprised?

Flogs (fake blogs) have been used heavily into duping people to fill out the many Acai, Colon Cleanse, Resveratrol offers that you can find on many CPA networks.

It was only a matter of time before this happened and I am personally glad that it did.  When people trying to deceive people with fake blogs and they join one of these rebill offers, we all know that it becomes the credit card billing road to hell.

This destroys the user’s confidence in ever purchasing anything online again with the fear of the same thing happening.  You may think it doesn’t effect you, but if you are selling anything ONLINE it does.

I can guarantee that the FTC and Attorney Generals have been gathering months of data with screenshots of the many fake blogs that have been circulating all over the Internet.  So if you were running a fake blog and have taken it down, you may still not be out of the woods as they might already have a file open on you if you live in the USA.

Watch the video below of me showing you an example of a fake blog:

Upgrade your Flash Player to version 8 to view this video!

If you had been running fake blog and thought it would last forever, all I can say is…. duh!



  1. shana

    Well I see the man version of these flogs still floating around the internet on how the man got ripped!

    Glad the FTC are going to sue these selfish money grabbing liars . People who have a weight problem are in serious pain with the weight and health problems then to get conned is not on especially in this recession!

  2. There are many reviews on the internet. When reading them make sure the site is legitimate. Contact the owner to hear what they have to say about the products. Chances are they have first hand experience and can tell you more.

  3. Dr. Oz does not advocate colon cleansing. There is a company that claims they have his endorsement when they do not. He and Opera are taking this to court. I happened to catch her show one day when this was discussed.

  4. Hello This statistics. What do you do when working on a computer?Do you work on a toot coffee, to freeze-dry have a stab, or something you eat?

  5. Unfortunately scammers will always go for the largets markets to get maximum effect so it’s no surprise that they are trageting the health market.

    As usual many people want easy solutions to their problems and that is what these fake testimonials rely on.

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